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Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Intercept: TigerSwan: "Leaked Documents Reveal Counterterrorism Tactics Used At Standing Rock to Defeat Pipeline Insurgencies" - Is Mexico next ? Or, Is TigerSwan Already Set Up South of the Border and Ready to Roll ?

TigerSwan courtesy the Intercept

Hope you are having a safe Memorial Day Weekend.  I have a feeling that many of the American Vets who sacrificed their lives for "freedom" might roll in their graves after reading this next report - which deserves widespread coverage.  I know for sure the three thousand Vets who stood with the Water Protectors and protesters at Standing Rock --  Dakota Access Pipeline will probably be furious after they read it. Perhaps being trained military, they already suspected.

Thanks to Jeremy Scahill and Juan Gonzalez of Democracy Now ! , we the public first became aware of the TigerSwan intervention at Standing Rock late last November of 2016.  But I don't think any of us in the general public (with the exception of the Vets who physically supported the protesters) had even an inkling the situation was so dire. You will never be able to convince me that Obama and Hillary the Ice Queen and Bernie Sanders plus dozens of lawmakers in both Houses did not know about this disgusting infiltration, and said nothing.

One hell of a report:

The Intercept - don't miss the other great reports while you are there.

Leaked documents Reveal Counterterrorism Tactics Used at Standing Rock to "Defeat Pipeline Insurgencies"

By, Allen Brown, will Parrish, Alice Speri
Additional Reporting: Matthew Cole
Research: Sheelaugh McNeil and Taylor Cooper

You think 60 Minutes, ABC, NBC, CNN or Fox News will pick up this story? How about KPBS - after all, they are supposed to be so "liberated".  Meanwhile here's more on Standing Rock:

Dakota Access Pipeline|Democracy Now! 


 I'll be back with the casualties report, including the seven year boy executed in Tijuana, followed by the eleven year old wounded by gunfire - both of these armed attacks... plus the report on the increase in Rosarito Beach crime I promised last blog, just busy here.

I guess Trump will be sending TigerSwan down to Mexico - maybe they are already here. So, they secured the pipeline (s) for the banks and the corporations...who will they be securing the drug routes for ?