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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Whatever You Do, Other Than Never Moving to Mexico - Do Not Fuck With the SADM Real Estate Mafia aka Scavengers i.e. Talk about Blocking Views, Executions, Violence in Baja etc.

I almost did not want to post this, but here goes. (We just came back from a second trip since last Friday to the VCA for Paris who has been vomiting blood and also today blood in her runny stool.  We think this last time with antibiotics the issue has been resolved, hopefully - but it has taken forever.

So actually we thought we were being good neighbors to the people  (Alan and his wife) who owned the vacant lot next to us which they are now building on.  They never came down to pick up the trash or weed eat the tall weeds on that lot, never. Or even tried to keep out parked vehicles. Mike offered years ago to do this not only for them, but to keep the neighborhood tidy, and he did it religiously. They never thanked him, and they never thanked Reuban for taking down the bogus for sale sign posted on their lot just a few months ago by some fly by night real estate agents. We should have just left it up and let them get fucked.  Oh well.

Now that I think about it, WTF do they want to live here for with fecal material flowing into the ocean and a completely polluted and contaminated beach in front of them ?  Too bad they were not here over the Memorial Day Weekend to smell the raw sewage, I'm serious.  It stank awful.  Just another reminder that raw sewage is still being dumped into the ocean in front of us.

Anyway, at first the big shot Tony wanted ( he said  this to Mike) between 800-1,000 dollars from us for some construction on our house wall to inhibit rain water coming from our roof onto their property.  Mike told him to give us a written estimate, which he never did.  But then the story changed.  No he said, we're not going to build a privacy wall, there will be a walkway in between the houses so that you will have access to your wall, eaves, etc.  Great.

So that meant we thought that this elusive 17 inch space in between houses really does exist, despite the fact that none of the other houses these yahoos have built adhere to that old SADM code.  Don't get your hopes up, the code does not exist anymore at all.  These guys do whatever they want. Tony also told us he was going to make a drain pipe for water coming off the patio which has been there for about thirty years, but we don't believe anything Tony says anymore and you shouldn't either. Knowing full well we had a water line running next to the our house wall instead of asking us to turn off the water his crew breaks the line.  We had not moved the line because Tony told us we didn't have to move it, they would just concrete over it.  Absolutely no communication. This construction project can aptly be described as a Chinese Fire Drill.

To have some reassurance, Mike approached the owner Alan to verify that we would have access to our side of the house that there would be a walkway.  Alan told him that we would. OK, next we make arrangements with Ephraim to finally start on the eaves on the side of the house.  Ephraim is completely honest a really good guy and also does work for Reuban and put on William's roof. Our work had been postponed for months due to Alan's construction, but Alan doesn't give a shit.

Over the weekend, I finally made it outside to water my remaining plants. ( Remember, Tony told Mike we would have time to remove the plants from the side of our house but his crew piled up materials so high we couldn't get through, then they were all bulldozed and Tony LIED again to Mike saying he knocked and knocked on the door trying to get ahold of me as they were being bulldozed.  Bullshit.)
What I saw just blew me out of the water.  The wall they were building completely closed off our access plus it is attached to our house wall and eaves.

So, they all are liars.  As far as Alan and his wife actually living here, I doubt it.  It's a pinche little house with no fireplace and no closets.  You can barely turn around in it.  Alan even told Mike two weeks ago it would be ready in three weeks, not even close. "The inside will all be done in three weeks", he said.  Could it be that Alan and his wife who don't seem to mind the contamination here or the crime and  violence are really Gringo Speculators planning on renting it out?  Who knows, but we know not only did Alan lie to Mike he really isn't very bright.  He told Mike regarding the construction of his chicken shack, "It was soooo expensive!"  How could that possibly be we both thought, unless they got soaked by a bunch of con artists? (which is probably the case)

So, here we are with no access to repair our wall (which they damaged with  concrete) or fix our eaves and a piece of shit wall attached to our house, man I gotta tell ya, sure looks like Tijuana.

Oh here's another Tony lie (maybe Trump can give Tony a job):  When Mike asked him who was going to take  care and clean up he street, Tony said "The City will take care of it."  Laugh my ass off, the City of Tijuana will take care of it ?  Since fucking when ??

Here's a list just in three blocks of the people who want out of SADM:

1.  Mario and Peg put their For Sale sign up (three lots, beautiful house). they've been here for about thirty years.

2.  Pete and Phyllis put their For Sale up again (beautiful house right on the ocean).

3.  No For Sale sign up yet, but Reuban told us a few months back they want to leave they are sick of it - at first they were going to rent it but now he is saying he is going to sell it.  So add Reuban and Carmen to the list. BTW, she's going to Spain next month.

4.  So I said to Mike I screamed to Mike "...those assholes all of them lied to you ! We have no access to fix the side of the house which they damaged or the eaves and there is a shitty wall attached to our house! And he said, "Who Cares....  These are the same people who promoted the Trump Baja Towers ! they Lie !"  And it is true, they are like wounded beasts, vicious and really really fucking stupid, but it's all they know how to do. He hates it here completely, just like me.

Bombay Beach

 Let's face it, SADM is a wasteland, it reminds me of Bombay Beach on the God forsaken and polluted Salton Sea despite the fact that Bombay Beach is now considered "cool" and "artsy" , especially to be part of the colony of fatalistic Angelinos living and creating at Bombay Beach.  I'm still not clear what exactly their message is, something like, 'accept the apocolyptic with it'  ?

 Better yet it is exactly like Peg said to me: "How did I ever end up here?" Don't be too hard on yourself Peg, we all fell for the bullshit dream not only here, but up and down the freaking coast. Gosh, maybe Alan and his wife will become actively involved with the Mexican environmental and political groups...NAH, I seriously doubt that. DOH.

I'll be back with the stats, out of control here, we are over one thousand executed in Baja California YTD. If you didn't get a chance, read it:

Mexico on the Edge of a Dystopian Cliff
by, Alejandra Gaitan Barrera