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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Links For Caravana Migrante:Special Report From Zeta On Pueblas Sin Fronteras:They Are Forcing Migrantes To Participate In Marches - Information on Movimiento Cosecha, and BAMN Involvement With the Caravana - And Yes We are Still Having Executions: Over 200 In TIJ for the Month of November And @ 7:44 am Yesterday, Frontera Reports 4,189 Executions In TIJ During The Past Two Years !!! Zeta notes YTD Total Executions in TIJ as of 12/03/18 Is 2,299

I have not been here because I had surgery yesterday - this wasn't in the Doctors office surgery this was at the SRS Hospital way out in Kearny Mesa.  When we finally came home I was able to check the news and here there was a shitty little message under this blog. I was going to try to answer it but I was too drowsy then of course as usual the connection went down:


The comment:

Dreamer said...
Great to see you back Maggie! I don't see anything about the poor 18 years olds executed in TJ. Do you have any information. Nothing in the papers new.

 I put that up in case "Dreamer" decides to delete their message. What an idiot. Must be freakin blind.
Maybe just dumb and blind.


Meanwhile, in Tijuana for the month of November we are over 200 executions - and these are not just of 18 year olds.  Police officer executed in TIJ, another Police officer executed in Primo Tapia Rosarito, many women including the body of a pregnant woman located yesterday in the channel executed; minors executed along with not just "18 year olds", entire families in their homes executed,  men quite a bit older than 18 year old men executed.  Mutilations, bodies left in public places and on the streets for the whole world to see.What kind of a bullshit question was that anyway? When I am somewhat better I will be back with the latest reports on the state of affairs in all of the Municipalities which is bleak. I don't know when that is going to be, right now the pain medicine they gave me is simply not working, I could not sleep last night, I can't walk at all or put any weight on my one leg and I don't feel good, in fact, I feel like shit.

Then of course, the most pressing issue of all of our time - the migrantes.  What bothers me the most (other than the fact that the migrantes are suffering) are these American groups of  so-called "Revolutionaries" who orchestrated the caravana and the rush on the border - they need to take a long walk on a short pier.

The Migrantes In Tijuana:

I have not been so polite addressing them on this link from The Intercept, yet as far as I can see, no one seems to want to discuss this issue, not just here but on other "progressive" sites and in the USMSM.  Uncle Bob brought the subject up, I am "sheilawasbannedOMG".  So in order to save time, here is that link where I have added links from the local news sources going way back  to the denunciation of these groups by Padre Solalinde  and Sergio Tamai.  I fired one off before we left yesterday and am adding the latest report from the printed issue of Zeta after this blog.

Why won't anyone acknowledge this huge mistake by these American Groups and NGO's ???  Shameful.

 - From The Intercept

Photos of children Being Teargassed Stoke Outrage - While Playing Into Trump's Manufactured Border Crisis
by, Natasha Lennard - 11/27/18 

Edit:  On second thought here are the comments - most importantly Zeta points out the migrantes have been coerced and forced by members of Pueblo Sin Fronteras to march - those who were interviewed by Zeta did so anonymously - very important report from yesterday: 

 - sheilawasbannedomg:


From Zeta Tijuana Printed Edition 12/03/18:

"One sector of the migrant caravan pointed out with name and position to those who consider leaders and spokespersons within the contingent, with those who do not agree with force them to carry out activities in which have seen women, mothers and children exposed little ones. They accuse that this has divided the caravan and has contributed to the uncertainty. Some have chosen to return to their countries or do things on their own Irineo Mujica, coordinator of Pueblo sin Fronteras. David López, member of Pueblo sin Fronteras. David Abud. Milton Benítez The four are some of the characters that a sector of the so-called migrant caravan has fully recognized as leaders and spokespersons within the contingent, whom they also point out to make decisions without the consent of the migrants.

