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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Revised Execution Stats For January, 2018 - Federal PGR Agent Beat Up & Kidnapped - Tijuana Municipal Police Supervisor Assassinated - Nunes Is a Dork !

Yesterday morning Frontera reported that the PGJE had revised their statistics to show that 188 people had been executed in Tijuana during January of 2018:


Dos Crimenes Mas Despiden el Primer Mes
Por, Angel F. Gonzalez - 8:03am

For January 2018, Zeta breaks down the Municipalities, gives an overall Baja California number, stresses the women who have been killed and adds one more to the Tijuana total. I'll paste this for you:

BC Cierra Enero Con 248 Homicidios, Entre Estos, de 26 Mujeres 

BC closes January with 248 homicides, including 26 women

"Baja California lives one of the most critical moments in violent acts. In the first 31 days of 2018, the number of intentional homicides reached 248.
Tijuana is in the lead with 189 murders -20 women-, the highest number in the last four months, as well as Ensenada, with 22 deaths, exceeds the number in the entire history of the port. Mexicali is followed by 16 violent crimes, Tecate with seven and Playas de Rosarito reported five.
Tijuana: between calcinados, decapitados and multihomicidios
In the last seven days, 46 people were deprived of life. Most of the attacks were shot, only one of them was perpetrated with a sharp weapon. In total, 20 women were murdered during the month.
Recent events include:
Saturday, January 27 In the General Hospital Armando Ramírez Vargas died, attacked by bullets in the Arboleda neighborhood a day earlier. A stranger, between 40 and 45 years old, was shot dead in the Campestre Murúa colony. The body of a calcinated male was located in a vacant lot in the Jardines del Rubí neighborhood. In Camino Verde, Ascencio Pérez Anaya, 43, was shot dead. A human head inside a blue colored backpack was found on Calle 9 and Avenida Internacional in the upper part of Colonia Libertad. To one side, there was a narcomensaje.
Sunday 28. A burnt person was found inside a Ford Crown Victoria cherry-colored vehicle in Cañadas del Florido. Two bodies without life were located in a house in El Florido; David Moreno López, 35, and a woman between 30 and 35 years old, the victims. Erick Corral Zavala, 21, was attacked with bullets in Real de San Francisco. Martín Ramírez Pela was killed by a firearm in a free taxi in the Imac neighborhood. In the General Hospital, a 45-year-old man died, who was previously shot in the North Zone. The bodies of Gerardo Salazar González, 35, and a 30-year-old woman were located in a Mercedes Benz vehicle at Hacienda Casa Grande. The corpse of a male, between 30 and 35 years old, was located in the Independencia neighborhood.
Monday 29. Three bodies without life - two male and one female - in a putrefying state were located at Kilometer 133 of the Tijuana-Tecate highway. In the Reforma neighborhood, Jesús Alberto López Rojo, 21 years old, was shot dead. Daniel Preciado Ramos, 30, died in the General Hospital after injuries caused by firearms in Cañadas del Florido.
Tuesday 30. A stranger between 25 and 30 years old was shot to death in the Civil Service Law colony. Graciela Uribe López, 64, was killed by a firearm. Mauricio Aguilar García, 52, died in the General Hospital after injuries by firearms received in the El Niño colony. Jesus Anaya, 21 years old, was shot in La Morita.
Wednesday 31. José Guillermo Ledesma Jiménez, 23, was murdered by firearm in El Florido. In an armed attack in the Obrera neighborhood, Sergio Segura Pérez, 26, died; Óscar Pérez Campos, 22; and Fernando Valencia Neri, 28. And in Cañadas del Florido, the lifeless body of Alberto Hernández Elviro was found.
Thursday, February 1. For injuries wounded by a knife, Jesús Ariel Valdovinos, 18, died in Torres Altas.
24 murders, the most violent month in the history of Ensenada
With 24 murders, January 2018 is positioned as the most violent month in the recent history of Ensenada, since there is a formal record of the killings by the Attorney General of the State and the Public Security Secretariat of the State.
At least since September 1998, when in a single incident the massacre of 19 people took place on the El Rodeo ranch, January of this year is the month with most intentional homicides in the port, ahead of October 2017 -with 22- and August of the same year -21-.
The rural area of ​​the largest municipality in the country is still the most violent. The region of San Quintín, to the South, and Valle de la Trinidad and Ojos Negros to the East, are the main scenarios for the execution and discovery of bones or bodies in a state of decomposition.
Only one youth of 18 years, identified as José Carlos "N", was arrested and charged with the 19-year-old Nataly Carreón González homicide, which took place on December 6, 2017 in the town of Francisco Zarco.
Mexicali, 16 homicides
A total of 16 murders were documented in the State Capital during January, three of these in aggravation of women, maintaining the constant of homicides that was registered during 2017.
Three of the murders are related to each other, and everything seems to indicate that this is a settling of accounts, the rest was for domestic reasons, except for one of them, in which a municipal police officer ended the life of a presumed thief who He threatened him with a gun.
Perhaps the most significant wave of crimes was the one registered in the week of January 15 to 21, where practically one murder per day was documented, and three were related to each other."


