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Monday, June 26, 2023

Well, I Wasn't The Only One.....Updates 06/26 Midday: State Department, Biden, Prigozhin & Putin Speak Out...Late Update 06/27 : US Intelligence KNEW !

  Apparently there were others who thought Putin and Prigozhin were in cahoots, but the margin was slim:

 ~ From Daily Kos:

Update: Nope. I Was Wrong. Might Prigozhin Be In Cahoots With Putin On This Rebellion ?

By, captainfactoid

Am I embarrassed? Well, a little even though I still believe anything is possible especially concerning the gangster Russians... and I was spot on regarding Lukashenko. As far as Prigozhin and for that matter Defense Minister Shoigu where the heck are they ?

The most important thing at this point is the accepted notion of the dire instability the entire world is now faced with given Putin's position after the "coup that wasn't". Here are a couple of links, R037 has some interesting video and links:

Ukraine Update: The Coup That Wasn't

By, R037

From CNN:

Putin's Humiliation Will Require the West To Reexamine Its Balancing Act To Save Ukraine

Analysis by Steven Collinson


over and out for now.



Here are some links with video as to what the State Department, Biden, Prigozhin & Putin have had to say this Monday - everything is still as puzzling in Russia as before, no change:

 ~ From CNN:

Live Updates: The Latest on the Fallout After Wagner's Rebellion in Russia

 ~ From Kos:

Ukraine Update: After a Week of Chaos, No One Knows What Happens Next

By, Mark Sumner

 ~ From Sky News with Key Points:

Russia-Ukraine Latest: Putin Vows to Bring Rebellion Organisers to Justice in TV Address


Nothing down here at all, nothing at all pure zip on the local level regarding the Russian monsters and AMLO's boyfriend. But wait a minute, first Putin lets Prigozhin off the hook, now so he says, he is after him again. It's a seesaw, Kabuki Theater ! So, who's drivin  the boat anyway? 


Update/edit 06/27:

1.   Visual this morning on CNN Live News: Putin lets Prigozhin off the hook yet again, can't seem to make up his mind. Two jets spotted in Belarus, belonging to Prigozhin. From AP.

2.  US Intelligence KNEW this ordeal was going to go down - from late yesterday, early this morning. Hilarious, well AMLO looks like your ass was left out of the loop entirely gee I wonder why.

 ~ From CNN:

US Gathered Detailed Intelligence on Wagner Chiefs Rebellion Plans But Kept it Secret From Most Allies

Stay tuned for the stats, it is heating up here.

end edits.

.........."but what's puzzling you, is the nature of my game." Could be attributed to Putin the asshole.