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Thursday, April 25, 2019

I'm a Slow Poke But I Still And Will Always Love Mana

Howdy, just checking in. I could not figure out why the blog wasn't coming up plus I could not get the Webmaster tools to do anything, I was slightly freaked.  Going through tons of email there was a notice from Google that my domain had expired. doh me.

Meanwhile, yes I did...working in my limited little garden my other knee popped but I managed to get in some seeds which are already coming up and some bulbs. I was just so happy to be out there having been confined by the compression wrap for nearly 15 weeks.  So anyway, complete pain, I could not walk. Back on the turmeric.

On Tuesday we went up to Sorrento Mesa to have the next photodynamic done to my legs which really was a snap.  While we were there I hobbled over to SRS Urgent care to have the other knee xrayed.  The doctor I saw did some voodoo to my leg and told me to get back out in the water (but I can't here it is contaminated) This morning I can actually walk; so unsure if I will need a cortisone shot in that knee in May.

I promise to be back here on Friday with more local reports, and of course updates on the maniac Trump.  If you were around more than a decade ago, you know how popular Mana was.  I first saw them in Mexico City in the early '80's and have been a fan ever since.  At any rate, Fher & Mana have come out against the Mayan Train Disaster along with the Zapatistas, the EZLN and the Indigenous people of that area, although no one seems to be paying any attention to any of them - in fact, many the jovenes are putting down Mana & Fher as being old washed up has beens.

Apparently they will be on tour, hitting Los Angeles y una noche en San Diego and of course both Paris & Daca Bob want to go.

 ~ From The Chiapas Support Committee: (with tons more on the sidebar)

The Maya Train: the Zapatistas are Right 
By, Claudia Lomnitz 

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