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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Tulsa, Oklahoma : Will This Be The Shot Heard Round The World ? Trump Has Already Threatened Counterprotesters, Smeared & Blemished JUNETEENTH, & Now Is Warning Tulsa To Prepare For A "Wild Weekend" - The Asshole WANTS To Provoke and He WANTS Trouble - Maybe We'll All Get Lucky & He And The Idiot RedHats Will All Come Down With Serious Fucking COVID - Jeffrey St. Clair Has the Numbers On Police Brutality & Mucho Mas - Juan Cole Adresses COVID & The Trump Rally ! - UPDATE/EDIT 06/21: THE TULSA TRUMP RALLY WAS A FLOP ! TRUMP BOMBS IN TULSA!!!

Sorry...the computer died (again), Paris needs a bath, my house is a mess, we are trying to capture these kittens to take them in to be be "fixed", Mike had an MRI and he is scheduled for surgery the first of July with a stay over in the Hospital for three days then home for two weeks; he will get a COVID test this Monday (required for surgical patients). The surgery is "cervical foraminotomies" so we're stressed although the Doctor tells us not to be. And, Mike is not feeling great at all.

These kittens update: the original batch is still here, the nine new ones were moved out by their mom, but now other kittens are hopping the walls and coming in - these are much larger kittens than the original batch and these guys are mean (very agro - they beat up the smaller kittens and I'm chasing them off with a broom).  In addition, there are three more feral females hanging out who are extremely needy.   Lila took off and hasn't been home for days, Rubio & Tommy come in late to get a bite to eat then take off, it is chaos. Mike said Dr. Silva told him the last time we took kittens in for operations that the feral cats actually signal, or talk to each other and tell other ferals where the food is. I wasn't sure I believed that initially, but I do now. One of the original kittens was born with a deformity, so instead of releasing her we might keep her. Anyway, it is a disaster.


From the Daily Mail: BLM members protest in front of entrance to the Trump bullshit rally


Here are links to the current Tulsa situation:

 ~ From Tulsa World with pictures and video - I just noticed a slight confrontation between the brain dead Red Hats and anti-Trump protesters...notice how the brain dead Red Hats with loud speakers keep chanting "all lives matter", the mantra attributed to racist and idiot Mike Pence:

Tulsa Updates 


 ~ From the New York Times: I don't know why pics are not coming up:

Tulsa and Current Updates 


We are also watching what happened  (the shooting)in Seattle; at this moment CNN does not have Tulsa updates on the internet, so just keep checking back with them. They are live on TV however.


To bring us all up to date and always with great and groovy music, the guy we all admire (Christ almighty, how does he do it ?):

From Counterpunch:

Roaming Charges: Nothing But Rednecks For 400 Years, If You Check
by, Jeffrey St. Clair


All Time Fave:

From Informed Comment:

Trump At Tulsa As 21st Century Typhoid Mary, as Fauci Warns On Rally, Science Bashing
By, Juan Cole

"Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) – Scientists know the story of Typhoid Mary, an immigrant from Ireland to the US in the late 19th century. She had typhoid, but refused to admit it, and was hired as a maid, and by 1907 some 3,000 New Yorkers had typhoid, and she was the super-spreader. Typhoid Mary rejected the notion, not being big on science.

Trump is our very own 2020 typhoid Mary.

When asked about his rally in Tulsa on Saturday, at a stadium that holds 19,000 and the grounds of which could host another 80,000 visitors, Trump demeaned the 700 deaths a day in the US from the novel coronavirus as “miniscule.” Just as he did in January and February when he declined to take decisive steps against the pandemic, he insisted that the virus is “dying out.” He also said that he thought people were wearing masks to show that they did not like him, Trump. The latter is a signal to his base to avoid masks and to keep up the appearance of normality, which he thinks will help his reelection bid.

Unfortunately, the refusal to wear masks will kill large numbers of Americans. Hong Kong, where mask-wearing is universal, has had 4 coronavirus deaths. New Zealand’s government managed to get rid of the coronavirus entirely.

The braindead Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled that rally attendees do not have to wear masks or practice social distancing, and the Trump campaign had made them optional.

Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx, members of the alleged Trump coronavirus task force, lobbied Trump against the Tulsa rally. Fauci himself was asked if he would go to such an event and his answer was basically, “are you ca-raazy?”

Fauci lamented that many Americans have an anti-science attitude, which makes dealing with the pandemic difficult. Arguably, that anti-science attitude has killed 50,000 people (see below), with many more on the way. And the disastrous US response to the pandemic tells us how catastrophic our response to the climate emergency will also be. Me, I don’t get it. You jump off a skyscraper, you will be bugsplat. Always. Science has laws, and we can’t change them by glaring at them or shouting at them or wearing a partisan campaign button. You sit close to someone for hours without a mask, who has the disease and is screaming, you almost certainly will sicken, and you might die.

The virus is most effectively spread by infected people expelling it in droplets from their mouths. More droplets are spread when a person is chanting and shouting than just breathing. A victim is more likely to be given the virus if they breath in a big load of it, which happens if they are less than six feet away from the infected person, are with the infected person for a long time and if that person is spraying saliva at them by shouting campaign slogans. This viral load not only helps determine if you get sick, but also how sick you get.

In a closely packed crowd of 19,000, shouting for four hours straight, the likelihood is that some 800 to 1000 people could be infected by just 20 people who have the disease (and it may not show). The newly sick in turn could infect 3,000 others in the next days, and then that would become 9,000 and 27,000 if the rate of transmission were 3, and after a while you have a big outbreak.

