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Monday, October 5, 2020

19th Nervous Breakdown !!! More Infections At the White House - Trump Demands To Leave Hospital !! He's Completely Lost his Marbles !! - He's Back ! He's On Steriods ! What We Witnessed This Afternoon Was Completely Bizarre And I Knew He Was On Steriods And HE WAS !


Okay I was wrong yesterday saying that Trump was on a  'if you can't beat them, join them' strategy.  I based that on Trump himself saying that now he "gets COVID" to be taken as now his understands the severity of COVID because he said that now he "understands" the virus in addition to his campaign staff just lying up a storm saying that Trump and his team basically never underscored the danger of COVID and ALWAYS practiced the guidelines to fighting it. (See interview on yesterday's blog)

 Today is a completely different story: Trump has now tweeted that people should not be afraid of COVID and it should not control their lives.  This in itself shows complete disdain for and is an insult to the 210,000 Americans who have suffered and died.  Once again this denial is  reckless and irresponsible.  So we are back to square one, with once again Trump minimizing the deadly disease.  His so-called team has also put announcements out that Trump knows more about COVID than Biden because he has experienced it first hand.

 Next, the biggie: Trump the macho man is demanding that he leaves the hospital .  Enclosed on the links are the statements from Dr. Fauci on how long people who have the virus should be hospitalized , Doctor's statement from Walter Reed Hospital, and many more including the statements from the Secret Service agents regarding Trump's bullshit parade yesterday. Also, more people at the White House are showing positive test results, they are infected .

The best reaction I think so far was from this morning , the interview with Carl Bernstein.  As soon as it comes up on the internet, I'll post it. 

 UPDATE/edit: Here is that clip/interview... and Bernstein is right:

From CNN:


Carl Bernstein Accuses Trump of "Homicidal Negligence"


end edit.


Meanwhile.....headlines are changing fast so click the link:

  ~ From CNN: 


 The Latest On Trump's Covid-19 Diagnosis