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Monday, October 16, 2017

Paris Goes For Her Cat Scan this Week Ca-ching !! Trump On A Rampage - Look At What ICE Is Up To - Northern CA Fires - Mexico's Law Against Forced Disappearances & 2017 Global Impunity Index - Ryan Deveraux Not Allowing The Ghosts of Ayotzinapa To Fade Away - Local Executions Continue Updated 10/17 @6:42pm

Maybe I should start a Go fund Me Page for Paris; we had a consultation with Dr. Jackson at the VCS in Kearney Mesa, and unfortunately because of her bone development it looks as though she will need either clips or a plate in her leg.  Prior to the surgery however, this week we go back for her Cat Scan this week.  Mike made one ramp, next weekend he'll make the other.  The Doc suggested instead of buying an air mattress for her, just take our bed off the frame.  So, the next 12-16 weeks at least it is going to be rough.  After her surgery, she has to go in once a week for check ups.

Meanwhile, we renamed the Daca cat "Bob"(because "DACA" seemed to grim) and he is allowing us to hold him, the next thing is to get him into a carrier and take him in for shots, etc.  My back completely healed but I twisted my ankle which is blown up like a balloon.

 In other news, apparently the HOA here wanted to completely shut down the North Gate entrance, but Reuban  & Carmen stopped them by handing them a letter from Caminos stating that no you just cannot shut off access from the Highway.  I'll get the whole story later. Small earthquake (2.8) in TIJ Saturday night, but we didn't feel it.


Trump Rampages !

As you all know, Trump has been on a rampage for the past few days regarding Puerto Rico, Healthcare Subsidies, threats against the press, tax cuts for the wealthy, emission standards and Iran.

More on Iran:

From The Smirking Chimp...BTW check out their Chimp Wire with news updates.

5 Reasons Why Trump Is Moving Towards War With Iran
by, Trita Parsi 10/13/17

   Check out this older poll...

What this means of course is that since his approval rating now is only at 24%, 76% today think he is an idiot.

Of course, everything here:

Democracy Now ! 

And here.....

The Intercept

Top Trump Official John Kelly Ordered Ice To Portray Immigrants As Criminals To Justify Raids 
by, Alice Speri - 10/16/17

Great Comment from the ICE article from Ellen:

"These are some scary times. Scapegoating and Othering the most vulnerable entities in our society to cover up the Trump administration’s own crimes and distract from their sinister agenda. Going after critics of the administration by issuing warrants that force anti Trump groups to divulge who visited their site, demanding academics be investigated for criticizing Trump, targeting immigrants, even legal ones, including naturalized ones….this is all textbook authoritarianism.

His next priority is welfare reform, because as we all know the reason this nation is bankrupt is because of people on welfare. He has put banksters and corporate heads in charge of government agencies; or more like threw such government agencies at them to devour, the members of his cabinet misappropriate millions of tax payer dollars to fund their own extravagant travels and the priority is to nickle and dime poor people.

I cant believe how quickly this nation is disintegrating and how slowly everyone is catching on at just how badly and quickly things are going downhill. I am very alarmed by all this."


The Fires....

There has not been local coverage here of the horrendous Northern California fires which are the result of climate change. This non-coverage surprised us, a few years back absolutely fed up with the drug war and violence here (imagine how I feel now) I kept looking at Calistoga as a possible refuge for retirement.  I was delighted to see more of the conventional US media mentioning climate change as the cause.  On the other hand, there has been coverage of NAFTA negotiations down here, unlike the US MSM.  However, I have not read about any concessions for environmental regulations nor for worker's rights or improvement in the slave wages paid by the billion dollar corporations. And with Trump in power, I would not expect any improvements in those categories.

Here are just a couple of reports on climate change/global warming's relationship to fires:

From YaleEnvironment 360:

" The increase in forest fires, seen this summer from North America to the Mediterranean to Siberia, is directly linked to climate change, scientists say. And as the world continues to warm, there will be greater risk for fires on nearly every continent. "

Stark Evidence: A Warmer World Is sparking More and Bigger Wildfires
by, Nicola Jones - 10/02/17

One of the studies Nicola Jones mentions:

" Increased forest fire activity across the western United States in recent decades has contributed to widespread forest mortality, carbon emissions, periods of degraded air quality, and substantial fire suppression expenditures. Although numerous factors aided the recent rise in fire activity, observed warming and drying have significantly increased fire-season fuel aridity, fostering a more favorable fire environment across forested systems. We demonstrate that human-caused climate change caused over half of the documented increases in fuel aridity since the 1970s and doubled the cumulative forest fire area since 1984. This analysis suggests that anthropogenic climate change will continue to chronically enhance the potential for western US forest fire activity while fuels are not limiting."

Impact of Anthropogenic Climate Change on Wildfire Across Western US Forests
by, Johm T. Abatzoglou & A. Park William


To Hold You Over....

To hold you over, here is Telesur's coverage of Mexico's law against forced disappearances and Mexico's rank in the 2017 "Global Impunity Index" (both subjects covered by Zeta) and a report on the third anniversary of Ayotzinapa on their sidebar:

Telesur: 10/13/17

Mexico Approves Law Against Forced Disappearances

Speaking of Ayotzinapa locally there just has not been any coverage of the third year anniversary with the exception of La Jornada.  Still, it is a subject which is not forgotten entirely although many think it has become taboo to speak of it, swept under the rug.  Here is Ryan Devereaux's report from last month which is a must read:

From The Intercept

Three Years After 43 Students Disappeared in Mexico, A New Visualization Revels The Cracks In The Government's Story

by, Ryan Devereaux


Nothing changes.....

UPDATE/EDIT 10/27 @6:43PM:

To cut to the quick Zeta reports on 10/16 that up until 10/11/17 there were 64 executions in Tijuana this month of October, bringing the YTD Baja California total up to 1,746  homicidios dolosos.

What is unclear is if the 15, then 5 more from 10/12 were included in Zeta's totals.

Still, using Frontera as a baseline since 10/13 to this moment I have counted 15 more dead in Tijuana.

Low ball figure then to this moment, the month of October is at 79 dead in TIJ and for Baja California  the YTD figure would be 1,761 dead. These are not official PGJE figures.

You can follow them here: