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Monday, January 9, 2017

More Local Reports on the Gasolinazo - Special Report From Andrea Noel - Update: 01/09 More Demos TIJ & El Chaparral

Locally all of the news sites have had terrific coverage of the "Gasolinazo"  which seems to be picking up speed.  Mike's prediction was that everything would calm down in a few weeks and the Mexican people would accept the inevitable, life would go on.  I wasn't so sure, and after this weekend I'm beginning to think that the Gasolinazo is a catalyst, and a powerful one at that. Well, we can hope, right ?

From what I understand the San Ysidro POE has reopened after being closed for about four hours yesterday evening, but of course this could all change. Here is a link to the local reports which covers everything happening with the gasolinazo in our region - you can browse through the stories and the videos:



01/09 Update:  Around 4:45pm today approaching El Chaparral, Mike noticed  two men standing to the side by the fence with cases of drinking water bottles and he thought possibly  they were in the area in anticipation of more demonstrators later this evening. Whether this affects another closure of the POE at San Ysidro & El Chaparral tonight is unknown. When actually at the gates there were about fifty demonstrators with placards, voicing slogans (this was before you hit the green go lights to proceed or the red lights to pull over...yes the lights are actually working again. ) .  Agencies here have been running reports of more demonstrations today in TIJ and at El Chaparral. The executions have somewhat slowed down compared to previous months although they are still happening, will return with that information. Only eight spam messages today! Reported irregularities of blog listing on Google, it seems so far to be straightened out.  We'll see.

end edit.


Of all the coverage on the US  side, I felt this was probably the most important piece which really gives you a better sense of what is happening in our area and throughout Mexico:

Running on Fumes: Pandemonium at Mexico's Gas Pumps
by, Andrea Noel


Meanwhile, I had to shut down comments and my blog is being completely ransacked on the internet by of course who else Linton Robinson who loves to make the $$$corporate media promoters$$$ look good. (But you can also find his many characters on the far right and the far left sites, busy guy.)

This time in addition to the vulgar spam messages, he and his team have actually manipulated my site to read, " No posts with the label The Riots" (the San Quintin Riots) as just one example; or in other cases "An error occurred".  There are dozens of blogs he has done this to and they were important blogs, subjects he never had the cojones to write about. Trump Deportations, Sinaloa vs. CJNG, Hillary's Honduran Coup just to name a few, dozens of them.

You can still find them here on the sidebar, just click the label. You just cannot find them on the internet. So that is my sad story, I guess that was Linton's Christmas present to me. But we'll figure it out, ain't gonna give up Linton.  I'm glad I bother you and miss corporate herself Dibble so much with my little blog, unbelievable.

I'll be back.

P.S. I'm putting titles on everything I link in case Linton decides to break the links again(ya'll remember that one right ?), you can just google in the title.


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