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Saturday, April 21, 2018

April Execution Stats Updates: 125 in TIJ More On the Way - Zeta Reports on the Children Killed in Tijuana From Drug War 2017 to Present - Zeta Reports on the Authorities Attacked in Tijuana 2017 to Present - More Bodies on the Scenic Highway Down the Road - Ensenada is a MESS - Trump Atrocities Since the Last Blog - A Special Song For Melania !

The Cantu, Ensenada Poppy Fields

 I never thought I would be able to sit down, Paris has been somewhat problematic due to the meds she is taking for her eye problem and I've been attempting to get the inside of the house painted before the weather turns hot.  She is taking prednisone at the lowest possible dose, but it makes her cranky, thirsty, hungry and there is a lot of pee-pee.  I've given up having rugs downstairs, thank goodness for "Nature's Miracle."

 Part of her cranky-ness is being super possessive of everything, which is a challenge. Poor thing, we take her back to the VCA eye clinic this coming week.  And, of course the painting in small spurts freaks her out completely.  Bob the DACA cat shows up for food but he senses her stress and leaves.  He did bring along his girlfriend and we think his child twice which we were not happy about. He accused us of being just like ICE and separating families.  (What am I going to do with three feral cats...)   Plus I smashed my left hand pounding down the chicken breasts for Chicken Parmiagiana.

Here are The Latest Stats.....

 - This Morning, Frontera reported the YTD executions in Tijuana amount to 673 executed - these numbers come from the PGJE:

Frontera - 04/21/2018 7:50am

Cifra de Asesinatos en Tijuana Supera Los 670 En 2018
 Por, Angel F. Gonzalez

 -  Which means that the April Monthly Total in Tijuana  according to Frontera's figures is up to 125 dead:

Frontera - 04/19/2018

Ejecutan a Otras Dos Personas en Hechos Distintos
Por, Angel F. Gonzalez

" Ya Basta ! No Mas Mentiras !  No Mas Complicidad ! "

 - On 04/19 Zeta reported the statements of Alejandro Jara Soria, Presidente of CANACINTRA who specifically addresses the wave of violence in Ensenada and blames it on  the Authorities for not doing their job (s) and failing the citizens

He says, "It is evident that there is ineptitude, preventative measures are not working, there are no results in the investigations, clarifications and punishments of criminals, which generate greater impunity to the detriment of the rule of law and most seriously, growing citizen unrest."

At the point when this article was printed (04/19) the YTD execution figures obtained by Presidente Soria from the PGJE stood at:

Tijuana -  654
Ensenada -  72 ( actually almost at 80 as of the printed date)
Mexicali -  58
Rosarito -  27
Tecate -  23
Baja State YTD Total -  654

Ola de violencia en Ensenada es Resultado de la Impunidad
Por, Lorena Lamas - 04/19/2018 4:35pm


 - I will return to the subject of Ensenada where the bodies keep piling up, but first let's take a look at Zeta's report on the children killed/executed during the drug war in Tijuana 2017 and into 2018.  The full report is in the printed edition, will get a copy of that this weekend hopefully:

Pasted for you:

79 Ninos Ejecutados y Baleados en Tijuana
Por, Ines Garcia Ramos  -  04/20/2018

"Since 2017, 45 minors have been shot and another 34 have been wounded in armed attacks in Tijuana. The victims go from the year to 17 years of age, including a teenage mother. Many are collateral victims of gunmen who fired at families in marginal areas and in a few cases, they are adolescents who entered the crime. For an expert, it is the consequence of the decomposition of the social fabric, government abandonment and social inequality

Minutes before the end of the night of August 1, 2017, firefighters and municipal police arrive at a vehicle burning on Tlatelolco Street in the Lomas de Tlatelolco neighborhood in the Eastern Zone of Tijuana.

Once the fire is extinguished and when checking the trunk of the blue Honda Civic car, they find the body of a man without life.

Some parts of the body, such as the face, are already black from the fire, but the red shirt and denim trousers he wore are not consumed, nor is a chain worn around his neck.

Beneath the nose, a blood stain reaches the lips. The young man had been killed by a gunshot. The first police report placed the victim between 20 and 25 years of age, in fact he was 16.

His name was Edwin Jair, but police corporations also identified him as "The Wiwi" or "The Derek". Shortly before his assassination, he had been arrested in possession of a .38 caliber handgun and 15 doses of glass in the October 3 colony. Neither of the two crimes was worthy of imprisonment.
With the face of a child and wearing his school uniform, white short-sleeved polo shirt and blue pants, Edwin Jair admitted to having "thrown a jale" in the Villa Fontana neighborhood on the orders of a man nicknamed "El Mazapán", but also assured that he no longer works more for him for fear of being killed.

In the year with the most executions in Tijuana, Edwin Jair is one of 45 minors killed in armed attacks from January 1, 2017 to April 19, 2018 in the city, according to records of the State Attorney General's Office ( PGJE).

Of these cases, 31 occurred in 2017 and in just four months of 2018, 14 more cases have been documented. The ages of the victims range from three, four, five and eight years to adolescents of 15, 16 and 17 years.

