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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

USA: More Repulsive, Depressing and Ugly Political News From D.C. - Nationwide March This Saturday the 30th RSVP Form Enclosed - NPR & The Intercept cover the Muslim "Travel" Ban

It took me awhile to get back here, especially after today's low blow from SCOTUS which made me physically ill.  But wait ! Here's some good news:

Taken moments ago from MSN:

 - The New York Times

Federal Judge in California Halts Splitting of Migrant Families at Border 

However, we've already seen what happens when sound minded Federal Judges act against Trump - the case ends up in the corrupt Supreme Court which the Republicans had stacked in Trumps favor.  Plus, Trump is already attempting to change the laws to circumvent immigration.

Compilation of all the latest & best immigration reports and news:

 - The Intercept

The War on Immigrants

Democracy Now !

BTW, tons of coverage on the regular MSN, especially Reuters, Washington Post, NY Times, et al.


 As you know, the March in San Diego against Zero Tolerance & the separation of families last Saturday was gigantic with 5,000 people !  So, if you missed that one here is the next one coming up this Saturday the 30th - this is Nationwide ! When I copied this map earlier today, those were the places which were participating - since then the map has completely filled up, see link below with the updates:

Families Belong Together

Here is the San Diego RSVP form.

We're going, but I have to use a cane because my knee popped.  So, I'm limping and wearing a brace. Paris is going to stay at Dr. Silvas, the crowds stress her out.  Also, I ordered tons of "Fuck Trump" pins to pass out. Hope to see you there.


The Muslim "Travel" Ban.....

NPR had full coverage which includes the full Supreme Court decision including the Sotomayo dissent:

In Big Win For White House Supreme Court Upholds Trump's Travel Ban
By, Nina Totenberg and Domenico Montanaro

While you are there, note the related reports, here's one:

Why Dozens of National Security Experts Have Come Out Against Trump's Travel Ban
By, Nina Totenberg and Lee Sheehan

 Check this out from The Hill :

The Memo: Bannon Says Court Win Vindicates Trump


From The Intercept a must listen to podcast:

Deconstructed: NavyVet wins the debate hands down:

The White Supremacy Court Upholds The Muslim Ban
With Mehdi Hasan

We are sickened here. Who's next ?????

Also check in with Democracy Now in the morning for their coverage.


The Local Drug War:

Is out of control, we are up to almost 180 executions this month just in Tijuana but my knee is killing me, I promise to be back  tomorrow in between making lasagne with that information.