 Several Central Americans who currently reside in the temporary shelter of the "Benito Juárez" Sports Unit in the North Zone of Tijuana, consulted anonymously by ZETA , shared that since the caravan crossed into Mexico, they have been responsible for carrying out activities in the that they no longer agree, mainly because in many of the cases they "subject women to demonstrate" or go to the front with their children in every situation of risk or "confrontation".

 This is what Maria did - her real name for security reasons - who is accompanied by two girls of 5 and 7 years and a sister of 22 years; she pointed out that on Sunday, November 25, she was in the march "that had been said would be peaceful", when the federal police fence was broken, Irineo Mujica himself began to encourage them to go to the accesses of El Chaparral and the Garita de San Ysidro, something that those who apparently "were prepared" did. What caught the attention of the lady and that ultimately caused her to wonder about the legitimacy of the supposed help they are given, is that she realized that during the march several people between the contingent were already carrying their things and their belongings, because they had been told that they were going to be able to pass without problems, but nobody told them how, or that they would be received "by bombs and bullets on the same border".

 This vision was also shared by Miguel -who is also omitted from his real name-, assuring that having gone to the peaceful march was only "a hair-raising and a waste of time", because when everything went out of control, he thought that that would not benefit them at all, "in itself they already criticized us, now it will be worse", was what happened in his head in those moments and returned to the hostel.  Miguel says he is "disillusioned" about the actions that these supposed leaders and spokesmen have been taking, because "they are badly exposing us, putting the women to march and the children, then today (Thursday 29) the hunger strike of pure women, not I know why they do that.

" Virginia -their real name is omitted for safety-, a 30-year-old Guatemalan, seconded Miguel's opinion because she did not agree that they wanted to carry out a hunger strike with women and young children, especially in the rain and inclement weather that occurred that day. "They take advantage of the people, here we come very humble people who want to get ahead and it is easy for them to fall for their intentions, but one must think first about their children, do things differently," he said. Although it has been repeatedly mentioned that the caravan does not have leaders, but spokespersons, this group of migrants knows very well that they are, at the beginning mentioned, who "put on the table what they have to do", as he did Saul - his true name is also omitted. This Honduran migrant stressed that "they dedicate and are in each caravan", but "not always doing things right", however, was also emphatic in saying that it is not the vast majority that follows or believes these characters, as could be appreciated on Sunday, November 25 during the peaceful march that ended in crossing attempts, since only about 500 people participated of the more than 5 thousand 500 that were at that time.

 "The vast majority does not follow the roll, we know who they are, but for some they happen to fuck everyone, so clarify it," he said.


 The general disinformation, the thought that everything would be easier, the bad decisions of some of its leaders or spokesmen and the disorientation on the part of the authorities, have provoked a very particular mood among these migrants who have put them between the sword and the wall, between deciding whether to stay and continue insisting, or better to go back home, where danger, violence and poverty await them. What happened on Sunday, November 25, after the peaceful march became an unfortunate mob to try to enter the United States, in addition to the subsequent folds and attacks with gas bombs and rubber bullets used by the armed force of the neighboring country , they calmed the hopes of several of the people who had to be in the middle of the fray.

 In the same way, he shook many of those who waited in their spaces inside the refuge of the "Benito Juárez" Sports Unit in the North Zone, who, beyond seeing what was happening, imagined a war scenario with the thunder of bombs , bullets and helicopters hovering along the channel of the Tijuana River, where the events were presented. The day after what happened, several migrants gave up their illusion of crossing into the United States for reasons that they attributed to fear and reprisals, and opted to request assisted return to their countries of origin. Until Thursday, November 29, the National Institute of Migration (INM) reported that there were 600 assisted returns, 400 of these volunteers, and 200 submitted by the Municipal Police after having committed administrative offenses or crimes.

 For some activists, this situation has been somewhat questionable, because they say that although migrants have not been forced to make these types of decisions, they have not been informed and advised about their legal status and their immigration status in the country, so they can stay in Mexico as a second option. They fear that as a result of this misinformation, in the coming days there will be many more people interested in returning home, where they would be at risk, especially because, in addition to the US President Donald Trump seems not to give in to the requests, it seems that "in Tijuana They are making life difficult for them by not offering them other options.


