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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Will There Be An October Surprise From WikiLeaks? - 2016 Vice-Pres Debate Expanded - Roger Waters Pink Floyd Blows Em Away at El Zocalo - Big Problems for Rosarito Beach

As if anything else could go wrong around here, it did.  I came down with a pretty serious double ear infection so I haven't been around. I sneak down here with crushed ice, antibiotics and aspirin and read  a lot.

What it seems everyone is waiting for is the October surprise from Julian Assange of WikiLeaks which is supposed to make Hillary and the Empire melt.  There has been already one cancellation of these newest exposures, and along the way reports of Hillary saying she wanted to have Assange droned and then her denial of making this threat:

RT (with link to the original report in "True Pundit")

Hillary Clinton considered  drone attack on Julian Assange - report

 Hillary can't remember saying this at all....

 The Hill (with link to New York Magazine debunking "True Pundit")

Clinton: "I don't recall any joke" about droning WikiLeaks founder

Meanwhile, stay tuned to WikiLeaks for new developments: (Note the video on all the heads of government and politicos in the U.S. who want to deep six Assange...oopsie, there's Biden )

WikiLeaks Twitter


Look, I love Julian Assange but sometimes no most times I think the American public just cannot put the pieces of the puzzle together.


Importantly, Democracy Now ! is presenting another expansion of  last night's Vice-Presidential debate, with input from third party candidates.  While you are there, don't miss their news coverage and interviews:

Democracy Now !

Democracy Now: Expanding the Debate: October 4th Vice-Presidential Debate


 Pink Floyd Flies the Pig !

This is old news you probably already know about; if you hit the Frontera link and go to their TV news, you will find a short video clip of the Pink Floyd concert at the Zocalo in Mexico City a few days back (10/01). This was a free concert where between 100,000 - 250,000 people showed up.

The show stopper which drove the crowd to tears and slight madness was Roger Water's message to Presidente Pena Nieto:


Roger Waters Sends Strong Message to Enrique Peno Nieto: Resign 

The full concert:

Jam Base


Back To the Salt Mines.....

Courtesy Animal Politico

With the general focus on the U.S. Presidential elections, the drug war violence has once again taken a back seat as far as U.S. corporate media coverage. Even on the most liberated social media sites, no one is talking about the U.S. backed drug war yet the savagery continues in our region and throughout the nation.  Little has been said about Rosarito Beach, but obviously there are huge problems with high rates of homicides and other incidents of crime.

Several days back Animal Politico reported on the 50 Municipalities with both the highest and lowest number of homicides in Mexico during the time period of January through August 2016.  The data used was from the results of "Data4", their figures taken from CONAPO and SNSP (SESNSP).  The measurement ratio used is number of homicides per 100,000 people.  As you can see from the results above, Rosarito Beach ranks 13th with 56.02 homicides per 100,000 people; Tijuana ranks 15th with 44.45 homicides per 100,000 people then Tecate ranks 16th with 43.96 homicides per 100,000 people, nationwide.

Animal Politico noted that in August the Federal government announced there would be a special strategy to address the increased homicide rates of 50 Municipalities showing more than 40% of the homicides during this year. To date, no new plan has been detailed or when exactly it will go into effect.  Further, there is apparent disparity between which Municipalities the Federal Government feels deserves attention from their new strategy and those defined by Data4 who cites actual government statistics. According to the Government's list of  Municipalities in need of special strategy, Tijuana and Mexicali will receive it, but Rosarito Beach and Tecate will not.

Animal Politico

Homicidios en Mexico: Estas son las 50 ciudades con mayor y menor numero de asesinatos

Yesterday morning, Frontera addressed the Animal Politco report and added commentary from local residents including Alexander Magnum of colonia Mision del Mar (Rosarito Beach) who recently met with Governor Kiko  regarding the issue of violence and insecurity in our region.  As a local he describes this as a problem that is very big and is worsening.

Sr. Magnum left the meeting feeling drained because he feels the authorities tell the people they are going to help, but nothing is ever accomplished due to lack of resources.  He also stated to Frontera that the Governor had no idea - or was not aware of the insecurity problem in the region.


Encabeza asesinatos Rosarito en BC por habitante


I'll be adding more stats and drug war events from our region; it has been as Julian Leyzaola told Zeta, similar to conditions of 2006-2007 - and it has, it's been horrible..need some sleep.

P.S. Don't miss truthdig, excellente articles !