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Thursday, September 1, 2022

UPDATE: The Tijuana Executions/Homicidios in August Updated By Zeta: Correctly, 195 (a record) Were Executed - TIJ YTD Total=1,293


Courtesy Zeta

Not only are the heads back, but bodies hanging from bridges seem to be on the rebound. Just up the road at Mirador:


 ~ From Zeta:


 Cuelgan Cadaver de Mujer En El Puente El Mirador En Tijuana; Le Dejan Narcomensaje


Destacados  -    -  jueves, 1 septiembre, 2022 8:41 AM

'August closed with 195 intentional homicides, of which 17 correspond to the female sex.'

 "The first minutes of this Thursday, September 1, the lifeless body of a woman was found hanging from the El Mirador bridge in Tijuana. Next to her body was left a message ( narcomensaje) with a threat.

According to information obtained by ZETA, it states that around 00:45 hours the emergency center received a report of a body of a person hanging on the aforementioned bridge at the height of the El Mirador neighborhood.

Elements of the Municipal Police arrived at the scene and confirmed the facts. The body corresponded to that of an unidentified woman between 35 and 40 years of age. She has a dark complexion, robust complexion and dark brown hair. She was wearing a green tank top and gray underwear.

In addition, a piece of cloth was found with a legend written in black ink that read: “Welcome to the Art of War. Keep trying lakrosos”.

The victim's body, with several tattoos, had stab wounds.

In August, 17 women have been murdered and 159 so far in 2022.

August closed with 195 intentional homicides, so the sum for the year reached 1,293."


 What is "lakrosos" ? Anyone ?

This has to be an all time record here. 


At a little after 8:00pm, it is not clear if the Tecate POE has re-opened. Keep checking with CBP & CAL FIRE:


Courtesy CALFIRE