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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Caravana Migrante Updates: Special Update on Trump Asylum Policy - Tear Gas Thrown Into El Barretal Tonight - Two Honduran Migrantes Murdered Last Weekend (Update: Three Arrests Made In This Case ) - One Caravana "Leader" Arrested @ El Barretal Involved in a Brawl There - Late Congratulations To Fida Y Douglas the Lovebirds

Update/edit: Hooray Terrific News !

And no she did not resign, but she ain't going to be pleased with this development - she'll probably create another lie about it though....... tee hee, been wanting to use that pic for the longest time.

  - From The Hill:

Judge Strikes Down Bulk of Trump Asylum Policy
By, Lydia Wheeler - 12/19/2018


Yes, there was something going on at the Otay-Mesa POE yesterday:

From ABC News:

Asylum Seekers Stake Claims On Patch Of US Soil At Border 
By, Moises Castillo, AP 


Locally there is grim news for the migrantes.  Yesterday evening around 9:00pm Frontera reports a tear gas device was thrown into El Barretal from the outside: 

 - From Frontera:

Lanzan Gas Lacrimogeno a Migrantes en El Barretal  - 12/18/2018


" At approximately 9:00 pm at the shelter "El Barretal" a non-lethal chemical or device (tear gas) was thrown from the outside.
According to the Federal Police, on the Calle Mariano Abasolo street at the height of the medical service that is inside, the device was apparently launched by two individuals who were traveling on the road.

Which spread tear gas in the periphery of the sheltered migrants, causing no physical or material damage.

Federal elements came to the place, cordoning off the area and guarding the area; proceeding to pack the clue for legal purposes.

Derived from the fact the Municipal Police conducted a patrol to the surroundings to locate those responsible, however, no one was arrested."

Update From Zeta:

Agreden Con Bomba de Gas Lacrimogent a Migrantes en El Barretal
Por, Manuel Ayala - 12/19/18 


" Around 21:00 hours on Tuesday, December 18, it was reported that a tear gas bomb was thrown into the temporary shelter of El Barretal, with no injuries on the spot.
Authorities informed that on the street Mariano Abasolo route, at the height of the medical service that is inside the shelter, a non-lethal device or chemical agent was thrown from the exterior to the interior, apparently by two subjects who were walking on that street.
The device fell on the upper floor, where it detonated and spread the tear gas on the periphery of the sheltered migrants.
After the report of the migrants themselves, elements of the Federal Police who guard the shelter went to the scene where they located the device, to pack the evidence and carry out the legal effects.
Added to this, elements of the Municipal Police went abroad to find the aggressors, of which no further information was provided."



Over last weekend three Honduran migrantes were kidnapped, two of them murdered - their bodies thrown onto the street:

 - From Zeta:

Asesinan a Dos Menores Hondurenos en Una Cuarteria de Tijuana, Una Mas Se Salva 
Por, Ines Garcia Ramos  - 12/18/2018


"Two Honduran teenagers from the migrant caravan in Tijuana were murdered by a group of men who deprived them of their liberty in a Central Zone barracks in an attempt to rob them. A third minor managed to escape.  

The Deputy Attorney General confirmed that these are the first intentional homicides committed against the members of the caravan that arrived in Tijuana in November.
The two bodies were found lying on the public road in the Central Zone with traces of strangulation and in one of the cases, with a knife wound.
Deputy Attorney Jorge Álvarez explained that on Saturday, December 15, three teenagers between 16 and 17 years old walked from the shelter where they lived to the Central Zone when they began to talk with some young people.
During the conversation, the children told them that they would change a check, which was not true, so the women invited them to their home to have sex.
However, once inside the cuartería, one of the girls made a call and a group of men arrived, who demanded the money and when they saw that the migrants did not count on him, they murdered two of them.
The third one managed to escape, but he has physical injuries and has an attempted strangulation mark. After murdering the two teenagers, the killers threw the bodies onto the public highway.
The deputy attorney discarded that the motive of the crime was for the migrant status of the victims, but that it was a circumstantial crime, since with the information gathered, it is understood that the murderers sought to rob them.
He added that the murderers were under the influence of a drug at the time of committing the crime."

