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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

This One Is Gigantic ! Out Of Control At The Zocalo ! - International Going Into Playas Is Partially Closed

 Okay, aloha. Do I think Trump is going to prison today as he predicted over the weekend ? No, and maybe I'll be proved wrong - but after his big announcement I immediately thought - this is just more of his hot air and an attention getting device. The fact that he was attempting to rally his morons was sickening. We'll see. If I'm wrong, I'll turn you on to some really good organic blueberry juice.

Haven't been here the knee has been horrible - however I am sitting on great reports which hopefully if the electricity doesn't stay out forever I'll be able to pass along, but am thrilled with the recent Biden veto which is one of them.

 Just a hint - crazier than shit down here with AMLO attempting to rally his troops over the weekend at the Zocalo. Mike equates AMLO followers to Trump followers, you get the drift. 

Updater/edit @ 4:00PM:

Good one from Therese Margolis of Pulse just received as an email:

The President As Thug


Well, you can see another reason we want to leave - obviously violence from the top down, es la verdad.

end edit.


Most importantly at the moment is the big storm I mentioned a couple of blogs back, man it is rolling in. The massive black clouds forming over the ocean are ominous, and everyone is spooked around here - Paris, Rubio & Totsie have been hiding since yesterday.

So be super careful, here is the latest:

(over and out for now)


Update/edit - 4:10 PM:

Was it a dud? Right now the sun is out, no rain and no wind. Last night the wind howled and it rained into the very early morning hours, hard. dunno, we'll see. Naptime with Paris then we're making Indian Curry Chicken.😉😉

end edit.


Update/edit @ 7:37 pm:

International into Playas from El Mex: I'm pretty sure this is the section where they did extensive stabilization work over a year ago - located prior to where the old Army outpost was back in 2009.

 It is a non stop full on down pour after that brief respite...Mike reported coming home that International going into Playas is partially closed due to landslide; he called Yolanda to give her a heads up, she called back and reported only two lanes are open, so be careful. Same with the back road from TIJ to Rosarito, the sides are caving in so watch out. No idea what is happening on the So. Scenic Hwy, check with Zeta.

More rain coming in all night into the morning, with thunderstorms. The wind picked up here again around 5:30pm.

Cannot believe the electricity is still on.

end edit.