At 2017's year end, the US Corporate Media reported there were little to no attacks on the authorities, which we know just isn't so.  This report from Zeta describes the beating and kidnapping of a Ministerial Agent (Investigative Police of the PGR) just days ago:

CAF-CJNG Secuestran a Agente Federal

"In the middle of the River Zone, in the vicinity of the Municipal Palace of Tijuana, an element of the Investigative Police of the PGR was deprived of liberty and beaten by six criminals who were arrested when they were going to leave him lying on public roads. The official report is that the rescue was carried out by his SEIDO colleagues without requesting support from local authorities. There are versions that refute the data of the Approved Police Report, presented by federal agents.
ZETA Investigations
The beating and kidnapping executed against a ministerial police officer of the Federal Agency for Criminal Investigation of the Attorney General's Office (PGR), which took place this week in Tijuana, aggravated the climate of impunity in Baja California.
The attack attracted the attention of the Deputy Attorney General for the Investigation of Organized Crime ( SEIDO ), agents focused on investigating the links of the six kidnappers detained by the attack, "all those involved are going to fall," they warned from inside.
Around three in the afternoon of Monday, January 29, the heads of all the law enforcement agencies operating in Tijuana and their intelligence areas received a call from elements of the SEIDO , requesting support; They were asked if any of them had a man who was identifying himself as an investigative agent of the Deputy Attorney's Office. The answer was negative.
Shortly after, the Preventive State Police (PEP) was required only as support in the Tijuana River Zone, at the height of the General Hospital, however, when they arrived, the elements of the Federal Ministerial Police were already withdrawing from the area, and they did not know more.
Moments earlier, federal ministerial police of the Federal Agency for Criminal Investigation of the PGR had rescued one of his colleagues inside a rehabilitation clinic located at 10851 Eusebio Kino Avenue in the Urban Zone Rio, Tijuana.
However, this version was refuted by lawyers of the owners of the property, who took the case before a judge to prove that the confrontation between individuals and elements of the PGR had occurred outside the clinic and had nothing to do with the The company, they even refer that there was a struggle between the police and some visitors and guards of the rehabilitation center that could have been confused with criminals. "A judge has already determined that the story told by the PGR is not real," said the company representative.
The agent who had been kidnapped shortly before has not been identified. According to the reports, he had severe blows to the head and face. Unofficially, it could be known that in the SEIDO they handled the version that when the criminals were arrested, they would throw the agent on public roads, assuming he was dead.