When reviewing the category of minors injured by bullets in the same period, attended by emergency services, the figure is 34 cases in Tijuana. Among the victims, there is a one-year-old baby, boys and girls of three, five, eight and nine years old, as well as teenagers.

The places of the attacks are concentrated in the periphery of the municipality, especially in the East Zone. Colonies like Mariano Matamoros, El Florido, Urbi Villas del Prado, Sanchez Taboada, Las Torres, El Pipila are frequent scenes of these crimes.

The Attorney General of the State (PGJE) distinguishes a large part as collateral victims, children and adolescents who were with their parents or near an adult target of the armed attack, but also warns of the participation of adolescents in the sale of drug and even in executions as a mobile aggression.
The attacks, according to authorities, are attributed to the New Generation Jalisco Cartel (CJNG), the Arellano Felix Cartel and the Sinaloa Cartel, the three criminal organizations with a presence in the city.

However, beyond the struggle between cartels for the control of drug sales, Ana Laura Galicia Acosta, a child and youth psychotherapist, finds common factors in the contexts of these minors: multi-problematic families, rooted in social inequality and in environments of extreme violence. In short, the decomposition of the social fabric."


 -  Despite what you may have read in the US MSM that hardly any authorities have been attacked or killed here, take a look at these figures:  

"Largate de aqui !"  (Get Out Of Here !)

Zeta: Note the higher execution numbers for Tijuana towards the end of the article.
41 Ataques a Policias Municipales en Tijuana
Por, Rosario Mosso Castro  -  04/16/2018


 - Ensenada is a mess:

April 3:

 - Another corpse located  inside a plastic bag, Ejido Padre Kino of San Quintin.  The weekend before 2 skeletons located; one on the road to San Pedro Martir, the other on the road to Ejido Emiliano Zapato.  Author notes PGJE at this point has reported 55 murders since the beginning of the year in Ensenada - this number beats the YTD totals of 2014 and 2015:

Zeta - 10:59am
Embolsan Cadaver Junto a Panteon, en San Quintin
Por, Marco A. Flores

 April 11:

 - On the road to Oso Negros in Villas de El Roble six corpses located in different gravesites.  Author notes  that according to the Asociacion Unidos Por Los Desaparecidos there are 120 people still missing from Ensenada and the number increases monthly:

Zeta - 9:21pm
Hallen Seis Cadaveres en Fosas, en Ensenada
Por, Lorena Lamas

April 16:

 - Esteban Villa a local livestock businessman shot and killed when he was leaving his rancho:

Zeta - 9:24am
Matan a Ganadero de Ensenada Saliendo de Su Rancho
Por, Marco A. Flores 

April 18:

 - One man dead and one woman injured from gunfire.  Author notes that at this point there have been more than 71 murders in Ensenada, last year's total was 193:

Zeta - 8:25 pm
Matan a Hombre y Hieren a Mujer en Ensenada
Por, Marco A. Flores

April 19:

 - Three dead in Ensenada in less than 12 hours:

Zeta - 7:50 pm
 Asesinan a Tres en Menos de 12 Horas en Ensenada
Por, Lorena Lamas 

April 19:

 - Five executions in Ensenada in 18 hours:

Zeta - 12:51 pm
Imparable Ola de Violencia en Ensenada; Cinco asesinatos en 18 Horas
Por, Marco A. Flores

April 20: 

 - In Loma Linda in front of a Christian church, one man shot and wounded:

Zeta - 6:29 pm
Balean a Hombre en Loma Linda, Ensenada
Por, Lorena Lamas

April 21 - 3:45pm

 - Shot and killed on the public Highway this morning was Adojan Martin Salgado Garcia the former well liked and community minded ex- Delegado of Isla de Cedros and member of the Abulon Co-op; he was also a former official in the administration of ex- Ensenada Mayor Gilberto Hirata.

Asesinado Fue Delegado de Isla de Cedros y Cooperativista de Abulon
Por, Marco A. Flores

We'll just have to see if these increase in Ensenada.

 - Meanwhile, there are two different locations for poppy fields eradicated by the authorities:

1.  According to Frontera and other sources, this crop was growing in ex-Ejido Cantu, Ensenada...30 clicks south of La Bufadora on the Pacific Ocean Coast@
"La Soledad".

Hallan en BC Mayor Plantio de Amapola
Por, Cesar Cordova - 04/18/2018  7:41

2.  According to Zeta, the location was 15 clicks south-west of Ejido Uruapan, no mention of the Pacific Coast:

Destruye Ejercito 4 Hectareas de Amapola en Ensenada
Por, Marco A. Flores - 04/17/18 4:03 pm



  - In colonia Los Volcanes the badly decomposed body of a man located, parts had been eaten by animals, bound hands and feet:

Frontera - 04/15/18 6:15pm
Localizan Cadaver de Hombre en Rosarito
Por, Carmen Gutierrez

 - Down the road, the bodies of three men with signs of visible violence tossed on the Scenic Highway close to the Convention Center:

Zeta - 04/17/18  11:07am
Tres Acribillados en Playas de Rosarito



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