 Alexis Romero, originally from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, joined the migrant caravan since he knew that this would be done, because among neighbors and friends it began to spread the idea that by reaching the border together, it would be easier for them to obtain asylum. The reason they told him was that due to the situation of violence and poverty that they are currently experiencing in their country, the US government would allow them to present their cases to the immigration authorities.

 Although Alexis knows that since Trump entered the US Presidency everything has become more "chaotic" for migrants, he never imagined that he would actually receive them with gas bombs and rubber bullets once they were near the crossings, as happened that Sunday in the vicinity of El Chaparral and San Ysidro. "It was not what we thought," he said with a downcast expression, and acknowledged that in recent days he has wanted to give up everything, because he comes alone all this way, left two sisters and his mother, and has been "very difficult to "maintain" the force "to endure" the humiliations, the bad conditions in which we are and now even the aggressions of the Trump people ".

 Also from Honduras, Mrs. Josefina travels with two young girls and a teenage son, her situation has also been filled with uncertainty and she does not know what is going to happen now. The day of the demonstration, she left with her three children because the idea was to march peacefully and for a moment, but she did not like "what other people started doing," because "everything went out of control because of bad decisions" of those who considered the "spokesmen" who were in charge of the contingent. Such a situation makes her "doubt" even those who were running the caravan because she does not know what personal intentions they have and, the only thing they generate, is to put everyone at risk. She added that since a few days ago they have not been liking the ways in which they address them and what they have been planning, for that reason, they no longer attend the audiences that they usually do on certain nights inside the hostel.


 Added to this situation is another problem that even some spokesmen of the caravan, already denounced in a press conference: the "disappearances" of their comrades and various arbitrary arrests against them, accuse, have made the police who are sheltering the shelter . The fact that they are being detained for no apparent reason to present them to the authorities of the INM for immediate deportation has provoked irritation, malaise and fear, which mainly translates to families, who have chosen not to leave the shelter and end up being separated. .

This is the case of Derian, originally from Honduras, who had to live the experience of leaving the shelter for a coffee when it was already getting dark in the city. He was arrested by some municipal police for "looking for drugs", but thanks to the insistence that he was able to prove that he was going with his wife and three daughters, they released him. Since then he does not leave, he does not separate from the girls and asks favors from others so that they can take him food, water or something else from the outside.

 This is added to the terrible conditions in which the refuge is located, totally exceeded in conditions and supplies, as well as in hygiene levels; At first it was announced that it would be for 380 people, then for 2 thousand and, later, for 3 thousand.  More than 6 thousand 064 migrants stay overnight, in unhealthy conditions that are reflected in the constant coughing of many of the inhabitants, derived from the strong flu that have been spreading among all.

Guillermo Trejo Dozal, Secretary of Health in Baja California, said that the overcrowding in the shelter is precisely what worries them the most, which is why it is intended to improve the conditions of the place so that the number of patients will not increase now that the rains are coming and cold. The official confirmed that in Tijuana have been granted 2 thousand 267 consultations for diseases of the upper respiratory tract, there are 101 cases of pediculosis, four of varicella, four positive with HIV and 34 pregnant women. The investment has been one million pesos for every 2 thousand migrants.


 The governor Francisco Vega de Lamadrid accepted that the hostel is completely overrun, however, he blames it is because the federation has not yet entered with the resources that were requested and in the space is working with staff of the City of Tijuana and of the State. In a tour conducted by ZETA on Thursday, November 29, after the rain that fell in the city, he realized that the area of ​​the court ended between puddles of water and a quagmire, so several families decided to leave and begin to settle in the streets surrounding the shelter. The state official continued with his speech that migration is an issue that concerns the Government of the Republic and, therefore, they have to take charge in what corresponds to them; for this they undertook the search for a new space that serves as a second shelter.

