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Sunday, July 17, 2022

But I Wanted to Meet Dexter the Dog.....

Everything changed around here after the 4th of July. I am now using a walker ( the el cheapo model) because the knee finally gave out. I managed and not very well to get down here using a cane, it's pretty bad. The pain is unreal, but I can't take the pain meds, they make me sick. Tonight I investigated "Boswellia Serrata" and I'm looking at two different brands: Amandean & Zazzee, will order tomorrow. And this, just as everything in the world is happening. 

Still, go here for news on Mexico:

 Pulse News Mexico

Snazy little piece on Todos Santos which almost seems to make things seem normal. I need to send Sherry the directions to Mike Doyle's  (RIP) place at Cabo...she could take lessons there next time.


Locally of course...although there isn't a great deal of talk on the COVID Variant B-5 which is not so silently lurking all around the world ...  we are in the high 70's this month as far as the executions go. Luckily, no hot weather...but wow have you been following all the earthquakes from Borrego Springs up into Los Angeles?


 Zeta Tijuana



A reminder that on Tuesday the Hearings begin again, it will be interesting to see if the Secret Service weasels out and tries to explain the missing correspondence during the Trump melt down as simply a snafu..and surely this time around, it will be more than 18.5 minutes missing. Talk about a playbook.

Let's talk about Dexter.

A bit over two weeks ago, I first met Dexter:


So, when Mike told me I could choose a spot for a vacation after the surgery and I'm able to walk again, I decided that Ouray is where I wanted to go. For the past two weeks laying in bed or on the sofa I've been investigating  and dreaming about Ouray - everything, the weather, property, cost of living, housing, camping (bears!), hotels and motels, food, you name it. And it is a beautiful place, it's a tourist trap, but wow. It makes you think you could actually live in the snow for months and months ! Ah, but the hot springs - not only there but everywhere. And Dexter, I could just kiss that little guy !



 The good news that I read was that 58% of the people in Ouray voted Democrat last election, but there are some problems like a housing shortage. Workers in Ouray are hard pressed to find affordable housing in the town, and forget about commuting from Telluride, that is completely unaffordable. If you could afford housing in Ouray, you would have to drive up to Montrose, 40 miles north to get groceries  and supplies as well as medical services. 

What if you don't like wearing boots? I didn't see any pictures of people wearing flip flops. But they say that Ouray is an anti-ski town, which sounds interesting...instead they like to hike and climb ice mountains. There are mine tours, but the places I would like to see are the cave of the winds where the Apaches believed the Great Spirit of the wind lived,and the Whispering Cave - but those are located in different areas. I imagine even though the taxes are low your utility bill for heating then cooling in the summer would send you screaming down Main Street. Most of those old and beautiful Victorians were never insulated. RV's are not allowed to drive around in town, nor are ATV's which is good news, but there are a lot of jeeps.

Could you live in the cold and snow for months and months and months ? But more importantly, could you live in a state where just about everyone is packing some kind of gun?  How about this:

 ~ From Denver 7:

 Extremism Is On the Rise In Colorado and Across the Country 

 By: Meghan Lopez

Posted at 5:50 PM, Jul 12, 2022
and last updated 5:17 PM, Jul 12, 2022


Look up gun violence in Colorado and maybe you will be just as shocked as I was. Here is a current example:


 ~ From  The Gazette:

After Multiple Shootings in Colorado Springs Neighborhood, Residents and Bar Owner Have Had Enough 

  • Updated  





     It wouldn't be fair to generalize that Colorado is full of gun swingin cowboys, but the romance and mystique of the old west (at least for the locals), has been well established since childhood and old dreams die hard. Well shucks, even in Ouray, where John Wayne filmed parts of "True Grit" they say he left his hat at the Outlaw Bar & Grill. And it is still there, behind the bar. They'll even let you try it on.

    Still, it is a gorgeous place, almost unreal like Disneyland. 

    Oh Dexter, I'll see you in my dreams sweetie.



    P.S. Make sure you get your boosters, the variant is creeping in and yes, Putin is a terrorist. Maybe I'll get lucky and after surgery, Mike will get this walker for me:

    See ya'll later dudes.