Trump is planning another huge rally at an Arizona megachurch next week. Arizona had over 3,000 new cases just on Thursday and its number of sick is ticking up.

Chris Casteel at the Oklahoman points out that Tulsa County has the worst outbreak in the state, with numbers rising. The rally will certainly worsen that situation, and possibly worsen it considerably. Some 54% of the new cases in Oklahoma have been people 35 and younger, putting the lie to the notion that the young are somehow immune. There has also been an 11% rise in elderly victims. Covid-19 survivors can suffer lifetime damage to lungs, kidneys and other organs.

Oklahoma public health officials are afraid that the enormous rally will spread the disease, as attendees disperse and as some of them visit relatives in nursing homes in the coming weeks (visits are being allowed again by state authorities).

If the death rate holds steady, in only 5 months another 100,000 Americans will die of Covid-19, on top the the nearly 120,000 already killed. Specialists believe that if Trump had locked down the country two weeks earlier, in late February instead of late March, some 40% of the deaths to date could have been prevented, which is to say, that Trump is personally responsible for the deaths of nearly 50,000 Americans, already.

That’s about how many Americans the Nazis killed at Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge, combined.

The likelihood is, however, that the death rate will go back up. It was 960 a day in the first week of June.

Alarmingly, on Thursday alone new cases surged to 27,700 , and the one-week average grew by 15% over the previous week. In early June on some days there were less than 20,000 new cases nation-wide, but the trendlines are now going in the wrong direction (i.e., up).

The increased cases are a result of Memorial Day gatherings and early openings of states like Florida and Texas, the governors of which were doing Trump’s bidding. "


 See, I'm not the ONLY person who calls these Trumpistas braindead. Well, at the end of the day, we may not hear the shot that was heard 'round the world, but we will see without a doubt alot of COVID patients.

Am I being  facetious?  Oh hell yes:


UPDATE/edit 06/21/20 a little after midnight:

Let's face it, the Trump Rally was a FLOP ! I was really worried thinking 60K yahoos would show up, not the case at all.  After all the hoopla, maybe...maybe there might have been nine to ten thousand yahoos (and even that number is probably high) the majority of whom were not wearing masks...and even the showman Trump could not hide his disappointment or anxiety, did you look closely at his face and study his reactions? Did you see it , over and over again?  Someone should have said, "Give him the hook !" or it could be said to, "Give him the 

 Q: "Where does it come from? Where did it originate? Is it an homage to something? Who played it straight first? Is it a purely American thing?"

 A: " It's claimed that use of 'the hook' originated at Harry Miner's Bowery Theater in New York in 1903. According to a pamphlet put out by Miner later, his son Tom was the first to use the hook (which was a shepherd's crook prop from an earlier act) to pull a particularly bad amateur performer offstage. Thereafter, it became a regular feature, with crowds shouting "get the hook" at unpopular performances."

 A: "I'm a stagehand and occasionally work music festivals. The stage manager still keeps the schedule and signals to the act when it's time to come off, we just don't use the stick any more. There's a big analogue clock that's visible on the side of stage and the SM will signal when it's last song. If the act's a bit loose and not paying attention or the crowd wants another encore we don't have time for, you'll see a man in black come on stage and have a word in their ear. Personally I'd love to bring back the hook, especially for rubbish DJS"

 A: "It comes from Vaudeville shows. Vaudeville shows often had inexperienced performers, "variety acts", people who would go way too long, etc. Nowadays there is a light that signals a performer that their time is up and to GTFO. But they didn't have that so they use a big shepherds crook to drag them off the stage. Cartoons, which became a thing back when vaudeville was popular, ran with this and made it it's own thing. Vaudeville was kind of like open-mic back in the day."

 A: "It's a Vaudeville gag, and many of the early movie acts were originally from Vaudeville, and a lot of the tropes came with them."

 ~~~~~ about give him the boot?

Now I am overjoyed to hear "Oklahoma"  and dedicate the song all the BLM protesters from Oklahoma, you guys did good ! Yip-Aye-Yeah ! BTW, my first dance recital was to "Surrey With The Fringe On Top" from that very same musical, we were terrible though.

Some quickie reviews, expect more in the days to come...and will the Trumpistas try to make up for the bad performance and lousy turnout in the upcoming Arizona  Rally??  I hope not. Plus, the white conservative Zonie Braindead Redhats are scary; they are permanently locked and loaded.  May turn out they give us a show...I hope not.  BTW, white ultra conservative Zonies have always been scary and strange...who was that guy...oh right, Barry Goldwater. So, we might see some weird acting out as in 2016, heads up.

 ~ From CNN:

Sick Staff and Empty Seats: How Trump's Triumphant Return to the Campaign Trail Went From Bad to Worse
by, Kevin Liptak & Kaitlan Collins

Fact Check: Trump's Tulsa Rally Littered With Familiar False Claims 
by, Daniel Dale, Tara Subramaniam, David Wright & Holmes Lybrand


UPDATE/edit 06/22:

You just cannot argue with Tulsa's Fire Marshall :

Tulsa Official Says 6,200 attended Trump Rally as Campaign Tries to blame 'Radical' Protesters and Media for Lack of Crowd
by, Ryan Nobles

Finally, I'm delighted knowing the Trump Rally was a flop, he bombed !  So much so that I might even be humming this in the morning....(;

Y'all take care and stay safe.