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Sunday, May 14, 2017

IISS Study on Mexico - SNL: Weekend Update on James Comey & Sean Spicer Returns !!

From IISS: Armed Conflict Survey 2017: Chart of Conflict

As all of you may be already aware, a study was released a couple of weeks back showing Mexico is the second most violent and deadly nation in the world, first place was taken by Syria. The link to the IISS study is within this report, and IISS goes on to answer their critics within their site:

The Guardian

Is Mexico Really the Second-Deadliest Country In the World ?
by, David Agren

To be fair, BBC also covered the IISS study in several reports and also mentioned the rejection of the study by Mexican politicos.  However, I saw no mention of Trump embracing the study.  In this snippet BBC offers a video with remarks by Ioan Grillo:


Mexico was 2016's 'Second Most Lethal Conflict', Says Survey 

In case you didn't go to IISS via the guardian, here's a link - you can browse around while you are there:


Mexico's Spiralling Murder Rate
by, Antonio Sampaio


 Locally there is a discrepancy of the numbers of executions just in Tijuana this month and since January of 2017 to date between the authorities and the news media.  We are somewhere between 500 to 510+  for the YTD total executed in Tijuana alone ( at least 50+ this month in TIJ) including the decapitated head left in front of a pre-school last week. I'll be back with those numbers after the dust settles.


If you didn't get the chance, here are two clips from SNL:


SNL:  Weekend Update on James Comey


Sean Spicer Returns


Meanwhile, Paris is looking forward to going to Summer Camp ! ...and finally the sweet pea trellises are up and now I'm looking for an antique Celadon Lamp to replace other things she has broken...the sewage smell has been really bad the past two nights from the Barranca and the trash has not been picked up in a week .