The Barretal is the space that has been thought of as the option, located in the Ejido Mariano Matamoros, in the East Zone of the city, where the contingent that exceeds the proportions of the Sports Unit "Benito Juárez" would be sent. However, the authorities themselves have met with a new challenge: the rejection of migrants who do not want to leave the group, who want to stay close to the sentry boxes because they have already requested asylum and have to be on their turn, especially away from the place, where they fear that the authorities will abandon them even more.

 Marrin Adonai Ulloa, originally from Honduras, had been at the shelter for four days when she was asked if she would agree to be relocated to another shelter. His response was that it would complicate everything, since they want the asylum and be together with the group; He is accompanied by his wife and cousin. In contrast, adults have not shown such reluctance, as Mrs. Iris Margoth Oliva, from Honduras, who travels only with her son and is willing to go to another shelter no matter how far it may be, since she wants to leave the current one shelter of unhealthy conditions."

Lideres y Voderos Dividen Caravana
Por, Manuel Ayala - 12/03/18



MORE ATROCITIES ! So, here is another example of the migrantes being uninformed by these great so-called revolutionary groups from the US:

The "Fiendship Park" has been shut down, which means people meeting up with their families cannot do that any longer.  There are super terrific humanitarian pro-migrante advocates here, one in particular Enrique Morones was interviewed by Frontera:

"The presence of Central American migrants in Playas de Tijuana affected hundreds of families who come to La Amistad Park to reunite with their loved ones through the border wall, since for about three weeks, the place has been closed. 
 This was reported by Enrique Morones, executive director and founder of the pro-migrant association Angeles de la Frontera AC, who considered that measure to be repressive and anti-immigrant. He commented that extreme security began when some residents of the city were confronted with the second part of the caravan that decided to camp near the border wall.
 Morones said that currently anti-immigrant groups come to the area to provoke migrants and US border patrol agents. This situation has led to the indefinite closure of the La Amistad Park gate, so that families traveling from different states of the country and the United States are even further away because of the distance. In addition, several binational events, such as Masses and Christmas inns, are kept in suspense, in which minors usually meet their mother or father who is in Mexican territory. 
Therefore, the founder of the AC declared that it is urgent that the leaders of the migrant caravan be made known so that activists and authorities can guide them in their actions and avoid irresponsible acts such as marches or hunger strikes in El Chaparral."


26 of the current migrantes break on through to the other side, thinking (because the bullshit revolutionaries never told them otherwise) that once they crossed over and even turned themselves in to BP they would receive instantanious asylum:

"Voluntarily, 26 people from the Central American migrant caravan surrendered to the US border patrol agents, in order to start their humanitarian asylum in that country. The delivery was gradual and by a gap in the border wall that is in Playas de Tijuana, while a mass was held in the area of ​​the lighthouse. "God bless you! Blessings! Goodbye! "Were the expressions of the religious, who also prayed for a group of migrants, including minors, to fulfill their purpose: to live in North America.

According to Gabriela Cortés, of the pro-migrant civil association Ángeles de la Frontera AC, people decide to surrender to the border patrol agents with the idea of ​​obtaining their right of asylum. This event automatically triggered the mobilization of the US authorities by sky and earth, in addition some employees began reinforcing work on the wall, despite the fact that at the top and middle of the bars is covered with barbed wire."


Further, over 60 % of the migrantes from the caravana are suffering from respiratory illness, they are fucking sick fucking sick fucking sick plus chicken pox has broken out. and there is no treatment or care for them.  Where are these great American "radical" groups who supposedly mobilized them and set them up for disaster?  Why aren't they providing medical care?  Where the fuck are they?  They are not providing shelter, food, medical care warmth security or clothing, nothing...any of the basics. They are letting the migrantes rot .  They need to go back to the United States and get the fuck out of here before anyone else gets hurt or sick.  I would never want these so-called "radical" groups watching my back, because they never would or could -they have no sense of logistics or priorities, what a bunch of bullshit immature reckless amateurs. They are NOT humanitarians.


