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Saturday, January 16, 2021

He Wants A What...A Military Sendoff...A Twenty One Gun Salute....A Parade ? - Updates On The Biden Transition & 01/18 Update On My Choice Of The Blue Velvet Film

I don't know how much more weird , bizarre and twisted this could be,it's like out of a psycho-terror David Lynch film:




 ~ From Yahoo News: 

Trump Plans To Leave Washington Inauguration Day Morning, Pence, Harris Speak 



"President Donald Trump plans to make the unprecedented move to depart the White House next Wednesday morning, just before President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration, ABC News has learned.

Trump has requested a large sendoff to be planned for the morning of Jan. 20, sources said, after he choppers via Marine One to Joint Base Andrews, where he is expected to give remarks to supporters and departing members of his administration.

Sources add that Trump has requested his departure ceremony to have a "military-like feel," although details are not finalized.

He hopes to depart to the blare of a military band, with a red carpet and military honors, according to sources briefed on the plans. Even some sort of military flyover has been suggested, they said."


Update/edit 01/18:

There were some complaints regarding my choice of the 1986"Blue Velvet" film and characters as a metaphor of Donald Trump and his followers. So, reader beware, foul language ahead, not only from Dennis Hopper but from Mike.  Point is, the character of Frank Booth to me is the embodiment of Donald Trump; he represents as one reviewer stated, "chaotic evil"; he is a pure psychopath.  Take a good look  at Frank's sycophants: it is a cult, they are hypnotized and captive.  I thought and still do think the comparison was appropriate.


end edit. 




 Mike says it's even weirder than that and to "...send him off alright, straight to hell...make sure he takes the tramp with him and the whole fuckin family."

Wow, Mike.




Meanwhile, here are some updates:


 ~ From The New York Times :

 The Biden Transition 



I'll be back, buzzing around here with really warm weather. Usually when it warms up you can really smell the raw sewage being dumped down the baranca from TIJ headed straight out into the ocean; we were lucky no aroma today .


Stay Safe Y'all !