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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

La Doctora Dice: "They Forgot About Us" - And Various Updates - Remember Hurricane Katrina ?! Not To Mention "Harvey"


We are waiting for Biden's address to Congress & I'm having a heck of a time trying to type due to a pretty bad finger injury which I'm taking antiobiotics for- also, Totsie had a foxtail in her eye which had to be taken out and she hates the eye drops, Paris had her foot bandage changed and she is still on meds, sick to death of it poor baby.


Meanwhile, here is an analysis of Biden's first 100 days in office from....

  ~ From Foreign Policy :

The Biden 100-Day Progress Report


All the latest news & interviews:


Democracy Now!


The latest State Department Report on Mexico: 




Regarding:  Mexicali


However, I think the State Department needs to tell their employees to be careful not to run over the bodies thrown onto the the Scenic Highway between Ensenada and TIJ. There have been four in the past few days, you can read about the fourth one in the report following this report.

As far as the drug wars in our region, what can I say ? It is bad . In Tijuana, we are up to 150 executions this month, bringing the YTD total to 634 deaths.

I think it is pretty clear why we want to leave...the violence and the ocean contamination among other issues.


 How many of you have been to the Red Cross in Rosarito Beach for emergency health issues?  Here is a link in case you're not familiar with the Mexican Red Cross.  Several years ago in the middle of the night I stepped on a large piece of glass and went to the RB Red Cross & although at that time there was a long line of people waiting for emergency treatment, the line moved pretty fast and I received excellent treatment.  My neighbor fell and broke his hand, he was treated there; Mike was bit by a dog here at SADM and went to the RB Red Cross and was treated professionally (plus 10 stitiches). Seven days ago, I cut my finger on an open can putting trash in the can. Well, more like a deep slash.

So once again in the middle of the night we drove to the Red Cross. No long waiting line this time, just the best absolute best professional service.  The Doc cleaned up the finger, numbed it and applied six stitches and an anti-biotic.  We had a lot of fun laughing and making fun of Trump (although we shouldn't be laughing that hard kiddos), and I asked the Doctor if she and her staff had received COVID-19 vaccinations. Nope.

This early afternoon we returned to have the stitches removed - which were not removed, they need to stay  in another four days.  But I asked again, this time a different Doctor and staff - how many had received COVID-19 vaccinations? The answer was shocking again, not one of them including the ambulance drivers, the paramedics or EMT's.

How can it be that these essential front line people who provide emergency services to our community cannot get vaccinated ? It is just like the second Doctora said, "they forgot about us."

Please donate to this essential and wonderful organization and spread the word...I can't because as a foreigner legally living here, I am not allowed to be involved in Mexican affairs. 

Stay Safe ya'll. 



UPDATE/edit: 04/29/2021


I know you remember these guys


Anyone remember Hurricane Katrina? Back then, we could still surf and swim in front and there really was still I think an aura of innocence and hope surrounding Mexico and the future, even at that late date. I wish it could be that way again, but time flies and slips like sand between our fingers. Probably many of you have already thought about this and I am ashamed I did not mention it before. Here is the Wiki breakdown of the Mexican Aid, including their Red Cross to assist in the Katrina aftermath:

 ~ From Wiki:

Mexican Response To Hurricane Katrina


Simply put, it is payback time. The best I can do is write letters to the U.S. officials and of course donate, hope ya'll do the same and maybe the Mexican power people can put a foot on the gas and get these front line Doctors and Staff their shots. Let's go ! Gracias !

Not to Mention "Harvey"...

 ~ From Reuters:

Mexican Volunteers Cross Border To Aid Texas After Hurricane Harvey





The Mexican Red Cross Just Seems To Do Everything Right: 

 ~ From The American Red Cross: April 13.2021

Red Cross Aid To Asylum Seekers and Migrants At The U.S. - Mexico Border



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