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Monday, November 16, 2020

Woo-Hoooo Outrageous Trump Lawsuits Dumped! - Waiting On the Georgia Re-Count - Note From FirstDogOnTheMoon Institute !


 We shouldn't still be here however Rubio decided this morning to do cat things outside, so we had to wait for him to come in and get a snack and go in his carrier.  Mike just took both Rubio and Totsie to Dr. Silva's, and they are sharing a bunk with their ruggies, toys and I'll talk about the canned albacore later. 

 As you know, Trump's BS election lawsuits have been dropped. The last picture I saw of him yesterday with that Ajax clown, he looked sedated. Other than the fact that there was no evidence in any of these cases, we were kind of wondering if the attorneys who have been dropping like flies and withdrawing from representing him might have been pissed off because it is possible they were not being paid (which Trump is famous for).. I don't think any deals were cut, Trump has to face the consequences of his illegal activities unless he pardons himself, right? There are scads of places he could go to and not face extradition, but I don't think he would like any of them, except maybe Russia.

He still refuses to open up the COVID talks between the Biden Transition Team and the White House, he still doesn't get it.

So, here's the latest:

 ~ From CNN: 

November 16, 2020

Biden Begins Transition Plans As Trump Refuses to Concede

By Melissa Macaya, Meg Wagner, Veronica Rocha and Mike Hayes, CNN

Updated 5:22 p.m. ET, November 16, 2020
 ~ From AP:
Here is the latest from FirstDogOntheMoon of theFirstdogOnTheMoon Institute...incase you happen to be missing the raccoons and the gang - also with great ideas for Christmas gifts:
Pictures on the link:
"Hello to you From me First Dog on the Moon. Hello indeed!

Welcome to First Dog on the Moon's traditional Christma-adjacent missive. What a year! Wasn't it! It sure was. I could go into the messy details but we all know what it was like and I just want you know that after all we have been through, all the terrifying weirdness and sadness and all of it, please know that I love you. Thanks for being part of the First Dog on the Moon Institute. My wish is for safety and peace for all my readers and all those other people who DON'T read my cartoons as well. That is how gracious I am. I hope the end of the year is kind to you and you get at least a few quiet moments. And an emu!

We are incredibly fortunate here at the First Dog on the Moon Institute. We have been spared the worst of the pandemic and the bushfires haven't returned (yet). Tasmania always looks nice BUT it is awful and full of poisonous animals who hate you do not come here. Roy is still with us - he is a very old dog now and what he lacks in hearing he makes up for with his quiet inexorable enthusiasm for snacks and sleeping. He is a very good boy. Don't forget Roy has his own instagram and a hashtag #dailyroy. For all the Roy content you could ever want. 
 The good news for 2020 includes MY NEW BOOK! I am extremely EXTREMELY excited about it. It is called the Carbon Neutral Adventures of the Indefatigable EnviroTeens and it is for readers who are 10 to 14 or thereabouts but also anyone who wants to read an hilarious and informative take on CLIMATE CHANGE from the perspective of THREE TEEN SUPERHEROES AND A CHICKEN. It has wobbegongs and wicked villains and I drew all the pictures and I reckon it is one of the best things I have ever done. You can buy it here from our shop and I will sign your copy/ies OR you can buy it here where it is cheaper but not signed. The launch for this marvellous book is on November 28 if you're in Tassie. All welcome.
Our chickens are well. As are the sheep. I saw a tiger snake the other day - it's that time of year. I was standing in the veggie patch the other day and over in the blue gums I saw a fight between a wedge tailed eagle and a bunch of currawongs and forest ravens. Very exciting. Then this morning outside the post office there was a currawong and a lapwing chasing a goshawk up and down the main street. It's quite nice here at times. My major project for the year though was this book. If it goes well I shall write a sequel and if it doesn't go well so be it.

As always it is now time for Chrismerch! All our First Dog on the Merchandise is sourced as locally, greenly and wokely as possible. We try to only stock things which are practical - everyone needs tea towels! Socks! Books! First up remember to buy The Carbon Neutral Adventures of the Indefatigable EnviroTeens!
2020 also sees us with Brenda aprons, tea towels, other books, and of course the 2021 calendar.  THE CALENDAR. Why not buy a calendar or seventy. This year we have gone with an underwater but still on a distant planet theme. "City of the Wobbegongs" in honour of Stuart who may or may not save the day in the EnviroTeens! You can get it at the First Shop on the Moon buy 1 OR buy 4 and get one free (5)!

We have our marvellous Plush Toys which are only $15. And this year we have SOCKS AGAIN! Fresh from the sock factory, in various sizes - extremely limited numbers! Be warned last year they sold out in about 12 seconds. There are Brenda socks and Raccoons of the Resistance socks order now in time for SOCKMAS! Speaking of Christmas and its friends - please get any ordering done asap Auspost is normally a bin fire and with covid it is even more challenging, slow and unreliable. Last orders for Australia are December 10 (we will take orders after that but absolutely no guarantees about delivery times) closing date for International is probably NOW or thereabouts also please be patient with completely magical Bronte the First Dog on the Moon Institute Christmas Elf there is just one of her.
It has been SUCH a long year. Perhaps the change in the USA will bring us some relief? Who knows. With any luck real life will go back to being funnier/weirder than the President. Either way thanks for reading all the cartoons this year, please be safe and have a lovely time when you can. Also thanks for buying the new book even if you didn't. Looking forward to seeing you in 2021!

Your friend,

Firstdog Onthemoon"
Have fun shopping !

Okay, we are waiting on Georgia...see ya'll in a few days and stay safe, it's bad out there.