Jorge Ramos was in town a few days back:

"The situation of the Central American migrant caravan is the shared fault between the governments of Central America, Mexico and the United States, said Jorge Ramos Ávalos. The journalist toured this Wednesday Benito Juarez Sports Unit, which for two weeks has become a "Small Central America", which is home to 6 thousand 62 children, women and men of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. There, the migrants live in unhealthy conditions due to the overcrowding of the makeshift houses in each available shelter space. They have also felt the rejection of a part of the citizens who live in Tijuana, considering them as invaders. "I am saddened that in Tijuana there are few who are expressing their racism and their prejudices to Central Americans. We must not become Donald Trump. We must treat the Central Americans with the same generosity and solidarity that I would like to be treated, "Ramos said. The clashes with tear gas bombs between the CBP agents and migrants, he said, will further damage the image of Donald Trump, president of the United States, who described the caravan as an invasion. "This is not resolved with bureaucratic delays or with the wall. The only way to solve it is immigration reform in the United States and migration cooperation among the countries of Central America, "he said. For this reason, the journalist and opinion leader proposed that North America send migration judges to start the process of asylum for the people of the caravan, instead of militarizing the border."


And, he is correct.

Adios, I hope you guys cover these aspects because they are important. I'll be back in a couple of days...unless i am banned of course.

3 days ago

Here are more updates - 12/01 @ 5:45pm:

Okay we were talking about Pueblos sin Fronteras, then a new group popped up on the scene, this  group is also from the USA, Movimiento Cosecha (and supports PSF), and now yet another group of instigators is on the scene, also from the US.

This newest group is part of  the (take a breath, long title) " Coalicion Para Defender La Accion Afirmative, La Integracion y Derechos de Immigrantes y Luchar Por La Igualidad Por Cualquier Medio" also known as BAMN.

Apparently within the caravana, a decision had been made to march once again - today at noon - and according to Irinea Mujica the BAMN people are "anarchists from the USA."  This report states that the BAMN people dissuaded the migrantes to march today.

But who organized them to march today in the first place ?  I don't trust Mujica.

[VIDEO] Migrantes Desisten de Marcha a San Ysidro
Por, Uriel Saucedo

there's more events...I have to go put veggies in the pot roast.

Prior to the move to Barretal, there were hundreds who resisted and fear swept through the caravana based on rumors that moving would minimize their attempts to achieve asylum. This report says one man from Nicaragua is advising them not to go to Barretal. Some are finally realizing that just being in TIJ is no assurance of immediate asylum - remember, this is what they were told.  They were told it would only take three days to get into the USA and they didn't need any paperwork.

Cierra el Alberque Benito Juarez, Cientos Se Resistan
Por, Khennia Reyes

Ok ...there are problems at the site where the authorities have moved the migrantes  - El Barretal.
According to Frontera, this move has been out of control due to a group of migrantes urging the other migrantes not to go along with the Mexican authorities.

On the scene once again is Mujica (doesn't he have dual citizenship ?)who claimed previously he has not instigated discord, but supports the migrantes if they want to march again to the SYPOE.  Meanwhile, Sergio Tamai takes control (BTW, Sergio is supposed to be retired - and it's a good thing he is there) and there is an altercation between Sergio & Mujica.

Sergio is able to calm the migrantes down to an extent, advising them to stay put especially to care for their health and to appease the community of TIJ. Yet, hundreds of them decide to camp out on Cinco de Mayo which is a disaster waiting to happen.  Still more who wanted to stay outside of the baseball field - but could not, authorities have shut it and adjoining streets down to the migrantes - are missing or unaccounted for. And no one seems to know where they are:

Sin Control La Caravana Migrante en Tijuana
Por, Khennia Reyes

Don't know what is going to happen next.

Finally, here is BAMN (By Any Means Necessary):

Wiki - with history:

BAMN Site:

Well I guess so by any means necessary...using the migrantes, manipulating them, lying to them as if they have not suffered enough. Christ.
Uncle Bob - 6 days ago: 

Wow..the jig is up..someone’s post mentioning Pueblo Sin Fronteras was just deleted..PSF is affliated with
The CARA coalition consists of the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, the American Immigration Council, the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services, and the American Immigration Lawyers Association, all groups advocating for legal status for illegal immigrants and expanded immigration overall.
wow,,guess where they get their money from?
These organizations have been funded by a number of major left-of-center grantmaking foundations, including the Open Society Foundations,
MacArthur Foundation,
Ford Foundation,
and Carnegie Corporation of New York.

