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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Updates On the Cartel Wars Casualties In our Region 09/01 - 09/14/15

These are short catch up updates on the war between the Cartels in our region - I will be back with the report on the Jornaleros  in a bit.

Yesterday's headlines said it all:  "Unstoppable,The Wave of Violence Generates Four More Executions."  We knew something big was coming after the series of narco mantas in Tijuana since the beginning of the month.  The first of these on 09/04  named names of former police officers and members of criminal cell groups who are accused of being the perpetrators of violence in the city and apparently are on the hit list.  The text referred to the confrontation between the Sinaloa cartel and the CJNG who have formed an alliance with the CTNG (Cartel Tijuana Nuevo Generacion) asserting that Tijuana has a new owner and signed, "Sr. Mencho, CTNG & CJNG  Puro Tijuana."  Prior to this narco manta three narco mantas appeared in April also signed by the CTNG and the CJNG.

Courtesy AFN

On 09/09 AFN reports five narco mantas appeared throughout the city all within just moments of each other, all signed by the CAF, and all with similar messages not only warning the cartels of other states that the CAF intends to continue the fight "mano a mano" against intruders in their territory but additionally the CAF says they are going to clean up the streets and bring order to Tijuana. Notice the lettering and spelling on the CAF narco mantas - same as last spring, neat and perfect as though they were professionally done.

Since the beginning of this month to 09/14 here are the numbers:


 - Tijuana: 28 - This includes one more victim from the Funeral Home massacre who died in the hospital from his injuries which brings the total to three killed at the Funeral Home.

 - Ensenada : 4

 - Mexicali:  7

 - Rosarito Beach:  1

Wounded from gunfire attacks:

 - Tijuana:  15 - Three of these victims are in grave condition.

 - Mexicali:  2


 - Tijuana :  1 -  on Blvd. Cucapah involving armed men.
                    1 -  in San Antonio de Los Buenos, this victim is shot dead.

 - Rosarito Beach:  1 -  (09/13) armed men storm taco restaurant shocking the customers and kidnap one man, massive mobilization of police, no arrests.


- Tijuana:  The three burned bodies located inside vehicle after crashing in a baranca in Monte de Los Olivios; one of these men was the Professor of UABC Juan Antonio Rodriguez Morena missing from Mexicali since 09/05. Authorities have not determined if these three men were shot prior to the crash and are looking at the possible relationship between these deaths and a land dispute.

 - Mexicali:  Meanwhile two attorneys have gone missing  from Mexicali, unknown if this is related in any way to the missing and then found dead Professor.


 - Tijuana: One found in vehicle belonging to members of "Los Uriate" where three arrests are made and one found in Ensenada.

Other Shootings:

 - Rosarito Beach:  At the Plaza Pabellon men in two vehicles fire weapons terrorizing customers and causing damage to vehicles. No arrests. Information from OEM - El Sol de Tijuana, no other news agency reported this incident. Correction/edit:  El Mexicano did report this:

Causaron terror disparos en un bar de la plaza pabellon

 - Tecate: Gunmen open fire on Municipal Police officers home with children inside of house with AK-47's no injuries and no arrests.


I mention the grenades and kidnappings and random wild gunfire in public places like the popular Pabellons in Rosarito Beach (which most of you are familiar with) because it seems like the old days, and no one at this point has given any estimations on how long this war between the cartels for territory and control will last. El Sol de Tijuana estimates with these current figures, we are up to 450 executions since the beginning of the year to 09/14 in Tijuana, not counting the other municipalities.