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Monday, July 6, 2015

"Zonas Seguras" - Government of Baja California a Client of Italy's Criminal "Hacking Team" - Come Back to Sorrento I mean Baja - Updates: Increase of 15.7% in TIJ Executions as of 07/01

Hope ya'll had a nice weekend.  The ongoing trend of the non-return of the white-eyes (gueros) continued over July 4th weekend in Rosarito Beach despite the reports that tourism increased over the weekend with 100% occupancy of the hotels and long lines returning to the States very early this morning (Okay wait a minute, Mike was at the border at exactly 6:00am and he said there were no long lines.).  However, town was very busy with many many Mexican-Americans and out of town Mexican citizens.  What we observed having to go into RB three times for construction materials (and at peak hours) over the weekend and driving the length of Benito Juarez each time, was that restaurants were busy, foot traffic was moderate, vehicle traffic was heavy in spite of the road construction and many Mexican families on the beach. Even here at SADM on our block, one neighbor's house had been rented out to a large group of Mexican-Americans from Victorville, CA. who were as quiet as church mice.

According to Juan Alvardo a Tijuana downtown shop owner, the touristas are not going to return (we are assuming he means the gueros ?) due to the criminal activities in the Zona Centro, Zona Norte and Playas de Tijuana including executions and an increase in thefts since the removal of the homeless and deportees of El Bordo.

 Sr. Alvardo did not mention the impact of national and political events in Mexico as a whole (including the plight of the Jornaleros of  San Quintin, Ensenada) as having a huge influence on the gringo's no confidence in security and general unease; the case of Ayotzinapa, the murders and disappearances of Mexican journalists, the perception that there are political prisoners in Mexico, the perception that we are not being told the truth and that the government of Mexico simply does not care about the general population, subjects such as child sex slavery and trafficking which only a very short time ago were never discussed (except perhaps in Academia), censure as in the case of Carmen Aristegui (and others), the constant exposes of extrajudicial killings, corruption and impunity in the Mexican press both nationally and locally,  the serious questions concerning environmental standards which are being considered more and more by the gringos - all of these and more are deterring factors to tourism. When the current statistics from INEGI  show that nationwide 69% of the public aged 18 and over feel insecure in their cities and that  as far as social expectations, 63.6% of this same age groups feel that the crime problem will continue as it is or become worse - this is something which does not motivate tourism or private investment in real estate. 

Ya no van a regresar

Frontera has included a map of this year's homicides in Tijuana ( another map and stats below from Zeta under 07/01), which show an increase in homicides in the Zona Centro, Zona Norte and Playas de Tijuana that so far surpass those in the East part of the city and last years numbers.  This is not to say that the Zona Centro, Zona Norte and Playas in past years remained absolute isles of tranquility - that would simply be misinformation.  But for the time being and for the first six months of this year according to the PGJE, Zona Centro, Zona Norte and Playas have taken the lead in recorded homicides.

Frontera reported this increase is due to cell groups fighting for control of the plaza and specifically mentions the execution of Manuel Toscano Rodriquez ("El Mono") former Jefe of the Zona Norte which has left an open slot remaining to be filled.  No other operatives or cell leaders who command sophisticated cells involved in trafficking narcotics and people in Tijuana were  mentioned, nor if there is division within the CAF, and no mention of the Sinaloa cartel or the CJNG.

I thought the comments were all interesting, for example one person says: "Las unicas "zonas seguras" son las casa de los mafios y politicos, los demas, estamos expuestos a sufrir crimenes en cualquier momento."  Mapped homicides included within the link:

Crimenes invaden zonas 'seguras'


So who hacked the "Hacking Team" ??  
Not me I don't know anything about computers and I admit it

Courtesy IBN Live

Leaked document showing Mexico's involvement including the State Government of Baja California with "Hacking Team" 

Unless I completely missed it, I did not see this story on the other local news sources (06/07: edit/correction:El Mexicano briefly covered the story, AFN also has a good report and Zeta's story appeared this morning.), but Frontera reported the Italian Hacking Team story which implicates Baja California's association as a client with these nasty gangsters and one needs to ask oneself which agencies exactly of the government of Baja California were involved ?  All of them ?

It will be interesting to see if the billionaire private realtors/developers/promoters of BC are also clients (unless of course they had their subscriptions filed under pseudonyms like dummy corporations - and then we will never know). But, even if it is true that the Italian Hacking Team is reported to be closing shop, who is to say if another criminal "Hacking Team" will pop up somewhere offering similar services.  Absolute gestapo tactics at their finest - and the USA is not off the hook, reports are coming in that the DEA, FBI and US Army is also using this software....or at least purchased it.  But why would you purchase something if you did not intend to use it?  I'm sure we are going to hear a lot of - "...well yea we bought it, but we didn't actually use it."  Right.  (Democracy Now: "Leak shows Hacking Team sold spyware to FBI, DEA.") BTW, good article under that one from the Intercept where there is more spying on Brazil from the USA.