Wow..ok..if this gets deleted, I’ll just keep posting it
sheilawasbanned OMG in response:
 Hi Uncle Bob - running here so this should be quick.  Both Padre Solalinde and Father Patrick Murphy (local - of Padre Chavas in TIJ)) have blasted Pueblosin Fronteras for what they call "irresponsible" planning of this caravan.  No money, chaos, no information,, etc.

Unknown if this was a faction of PSF acting out alone. It could be.

Meanwhile Sergio Tamai  (Mexicali) of Angeles de Frontera pleaded with Pueblo Sin Fronteras to NOT hold the demonstration on last Sunday.  You can look Sergio up on google, we love him alot.

From El Sol:

"Tijuana.- The founder of Ángeles sin Fronteras, Sergio Tamai, asked Irineo Mújica, from Pueblo sin Fronteras, not to summon the migrants to demonstrate tomorrow in the streets of the city in the direction of El Chaparral.
 The fact of going to make demonstrations in the booths only gives rise to Donald Trump justify the use of force against the caravan, he said. "They're going to be a minority again, they do not represent the majority, those are going to cause the lanes to close, as Trump threatens to close the gate and all the Tijuana residents will get angry." Local They will give legal advice for asylum of Caravana Migrante in the US "I make a call to Irineo Mújica, to Town without Borders, and any person that well intentioned or ill-intentioned, that stop that manifestation of Sunday morning, and of once we indicated it, anyone that mobilizes, any that approaches the sentry box , nothing else will do the job to Trump and will justify it, and we are not against, Angels without Borders, the Tijuana Migrant Alliance, the people who support them are telling them, stop, it is a moment of patience ", he pointed Migrants wishing to enter the United States should forget the option of trying to cross by force as they did on the southern border of Mexico, as this would only make things worse, at the same time, he said, they should focus on the process of Asylum request The demonstration is considered to start at ten in the morning, so it is recommended to take the necessary precautions if you are going to transit near El Chaparral. "

The worse is yet to come, heavy rains expected thursday then again on the weekend, it is a disaster.l
end comments .


 - I made a mistake by saying the the streets were closed off by the ballpark - nope, there are still at least 1,000 migrantes camped out on the street, we saw them yesterday. Also, it was one migrante killed in the street who was run over by drunk driver close to El Barretal - the other was badly injured.  And, if you go to the links you can see the migrantes are being watched closely at Barretal, hundreds of them have been arrested., El Sol is reporting around 3,000 migrantes are unaccounted for, to date 236 of them have arrested by the local authorities. 

 - More rain on the way tonight through the weekend....which means we will lose power here.


Here are the links:

Note: Yesterday at 7:44  Frontera reports there have been 4,189 executions in Tijuana over the past two years:

 - From Frontera:

Dos Anos, 4,189 Muertos
Por, Angel F. Gonzaleaz- 12/03/18 @7:44am 

 - From Zeta: 

 - Note: Yesterday at 11:14am Zeta reports there have been 16 executions in Tijuana during the first two days of this month including another head located in a cooler, a body with arms cut off sitting upright in a chair with "Por Rata" carved into his body.  Please note that none of these victims were "18 years old".  With these figures Zeta brings the YTD total executions up to 2,299:

Van 16 Ejecutados En Diciembre Entre Los Reportes Un Desmembrado y Una Cabeza Humana en Hielera



Frontera Policiaca

Frontera - Caravana Migrante 

Frontera - Migrantes Tijuana

El Sol - Migrantes  - Note about 3K of the migrantes unaccounted for

Zeta Tijuana.   

Aristegui Noticias 


I'm going back to bed.