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Monday, August 26, 2019

How Goes The G-7 ? And Trump Is A No-Show For The Environmental Conference|Climate Session...Of Course He Was a No-Show, He Loves Bolsonaro ! - Alexander Zaitchuk's "Rainforest On Fire"

This report just about sums it up:

 ~ From CNN:

Trump's Rocky Weekend Includes Ups and Downs In China Trade War 
by, Stephen Collinson 08/26/19 

 ~  Later in the day, Stephen Collison really goes to town:

Trump Shows Voters His True Colors
by, Stephen Collinson 


But wait...there's more...even as the Rainforest BURNS:

 ~ From CNN:

"Trump Said China Called...Apparently they Didn't"


~ From The Intercept: (More under their Enviromental Section) best of the best: !!

 Rainforest On Fire
By. Alexander Zaitchik

 ~  Of course, mucho mas here: (don't miss headliner news)

 Democracy Now ! |Brazil

Democracy Now ! | Climate Change

All Headlines.....

Democracy Now !

 ~~~~~P.S  08/29:.....I took down the meme of the Queen - not because I thought it was distasteful... actually funny.  However I agree with Jeremy Corbyn. 

Found out today I should not start thinking knee replacement yet, we will continue with plan & unfortunately expect flare ups to be treated as I was doing.  Only do the high powered ibuprofen if absolutely necessary for 5 to 7 days. My doc turned me on to this search engine from Germany, whose profits go to environmental causes, so check it out:


Actually quiet here for the past couple of days, but check out Ensenada , Veracruz, Cd. Juarez, Tamaulipas, Michoacan, etc:


Will be back with the latest local drug war updates.