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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Idiot Trump Updates - Update on the Missing Investigators - Randy Rainbow on COVFFEE ! - SADM Update: Just put up some Turrets ! - Official Number May 2017 Exection Totals Tijuana = 159 - Official Number May 2017 Execution Totals YTD Tijuana (01/01/17 - 05/31/2017) is 610

The good news is that "...London Mayor Sadig Khan is calling for Trump's state visit to Britain to be canceled after Trump misquoted and then berated the Mayor following Saturday's attack in London" and that I am not the only one who uses the middle finger (OMGosh even verbally!) to the idiot Trump; of course these guys have been doing it for quite awhile now:

Thanks guys !

The Guardian

If Trump Visits, Let's Greet Him With The Chorus of Mocking Middle Fingers He Deserves
by, Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett

Excellent interview from yesterday  on Saturday's attacks and the upcoming British elections:

Democracy Now ! (Please do not miss all of their articles also check out sidebar for Trump's " for SCOTUS to back travel ban blocked by multiple courts)

Trump Attacks London's Mayor & Jeremy Corbyn Cals For Theresa May's Ouster after Terror in London


Update on the missing investigators and Ivanka ain't saying nuthin:

CBS/AP 06/06/2017

China Says Men who Probed Ivanka Trump supplier Won't Be Released


Of course....


San Antonio Del Mar (SADM) update:

The lanes are so freakin narrow at the North Gate that someone bent one of the poles separating lanes- either on purpose or the pole turned out to be a safety hazard with no lighting or warning  - at night easily missed and easily hit causing vehicle damage; apparently it has been repaired and whoever is behind these "private gates" continue with their project.

I am not going to be disclosing the counter legal moves of people opposed to these structures to show their cards,  but I did want to say thank you to the Gringo-Trumpista real estate agents of Baja California on behalf of residents here for removing most of the tacky furniture on the one deck, how thoughtful of you.

 BTW, are you the morons sending my gmail hundreds of bullshit spam messages?  Right now there are 222 personalized spam messages including porn (we all just know that is Linton) in the spam box. Sounds like Linton to me - did the Los Angeles Times-Chicago Tribune keep him on as their attack dog ? Also, my blogs are being screwed around with again - all coming up out of order - what the fuck is wrong with you idiots? I swear, Linton works for Trump. Money, money money.  Except there isn't any to made down here, at least on real estate.

 Ah, the gringo real estate promoters are completely coming unglued, angry, desperate and frustrated because nothing is selling - even the former Mayor of San Pedro, CA. backed out of buying a home (this happened just a few weeks ago BTW) at SADM because he found out how bad it is down here. He lost 10K ($10,000) dollars on that deal for pulling out - well, better safe than sorry. It was not me who said happens to be general information that it is unsafe to live here and that SADM has deteriorated so badly there is no hope. These are facts which you cannot cover up, and the more you try to cover the facts up the more you look like scum bag liars and con-artistes. But, there's a sucker born every minute, right ?

 Listen you twits if you really want to make SADM more secure, build a wall alongside the Highway and Baranca with turrets where most of the intruders-criminal elements are coming in.  You have all the money. Your bullshit illegal private gate will never stop them.

Example of a stationary turret...that might work you guys

Further, the attempt to convey that SADM is off limits to the general public while blocking access and portraying it as a private exclusive gringo enclave-residence for only the entitled (so you jerks can sell property to unassuming gringos lining your wallets and feeling entitled)is just plain disgusting.  If you care about SADM so much, why aren't you at the forefront fighting the untreated/raw sewage coming from Tijuana being dumped into the ocean here? You are as bad as Trump.


Coming Up:  Executions totals over the top, more headless and burned bodies, two more executed in Rosarito, more executed in Ensenada, narco-mantas, drug tunnel located... never seen anything like this.


Courtesy Frontera...Burning Man, not in the Black Rock Desert, in Tijuana (Otay) 06/06/17

Sorry, just swamped here and going in a hundred different directions, therefore I am late. Plus Paris broke the keyboard and grabbed the mouse which I had to take out of her mouth (had to replace both).  She also knocked over another vase of flowers, luckily the vase didn't break.  She has been wild; at this rate it doesn't look like she can go to the doggie camp, her behavior has been awful.  We think this latest wave of delinquency could be due to the two feral cats and the huge ravens who have been terrorizing and chased the doves away.  We think she thinks her territory is being compromised, who knows. Tomorrow she gets to go to the park and PetCo.

The official stats for executions/homicides for the past month of May in Tijuana stands at 159, which brings the YTD to 610:


Localizan cadaver decaptitado en el Mariano Matamoros
por, Angel F. Gonzalez

June is off like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, I am counting sixteen more dead the first six days of June in Tijuana including a burning man, another decapitation in Playas and many wounded by gunfire; two dead in Rosarito Beach.  Details concerning these events, the narco-manta and message to authorities manta at the San Ysidro POE, the narco tunnel go here:

Frontera Policiaca 

Zeta Tijuana 

More local links on the sidebar.


In two days - on Thursday we'll be watching the Comey testimony before Congress  and the British election.  If Corbyn doesn't win, it will be the same all over again.  Go Jeremy !

Take care.