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Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Keep On Dancin' You Guys ! We Are Winning !!!~

You can order this sticker for free from - however San Diego
has an awful lot of rednecks, so I'm holding off putting this on the vehicles...I'll put it on the refrig.

In the middle of still recovering from yesterday. Jesus, 34 Felony counts ! I had to go lay down. But when I got up, there he was in all of his perverted creepy weirdness on CNN giving this ridiculous speech, whining a like a baby, and perpetuating lie after lie after lie. Plus, he did exactly what the Judge politely asked him not to do at the Mar de Lago loser fest  and I could see and sense he was angry that he couldn't hold up a poster of himself bashing the Judge's head in with a baseball bat - after all, no one tells him what he can and cannot do; he is a violent man,of a violent and unstable nature. How long will this last? How much more can he take?

Mike is predicting Trump will lose his marbles completely trying to deal with not only these current charges, but all of the indictments which are forthcoming. Soon, he will be drooling at the podium, too bad.

Okay, I'm in the middle of trying to find the Mediterranean Shrimp recipe, have to run.

Don't lose faith, Mike is usually correct...pretty soon you'll be able to send Trump a card at the looney bin .

 ~ From CNN:


One more....

~From Informed Comment:

by, Juan Cole - 04/05/23

No LBJ and the Vietnam War?


Keep on dancin' y'all, we are winning !