Update 12/19/18:  Three arrests have been made in this case, all agencias reporting:

courtesy zeta

 - From Zeta:

Caen Dos Hombres y Una Mujer Por Homicidio de Adolescentes Hondurenos
Por, Ines Garcia Ramos 


: Two men and one woman identified as Carlos, Francisco Javier and Esmeralda were arrested for the murder of two Honduran teenagers, which occurred on Saturday, December 15, and whose bodies were thrown into the street in Tijuana.
The Deputy Attorney General of Tijuana Zone reported that ministerial police completed an arrest warrant against the two men and one woman for the crimes of qualified homicide with advantage, qualified injuries and illegal deprivation of liberty.
The corpses of the 16 and 17 year olds were found strangled and with puncture injuries in the Quintana Roo alley of the Central Zone in Tijuana.
 According to the Attorney General's Office, the victims, together with a third adolescent, left a hostel in the city walking to the downtown area, when they met some young women, who when they heard they had money, invited them to a home.
Once in the place, a cuartería of the Central Zone, one of the women made a cell phone call and Carlos and Francisco Javier arrived, who threatened and subdued the young people, beat them and ended up murdering them when they discovered that they had no money. The third teenager managed to escape from the place alive.
According to the bulletin sent by the State Attorney's Office (PGJE), the arrest warrant, which was turned yesterday afternoon by a judge, was completed last night. The detainees will be presented before a judge, who will determine if they are criminally prosecuted for these crimes."


  For some reason this is printing dark, unintentional and I can't fix it.  This next report to me at least is actually good news for the migrantes.  We've talked about the NGO's and extremist factions which motivated the migrantes to rush the border.  One of these "leaders" was arrested today at El Barretal: 


courtesy frontera


- From Zeta:


Detienen a Autonombrado Lider de Grupo de Migrantes Por Rina en Albergue El Barretal

Por, Manuel Ayala - 12/18/2018 




"Alfonso Guerrero Ulloa, of Honduran nationality and who was self-appointed leader of a group of migrants of the caravan, was arrested this morning by elements of the Federal and Municipal Police, after a fight that was part of the El Barretal hostel .

According to witnesses, today he intended to call a march to the sentry box, the migrants in disagreement rejected his convocation and this generated a confrontation since they intended to run it from the shelter.
Authorities pointed out that the migrants themselves do not want it in the facilities for disturbing the order with their comrades, which is why he was arrested and presented with the municipal judge in turn, who will send him to the Municipal District of Offenders.
Guerrero Ulloa is known to have headed last Tuesday, December 11, a march to the United States Consulate in Tijuana, where they delivered a petition requesting the free passage to the US territory or, where appropriate, compensation of 50 dollars. thousand dollars for each one to return to their countries.
Migrants who rejected him this day pointed out that with these requests, this person has only been giving a bad image to the caravan, of which he is not originally part, since he is at least 31 years old outside his country and residing in Mexico, however, he joined the group already in Tijuana."

 - Frontera adds this report:

Detienen en Tijuana al que Pidio 50 Mil Dolares Para Migrantes
Por, Jose Ibarra 


"Alfonso Guerrero Ulloa, the man who asked for $ 50,000 for each Central American migrant caravan in Tijuana, was arrested by elements of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat on Tuesday morning.

Officially, the insurance was for the alteration of public order in the shelter of El Barreta l (east of Tijuana) and the person, being a foreigner, will be handed over to the National Migration Institute to determine their situation.

Guerrero Ulloa identified himself last week as one of the leaders of the caravan, he even delivered a letter to the US consulate in Tijuana on behalf of the group, but later it transpired that he did not leave this year with the caravan, but has lived for years in Mexico.

According to a petition on the website, he is 31 years old outside of Honduras , where he was accused of an attack.

"My name is Alfonso Guerrero Ulloa, falsely accused of being a material actor in the China Palace restaurant in the city of Comayagua, Honduras, in 1987, where 6 Marines were injured from the Palmerola military base, which led me to exile. years away from my homeland and family, living miserably, I believe I have the right to fair compensation and my return to my homeland, "explains the request of the platform."


Meanwhile, the executions continue - I'll come back to those. A late congratulations to the Honduran couple:


 - From Frontera:

Pareja Hondurena Contrae Matrimonia Lejos de su Familia

Por, Khennia Reyes




"Not everything is sadness and despair for the people who make up the Central American migrant caravan, since Fide and Douglas united in marriage before God in the Ambassadors of Jesus church.

The original couple from Honduras was moved and moved by swearing eternal love while being away from their families and country.

Therefore, they also committed to fight together to get their humanitarian asylum in the United States or settle in Tijuana, but always together to overcome the poverty and lack of opportunities they suffered in Honduras.

The Mass was officiated by Pastor Gustavo Aceves Banda, who dedicated the union of marriage to respect and the right to migration.

Therefore, he asked the community settled in Tijuana to show his friendly and respectful face to all foreigners of different nationalities, as they did in 2016 with the arrival of the Haitian caravan.

At present, Ambassadors of Jesus Church houses 76 people from the current Central American migrant caravan, 10 Mexicans and 47 Haitians."


Por Fida y Douglas: