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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Raise Your Hand If You Think Reforma and Proceso Are "Alarmists" - Raise Your Other Hand If You Think Trump Has Set Himself Up To "Cook The Books" On the COVID Stats

First of all, Mike is just not doing good at all. He went to physical therapy today and came back completely in pain and exhausted; tomorrow he will go to the doctor for an evaluation...then Friday another appointment. He purposely cut back on his pain meds from every four hours to every six hours which I didn't think was a good idea without the doctor's consent. Paris doesn't mind not getting her walkies, she would rather sleep in the A/C with her dad. I'm lucky if I can catch the headlines after midnight, and it has been a nightmare as you well know. The worse is yet to come.

Here's a good one from "Public Citizen"  - a little action item for you...and you can sign up to receive their emails. Sign the petition ! As you are signing it, you can mumble anything you would like about the puta (POOOOTA...that's how they say it down here, try it !)) Ivanka.

"Ivanka Trump has some advice for you"

Public Citizen via 

Jul 15, 2020, 11:52 AM (13 hours ago)

"Find something new.” 

That’s the slogan of a new White House campaign launched yesterday by Donald Trump’s favorite daughter, Ivanka.

The coronavirus — and Ivanka’s father’s disastrous handling of it — has left literally tens of millions of Americans out of work and devastated countless small businesses.

And it may get even worse, as federal relief efforts like expanded unemployment benefits and a moratorium on evictions and foreclosures could soon expire.

It is not an exaggeration to say that we are looking at a nationwide economic meltdown as bad as — maybe even worse than — the Great Depression.

And Ivanka Trump thinks it can be solved by perky-sounding but hollow catch phrases.
he actually said (via Twitter, just like dear old dad uses) that it’s a good “time to explore new opportunities” — as if Corporate America is just waiting around with millions and millions of rewarding, high-paying jobs and nobody to do them.

Tell Ivanka Trump:

How about YOU find something new? In Siberia. Your dad knows who to call. Take him and your brothers and Jared Kushner with you. It is time for all of you to explore new opportunities.

Thanks for taking action.

Stay safe.

- Robert Weissman, President of Public Citizen  "

Meanwhile, how scary is this: (sorry I didn't have time to get permission to click the link, W.R. Pitt is out of sight)

 ~ From Truthout:

Trump Now Has Free Rein To Cook the Books When It comes to COVID
by, William Rivers Pitt  - 07/15/20


And he will cook the books; despite the fact that because of him and his political sycophants who pushed for opening everything up in a hurry including the Mayor of San Diego (and now of course Trump threatening the schools that he will withhold funding if they don't open up) hundreds, even thousands more  will certainly die.

I wish Dr. Fauci responding to Navarro's charges (which the White  House of course later denied knowing anything about  Navarro's op-ed...oh c'mon, The White House was behind the whole thing) would have answered the question of why is Navarro doing this to you and just said: "Because they are a bunch of jackasses who have totally fucked everything up, they were dead in the water wrong, and they knew better."  Oh well.

UPDATE/edit - around 3:30 pm: Adore this guy:

 ~ From Informed Comment:

Dangerous Delusions: Top 3 reasons Trump/Navarro are Trying To Kneecap Dr. Fauci On Coronavirus Policy

 ~ With Bonus Video ~ 

by, Juan Cole

"Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) – Trump has sidelined Dr. Anthony Fauci again, and sent his assassin, trade adviser Peter Navarro out to attack him in USA Today. (Trump denies that he was behind the hit job, but organized crime bosses always blame their subordinates for the violence they decree.) It is said that Trump is upset that while most Americans tell pollsters that they trust Fauci on handling the coronavirus, they mostly say they don’t trust Trump.

Trump’s approach to the novel coronavirus has been denial and magical thinking, which is the main reason that the Centers for Disease Control reported 61,000 new cases on Tuesday. There is no Federal strategy, so that states are left to their own devices. Trump boasts of how many tests are now being done, but it is states and state-private consortia that are responsible for most of those. Moreover, testing people isn’t all that useful unless you follow up with contact tracing (when you get a sick person positive for the virus, you have to have people call up all their friends and contacts and tell them to quarantine for two weeks).  

There are now 37,000 contact tracers, most of them paid for by states, up from 6,000 in the spring. The bad news? The US still needs to add at least 100,000 contact tracers, and some authorities say we need 300,000.

1. So that is one sore point with Trump and his acolytes like Navarro. Fauci says contact tracing is presently not going very well. Trump doesn’t seem to know what that is, and isn’t doing anything to help, and just brays about how many tests are being administered, which doesn’t slow the advance of the virus.

Trump has also given people false hope by promoting nostrums like hydroxychloroquine. He either owns stock in it or is convinced it will help him if people have hopes in a medicine. France, Italy and Belgium have all banned this treatment for Covid-19, because it does not show substantial results in most patients and also because it has dangerous side effects like weakening the heart.

2. Trump’s character assassin, Navarro, is still harping on hydroxychloroquine and attacks Fauci for being unconvinced of its value. We know where that is coming from, since that medicine has been Trump’s idee fixe. On July 4, the World Health Organization, which Trump is also trying to sink, accepted the advice of the Solidarity Trial International Steering Committee, and discontinued hydroxychloroquine trials for Covid-19, since there is no evidence it does any good as a general matter. Trump is a businessman with repeated bankruptcies and a shaky hold on reality, while Navarro is a quirky and little-cited trade economist. Neither has the slightest idea what they are talking about.

Trump had not wanted to close down the US economy in March and April, and wanted to open it right back up by Easter. Navarro supported Trump’s stance with specious arguments that the shutdown itself was a worse public health menace than the virus.

3. Fauci, in contrast, championed the spring mitigation measures and warned against a rush to reopen at Memorial Day. By that point, the states that fully reopened were not trending down as the CDC had advised. It was that premature reopening, pushed by Trump, that has landed Florida, Arizona, Arkansas and Texas in such hot water with regard to the coronavirus outbreak.

Fauci was right. Trump and Navarro were dead wrong (and thousands of Americans are dead because of it). 

And that is why they are assassinating Fauci’s character. Trump doesn’t like being contradicted, and doesn’t like government officials who are more popular than he is. Above all, he hates any challenge to his pet conspiracy theories.

In the end, it comes down to Trump’s hatred for science, especially for science that demonstrates how wrong he is."

Yep, divert, divert, divert in the most unsavory and evil manners in an attempt to win the November election.

end edit.


 But I'm beginning to think that being labeled an "alarmist" or as being "fake news" these days is really more of an honor than anything.  Do they think we are stupid?  Well, at least they are hoping for that. Thank goodness for "alarmists".

I'll try to get back here over the weekend, of course everything is here - this BTW, was a knock out edition, violence and COVID both out of control in our region:



Go here for everything:

Democracy Now!


 Paris might give me two inches to sleep in if I'm lucky.

Take care you guys & stay safe.

Oh P.S. If you didn't raise your hand to the first question - you are correct.  If you did raise your hand to the second question - bingo, once again, you are correct !!


Adding this, was going to put up "St. James Infirmary"  but it was too depressing. Speaking of bones my knee is really killing me.