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Saturday, December 17, 2022

Blog is messed up again...Merry Christmas !


Okay we finally got a decent computer BUT transferring the blog over is not going smoothly, everything is out of place, everything. Unsure how to fix this and I don't have the time right now.

Just doesn't seem like Christmas, this is the first time ever I have not put up decorations, but I couldn't. Plus I don't feel much like celebrating with Ukraine being tortured to death by asshole Putin. To make a longgg story short if you are having acute pain like I have been having for way over a year and they put you on opioids like they did me and really did not help, have your blood pressure checked. I was told I had high blood pressure now. I have never had high blood pressure my whole life, but I do now.

Pain will do this to you and it is unknown how long this damage  (blood pressure and blockage) is going to last, but I'm pretty pissed off. I have appointments up the ying yang coming up in January and am on a cocktail of even more meds SOME OF WHICH MADE ME INCREDIBLY SICK. I insisted they come up with something else - they did but fuck me. As far as the knee it has to wait again until late spring. Luckily I am no longer on that stupid tramatol...however the one which seems to work  - voltaren - is the one they really don't want me on it because it would interfere with the new ones they are giving me for the pain/med induced blockage. To top it off  and this is the clincher I'm being primed right now with these new meds for...unbelievable are you ready for this one? Yep mid January I'm going to have CORONARY ANGIOPLASTY.

Lawsuit? Hell no, I already went through that shit years ago  re pesticides with the the County of San Diego, never again. Shame on them. 

Well maybe we'll get lucky and by St. Pat's Day they will have thrown the books at Trump and I'll have a new knee, but I don't know if the blood pressure problem will be forever; Paris, Rubio & Totsie will get new fluffy blankies and toys, but that will be it. Anyway I still have another turkey in the freezer for New Years AND Mike picked up a leg of lamb yesterday up in Ramona for Christmas dinner and I imagine with the present day standing of our great HMO's in the USA, it could have been a lot worse. Just another health nightmare scary story.

Oh, and I'm pissed off that it doesn't look like I'll be going hiking to the  hot springs in Montecito any time soon.

But but but I did order "Stollen From the Bunker" (as Mike says in a strong brogue ) from Germany and it is really good plus Mike put out the exorcist babies in a makeshift manger with Holy Water although they scare Rubio.

Have a Merry Christmas y'all, I'll try to get over here to put up some links.

Clarification: No Mike, I'm not trying to escape from you, it's this damn Mexican Stalag 17. Love Billy Wilder and especially William Holden. Found a house close to Tourmaline, but it's too pricey but it's close to baby surf which may be all I'll be able to handle.....

Paris' amigos

From Rubio, Tater Tot & the Wild Feral Kittens


UPDATE/edit: At 3:46 there has been a slight Christmas miracle. The memes are back up on the side along with the links, wow ! I have no idea how this happened, of course the sizing is all off, but I'll deal with that later. Thanks Baby Jesus ! P.S. A new plan: when all of this is over with, I've decided I want to stay at the Holiday Inn in Jordon on the Dead Sea. Bethlehem is just a short distance away which would make a good side trip, unsure about Jerusalem though. Actually I am sure, I am sure that we just don't hear enough about this.  Maybe Jordon isn't such a good idea.

Correction: the memes and links are coming up where I post and edit, not on the published post you might be reading.  

end edit.