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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Updates on Trump's "Zero Tolerance" Border Policy - DREAMer Murdered in Mexico - - Groovy Films & Documentaries - Contamination Rosarito Beach - More to come

Some brief updates because it is late and Bob has to go into Dr. Silva's in the morning: G7 is a bust, Trump is not participating, Trump's trade war is believed to have had an adverse affect here in Mexico already (even though they flipped him the bird and raised their own tariffs) with the gas prices going through the roof and peso inching past 20, unbelievable.

 But to me, the most vile, cruel, ghastly and disgusting Trump act is his "Zero Tolerance" Border Policy.  Here is Ryan Deveraux's latest report on recent events and do not miss the related articles following his report:

From:  The Intercept

1,358 Children and Counting - Trump's "Zero Tolerance" Border Policy Is Separating Families At Staggering Rates
by, Ryan Devereaux  - 06/08/18

Everything here:

Democracy Now ! 

Including this headlined report from 06/08/18  which I swear I did not read in the MSM, maybe I missed it, anyone?

Courtesy Democracy Now !

 Iowa Teenage DREAMer Murdered in Mexico After Losing DACA Status

JUN 08,2018

"Meanwhile, a high school student from Iowa was found murdered in Mexico’s Zacatecas state in May, just three weeks after he left the United States under threat of deportation. Manuel Antonio Cano Pacheco was found with his throat slit, in what his family believes was a gang-related murder. He was just 19 years old. Cano Pacheco was brought to the U.S. when he was just 3 years old. He’d previously been granted protected status under President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, which President Trump has been working to phase out. After he was convicted of two minor drug charges, he lost his DACA status and chose to enter Mexico as deportation appeared likely."


    - Contamination in Rosarito Beach: (We'll come back to the crime, like the balacera at Pabillons, etc)

Just another heads up, there has been even more ocean contamination...this time in Rosarito Beach:

Courtesy Frontera 

Derrame de Aguas Negras contamina Playa Colindante Con Arroyo Huahuatay
Por, Carmen Gutierrez

Pasted for you:

ROSARITO, Baja California (GH)
For more than 4 days a blackwater river flowed directly into the sea, contaminating the sand and water of the beach that adjoins the Huahuatay stream, due to a fault that occurred in one of the carcasses that lead to the treatment plant that they give service to Rosarito.

This World Environment Day was celebrated on June 5, but the beaches of Rosarito were littered with garbage of all kinds thrown into the sand, and traces of the remains of materials used to make bonfires are everywhere, despite the announcements they prohibit them.

In addition to the garbage, the stretch of beach near the stream Huahuatay presents a problem, because according to José, a local, the pestilent water began to concentrate on the sand from Saturday, forming a lagoon that prevented people from I'll cross over there, without having to get dirty.

He said that a ditch was opened so that the water would not grow contaminating more sand, but it goes straight to the sea without anything has been done about it.

The smell is foul and this is just the prelude to diseases, said José, while inspectors from the Conagua arrived to collect samples of the water to let them know if the beaches are suitable for the visitor who arrives in the city in summer.

In this regard, Giovanna Guadarrama, coordinator of Environmental Management of the City Council, said that the report was already made before the Cespt, because according to a route it is presumed that the spill comes from a strainer that is located on the scenic highway, but said to ignore when the damage could be repaired.

P.S. We had another stinky night here at SADM. 


 - Groovy Films & Documentaries 

A couple people asked me, "Well since you hate it so much here, why don't you just leave?  Good question.  Probably because the USA scares me too, we cannot afford it and it is creepy.  Have any of you guys seen this yet ?

Eugene Jarecki's "The King"


Pretty much how I feel about the USA. Here is one review:


By, Amy Taubin



 - From Counterpunch

The 2018 Human Rights Film Festival 
By, Louis Proyect - 06//08/18


I promise to be back with the stats, Tijuana YTD is well over 1,000 people executed  with Tijuana ranking top most violent city of Mexico - I've ordered  from Amazon "Los Carteles No Existen: Narcotrafico y Cultura en Mexico" by Oswaldo Zavala but am noticing not a great deal of coverage or discussion of his latest book locally. 

Take care, buy nose plugs if you live here or near Arroyo Huahuatay - I guess that is the best we can do.