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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Republican Convention - UPDATE - 08/26: Added Fact Check Of Noche Numero Dos - Kenosha in the Comments Section

I guess we have to talk about the Republican Convention - but the truth is, I did not watch it, I'm ridin with Biden, plus Nicky Haley gives me a blistering headache and Donald Junior is just plain weird. Anyone who shoots wild animals for play and sport is weird. 

Plus, we're dealing with changing Mike's medication around, he is still in pain - the Doctor told him today, "Look, this was MAJOR  !"  So, he is going to work from home tomorrow and see how that goes. Luckily, it did cool down just a bit here with a nice breeze coming off the ocean and it is cooler tonight....although it is unclear if we are going to get hit with more horrible weather.  BTW, Governor Newsom, please send some crews down here and help these guys out, the A/C 's at both Tijuana General Hospital and also in Mexicali have not been working...since at least the 14th of this month. 

So, once again  I'm not doing anything on the drug war here or the local COVID, so go here until I can catch up...note that I haven't seen anything locally about the American who vanished from Rosarito Beach several days ago, unless I missed it.



Here then are the links:

 ~ From CNN:

Republican National Convention 2020 


Check out all the Fact Checks: 

 ~ From CNN:

Fact Check: First Night Of the Republican National Convention Features More Dishonesty Than Four nights Of DNC

 ~ From PBS:

AP FACT CHECK: Trump, GOP Distorts On Health Care, Mail Fraud 

 ~ From Mediaite - with video and check out their other reports:

MSNBC's Chuck Todd Obliterates Trump's RNC Rant on Mail-In Voting: 'The Truthful Parts' Would Make Up 'Maybe a Sentence, If That Much' 


Update/edit: Adding this:

  ~ From CNN:

Fact check: Second Night of RNC Riddled With Dishonesty as Melania Trump Appeals For 'Total Honesty'

Plus I thought the outfit Melania was wearing looked like a replica of Hitler Youth days.

end edit.


I'm sure the press will be hot, hot, hot in the morning. 

Go here for everything: terrific coverage of the Kenosha event with subsequent protests and shootings:

Democracy Now!



I'll be back with more updates on the Plasma Treatment Trump is pushing - or pushed the FDA in to approving - against the advise of the WHO and the experts including Dr. Fauci. 

Meanwhile, I have to get us a couple of pairs of aviator glasses.

Go Joe, Go !!! I wish I could go to a Joe Biden Victory Party and they're playing this...stay safe you guys...