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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Best Review of the Michael Cohen Testimony: Shields and Brooks - February 2019 Execution Stats For TIJ: 145 Dead


 Before the next storm hits and the electricity goes out,here is a quick backup of videos covering the Michael Cohen testimony which many believe will open up a pandora's box of Trump demons.  Already Cohen has accused Trump of perjury, bank fraud, insurance fraud, election fraud, witness tampering and threats, and making false statements (not to mention Trump's racist persona):

From CNN:

Cohen's Testimony May Be The Tip Of The Iceberg 

 Michael Cohen will return on March the 6th for another round of testimony. 


It seems that even the most progressive talking heads are taking a back seat as far as reviewing the Michael Cohen testimony, but I did catch this last night and felt that to date, it is by far the best review of the week's events, a must see...they nailed it:

  - From PBS - 03/01/19:

 Shields and Brooks 


The Local Stats....

Yesterday, Zeta reported that there were 145 people executed in Tijuana the month of February, with a YTD total of 364 killings in the city:

From Zeta - 03/01/19:

Matan a Hombre En Camino Verde 

This seems to be the lowest monthly fatality number compared to last month and every month of last year.  Still, that is a high numberTime is needed to measure the full impact of the Mexican Ejercito deployment in our region.

You can keep abreast of the situations here, note the attacks on Federal& Municipal Agents and of course the beheadings, leg left in front of a school, bodies burned, and women and children shot and killed:

Frontera Policiaca 

Frontera Policiaca Rosarito 

Zeta Tijuana 


 Slightly bummed out...have to go back for another leg wrap, then laser surgery this Friday in La Mesa....maybe they'll just laser my brain.  Paris says woof, Daca Bob has been a good boy, Susan is in and out.  I hope we don't have an earthquake , look:

~ From - 02/18/2018

Se Registran 63 Sismos En BC y Otras 6 Estados en Las Ultimas 12 Horas 


So, just remember to keep flip flops by your bedside in case you have to jump up in the middle of the night in the event of a quake so you don't step on glass. Don't miss Randy Rainbow up in the corner - oh what the heck, here it is again:

Over and out for now.