Gobierno de BC adquiere servicio de Hackeo 

In English for you, the complete report from NPR with many links:

A Hacker is Hacked: Controversial Italian Cyber Espionage Company is Targeted

Courtesy Citizen Lab

For the record, the 2014 report from Citizen Lab which contains links to all three parts of the investigation:
Mapping Hacking Team's "Untraceable Spyware"

Meanwhile the Tourist and Promotion Industry of Baja California is pleading:

Come Back to Sorrento, I mean Baja.  (doh - Sorrento is in ITALY historically the land of the criminal hack gangsters)

The Updates:

Law Enforcement Officers Attacked:


 - Tijuana:  Around 8:30pm in colonia Obrera of San Antonio de los Buenos an off duty officer identified only as "Ponciano" who is part of the SSPM Special Forces shot while in his vehicle, eight .223 caliber shell casings found at the scene.  His condition is delicate, but stable says one report, AFN is calling his condition "grave."


 - Tijuana: In San Antonio de los Buenos the former Commander of the State police who is now the current Chief of Vehicle Theft Unit of Rosarito Beach was attacked, his vehicle hit by gunfire, he was not injured.


 - Tijuana: In Villa Fontana, a former Municipal Police Officer who allegedly had ties to "El Teo"  was shot numerous time inside the "Yonke Nascar" in the afternoon.  There is one suspect in custody, the ex-officer later died in the hospital.



 - Rosarito Beach:  We haven't seen reports of vehicles randomly attacked by people throwing rocks since late spring of last year with those attacks taking place on the Scenic Highway close to K-38.  However, in colonia Vista Marina a vehicle was attacked, the front windshield broken.  When the driver stopped the car to check the damage he was viciously attacked by four gang members and his young wife who is three months pregnant was also attacked and beaten.  Police eventually arrested the gang members, the victims were taken to the hospital.


Courtesy El Mexicano

 - Mexicali: In the Valle de Puebla neighborhood, one man executed in front of his family by several men who approached him as he was cooking on the grill.  Also in colonia Gonzalez Ortega one person wounded by gunfire, there is an arrest in this case.  Just a note that we have not heard anything from the Grupos de Autodefensa of Mexicali in quite a while.

 - Tijuana:  On the road to Valle de Las Palmas, a bus was attacked by several armed men who boarded the bus and proceeded to rob the passengers.  One passenger refused to give the men her belongings, behind her were a man and his eight year old daughter who was hysterical.  One of the gunmen told the man to calm the girl down which he was unable to do, and then he also resisted the gunmen.  For that, he was shot in the head in front of his daughter, he died.


 - Ensenada: Punta Colonet : One man killed by gunfire on the Transpenisular Highway; there is an arrest in this case.


Courtesy AFN

 - Tijuana: During daylight and in heavy traffic on Blvd. Alberto Limon Padilla in front of the Parque de la Amistad, a Colombian style hit with a man on a motorcycle attacking a vehicle with gunfire.  The vehicle which was attacked went out of control and hit four other vehicles before coming to a stop.  The driver who already had been shot exited the vehicle to help the woman passenger who was already dead.  According to witnesses the victim was then gunned down on the street.  Traffic was backed up for three hours and in a state of chaos, Frontera reports that at least two hundred people witnessed the double homicide.  The Dance Company of BC who was to give their presentation of Swan Lake at the Parque found that their audience was greatly reduced.  Even Mayor Astiazaron cancelled his appearance to the presentation a half hour before the program began.


 - Tijuana:  In the Tercera Etapa del Rio outside of the Plaza China, a vehicle is located with the dead bodies of a man and a woman inside; a narco-message had been left with the bodies. Zeta notes the bodies had been spray painted green; female strangled and throat cut, man beaten with blunt blow to head.  The narcomessage was addressed to "La Rana" (The Frog, ergo the green paint) who is the brother of "El Aquiles", leaders of cells dedicated to the Sinaloa Cartel, but not signed either by the CAF or the CJNG.

 - Tijuana:  Zeta reports two more; the body of a woman found beaten, stabbed and encobijada inside of a market (didn't see this one even on El Sol) and in El Florido one man dead from shot to stomach. Zeta reports at this point the executions/homicides in Tijuana alone from the beginning of the year up to and including 07/01 stand at two hundred and ninety eight (298) which is an increase of 15.7% as compared to last year same time period.

BTW, according to Humberto Jaramillo of the CCE " is important to not stop reporting because these statistics reflect the reality."