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Thursday, August 20, 2015


Before we take a look at the dismal prospects to the end of the executions and battles between the narcos throughout Baja California which are eternal, the peso opened today at 17.07 (I predicted 18 a few months ago) which means even more difficult times ahead for the Mexican people unless there is divine intervention.

I also mention this because the SSPM has issued a warning to the public to be very careful when making a cash withdrawal from ATM's.  Apparently, the "New MO" is for the criminals to be spotting and watching, then either ramming your vehicle as you drive off and robbing you, or holding you up if you are on foot.


The violence continues....

Zeta reported last week that the narcos have retaken the streets of Tijuana, escalating their levels of violence with impunity, terrifying both their enemies and the public at large. Looking back to the beginning of this month, Rosarito Beach has also experienced an uptick in the executions. Through it all, Zeta reports the PGJE steadfastly denies the involvement of drug cartels in this violence, holding cells of narcomenudistas (retail drug dealers) responsible for the carnage.

 But whatever according to Zeta, cartels or narcomenudistas, the situation is pretty bad.  What is unclear is if the narcos are going to wrap things up or if matters will continue; but the truth is this has been happening since the beginning of the year, the executions seemed to have taken on a twillight-zone-esk cadence or rhythm of their own blending within the daily social norm. My sarcastic neighbor wants to know if Placido Domingo sang anything from Verdi's Requiem when he was in Ensenada last week.  Let's work back, then summarize Zeta's perspectives on the situation for the finale.

08/21: Update/Edit:

 - Tijuana:  Late this evening one man wounded by gunfire in colonia Campos (Los Pinos).

08/21: Update/Edit - so far I'm only seeing this reported on Frontera (unless I missed it):

 - Tijuana: This morning one man found beaten to death in a culvert in colonia Valle San Pedro.

08/20 - 08/19:

Courtesy El Mexicano : Today in Sanchez

 - Tijuana: Shortly after 8:00pm today most of the agencies reported  there are three dead:

    - In colonia Sanchez Taboada  one dead and one is injured after a sedan carrying four gunmen approached their vehicle and opened fire. These are early reports, those number might change. Later reports indicate the one injured is in serious condition.

    - In colonia Las Cruces the bodies of a man and a woman located shot to death inside of a residence.

A note that earlier today the Special Operations Group (GOE) of the SSPM arrested three men in Sanchez Taboada who were operating as assassins for "El Gross." The men cited heavy fighting in the area between drug groups.

In the aforementioned Zeta article, "El Gross" and the rise of the homicides in Sanchez Taboada are addressed.  Arturo Giovanni Gomez Herrera aka "El Gross" according to Miquel Angel Guerrero Castro the Coordinador Estatal de la Subprocuraduria Contra Delincuencia Organizada (SCDO-PGJE) is part of the El Aquiles team of the Sinaloa cartel. When asked in the Zeta interview if "El Gross" is of the Sinaloa Cartel, he answered that it is assumed that "El Gross" is part of the criminal group belonging to "El Aquiles" (Sinaloa Cartel) and further that it is believed Jose Luis Mendoza Uriarte ("El Guero Chompas") has aligned with a faction of the CAF and is fighting "El Gross" in an area in the past which was controlled by the criminal network of "Los Uriarte."   The indications from this article and interview are that the Sinaloa groups are fighting the CAF groups for territorial domination of the Sanchez area - basically the same as we are seeing in the Zona Centro and the Zona Norte. What is unclear at this point is if the Sinaloa and CAF groups within themselves are fragmented. In just a short while, we will see "El Gross" switching sides.

 - Tijuana: One man found gunned down inside of a Christian church in colonia Chihuahua.

 - Mexicali: One woman shot to death inside of her home in colonia Valle de Puebla, subsequent reports state one man has been arrested in this case.

Courtesy El Mexicano - Inside Guiseppis Restaurant

 - Tijuana:  Last night five people were executed and four wounded by gunfire.

    - At the Guiseppis Restaurant inside a popular shopping center off of Blvd. 2000 in front of patrons, two men are shot to death. El Mexicano added the attackers were laying in wait for their victims, sitting at another table. An updated report from Zeta identifies one of the men killed, Gonzalo Javier Rivera aka "El Tragedias" an assassin for El Aquiles of the Sinaloa cartel.

    - In colonia Independencia (Zona Centro) two men executed while changing a tire in a tire shop.

    - In El Florido, one person executed - left on the street.

    - In colonia El Lago and in the Canon Reforma of San Antonio de Los Buenos, four people injured by gunfire attacks.

  - El Mexicano reported the person of interest wounded by gunfire  in the El Lago attack was another brother of Manuel Rodriguez Toscano aka "El Mono" the representative of the CAF and Jefe of drug dealing from Obrera to the Zona Norte who was murdered last spring; two others also wounded.  This report states that the lone gunman was arrested.

 - Tijuana: Frontera adds:

    - In the Zona Norte one man located on calle Coahuila shot to death.

    - Close to Blvd. 2000 residents of Ejido Rojo Gomez locate a dead man, shot and covered with a blanket.

    - In the Zona Centro one man shot and killed close to Teniente Guerrero Park.

Courtesy Frontera

 - Rosarito Beach:  In colonia Constitucion, after being alerted one encobijado located by the authorities.

Courtesy El Mexicano - another encobijado

 - Mexicali:  In colonia Abasolo another encobijado located.


They forgot to add the politicos on both sides of the border !

Ok there are about  at least forty more from this month alone but Mike made dinner - chinese ! - so I have to run, but I'll be back.  

 And, it has been fifty years, unbelievable.  I remember when our truck was stolen a few years ago down at Popotla and we were up late at the PGJE office in Rosarito, this song came on the radio and the Agent said to us, "You know, I think that's going to be a hit." (c;