In the operation, the federalists captured and presented six men to the Federal Public Ministry: Juan Alberto García Vaca, Ricardo Javier Escobar Galeana, Mauro Vega Granados, Alfonso Jiménez Evangelista, Ángel Iván Güereña Espinoza and Héctor González Flores.
The platform of criminals of the State indicates that García Vaca has a history of extortion and was imprisoned in 2011; Jiménez Evangelista was arrested for carrying a prohibited weapon in 2013; Vega Granados was imprisoned in El Hongo in 2002, but the crime is ignored; and González Flores entered prison in 2011 for crimes against health. Escobar and Güereña do not have a criminal record.
According to public data, Juan Alberto García Vaca promoted a trial in 2012 in the Sixteenth District Court:
"In the amparo trial number 189-2012-III, promoted by Raúl Armando Nava Miranda, Jorge Enrique Paredes Macías, Juan Alberto García Vaca, Israel Villanueva Ramírez, Francisco Rodríguez Galindo and Víctor René Sánchez Charolet, against acts of the Fourth Judge of the Criminal, based in this city, consisting of the order of formal prison of twenty-three of February two thousand and twelve, in the criminal case 681-2011, located in the Fourth Criminal Court, with headquarters in this city of Tijuana, Baja California ", but no more data are available for the determination.
According to the Approved Police Report, at the moment of being insured they were in possession of three short weapons and 500 grams of crystal , the crimes of which they are accused are illegal deprivation of liberty, crimes against health and against the Federal Law of Weapons.

The data available indicate that when the investigative agent was kidnapped he was with another person and the criminals took both of them, but released the second victim, for which the investigators suspect that they " put it on ".
The first versions indicated that the investigator had been deprived of freedom in a restaurant at lunchtime, however, there was no emergency call or complaint to the Command, Control, Communications and Computing Center (C4).
Later data reported that the deprivation of the agent occurred in the vicinity of the clinic, where the officer ran into the criminals who had been warned that the SEIDO was investigating them.
It is known that the concern regarding his whereabouts arose after the victim's companions tried to contact him by telephone on multiple occasions and did not respond, until one of the delinquents answered one of the calls, which generated the rescue operation to begin. elements of the SEIDO executed alone.
Unofficially, they also confirmed the version that the detainees belong to the criminal cell of the Arellano Félix Cartel allied with traffickers of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CAF-CJNG), headed by Pablo Edwin Huerta Nuño "El Flaquito", who decided to counterattack the federal forces because they thought they were going after him. Information provided during the week refers to elements of the SEIDO claim that, prior to the police intervention, a car left the scene and that Huerta was in the vehicle.
At the moment there are more than 40 elements of the SEIDO working in that case in Tijuana.
Until January 29, Pablo Edwin Huerta Nuño "El Flaquito" was not considered among the priority objectives of the Coordination Groups although, since 2016, he has been followed up as the criminal operator of the Arellano Félix Cartel, he does not have an arrest warrant, but with two official criminal records, both from 2012: one for attempted bribery in October to avoid a fine for not bringing a license, and another for carrying a weapon for exclusive use by the Army.
By versions of the troops it was possible to know that the intention of the corporation is to arrest and present before the Public Prosecutor the largest number of criminals belonging to the criminal organization that attacked them, in order to prevent the cartels in Tijuana from believing that they can raise and try Murder a federal agent and go unpunished."


Another attack (this time they killed him) on TIJ Municipal Police:

Early evening yesterday, a Municipal Police Officer, supervisor in his field was assassinated in his private vehicle while driving on calle Paseo Santa Maria in the Santa Maria neighborhood of Presa Rural.  Zeta identifies him as Edgar Neftal Garcia, believed to have been followed as he was leaving his shift.


Asesinan a Supervisor de la Policia Minicipal
por, Luis Gerardo Andrade  02/02/18


More Policiaca Reports Here:







Are any of you following the  Nunes Memo ?  Of course it is a fraud, another great distraction.  Marcy Wheeler is the hostess with the mostest although there have been so many rich reports on this most recent travesty from Trumpland. Here is her interview from a couple of days back:

Democracy Now !

Marcy Wheeler on showdown Over Nunes Memo, Mueller Probe & Reauthorization of Mass Surveillance

Have a nice weekend, Paris is going to have a bath.