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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Rolling Fork, Mississippi - Where To Go To Help - More Tornadoes & Storms On The Way Big Time

 Let's take a slight break from AMLO hurling insults at the US State Department and a guy we all (oh right, except for AMLO and the Trumpistas) admire, Anthony Blinken. We can talk about that soon enough. But I am beginning to think that the more Putin goes down the tubes, the angrier AMLO becomes and verbally attacks and thrashes out at the United States as if on cue.   Weird, huh ? Not so weird if you think about it.

Muddy Waters

Have any of y'all been on the Mississippi Blues Trail ? Rolling Fork, Mississippi which was absolutely devastated by this weekend's Tornado is according to their Mayor, "gone." Don't tell anyone down there Muddy Waters wasn't born there, he is one of their pride and joys. But it's all gone now.

 ~ From Mississippi Blues Trail

Muddy Waters Birthplace

Throughout the town, memorials have been built and devoted to him, even a little shack was replicated of his birthplace. All gone.

Looking at the pictures of the disaster, I saw the one of the owners of the Dairy Bar standing in front of their flattened life's work and passion. Gone. By chance, I found this report, I think you might enjoy it:

 ~ From The Bitter Southerner


By, Rory Doyle


How can these people bear another slap in the face? Light a little candle, say a prayer for all of them that they receive the help they need, that some how they are lifted up. Oh...regarding that other subject I am sick to death talking about - he needs to concentrate on his own problems and get this damn country down here on track, jerk.

Another storm coming in here, waiting for the details....although it doesn't look so far like a big one.


Update/edit: Go to any of these spots to help these folks out:

By, Lauren Lee, CNN  03/25/23

Oh God - Look at what is on the way or already active:

By, Nouran Slahieh, Haley Brinks, Holly Yan & Melissa Alonso, CNN 03/26/23


end edit.