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Sunday, October 11, 2020

News On The Disappearance of Frank Aguilar, Los Angeles Firefighter

 The computer is finally working ! Taking a break from the Trump Insanity for just a moment, an update which you may have already read or heard ; here it is from Zeta:


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Fanny Gomez y Santos Gonzalez Detenidos Por Desaparicion de Bombero de Los Angeles

By, Gerardo Andrade - 10/09/20 

"On the afternoon of Thursday, October 8, a couple was arrested for allegedly involved in the disappearance of Frank Aguilar, the firefighter from Los Angeles, California, who was deprived of liberty on August 20. The insured were found with the credit card of the missing person, however, the person remains without being located.

At a press conference held on Friday, October 9, Hiram Sánchez Zamora, central prosecutor of the State Attorney General's Office (FGE) reported that at around 7:20 pm on Thursday, Fanny “N” and Santos “N” were arrested.

They are Fanny Gabriela Gómez Castellanos, 32 years old, and Santos González Casillas, 27 years old. “He is presumed innocent, as long as his responsibility is not declared by the judicial authority. Art.13, CNPP "

At the conference, Sánchez explained that the FGE agents secured them on the free highway to Playas de Rosarito, after an intense investigation, when reviewing their belongings, they found the bank card of Francisco Michael Aguilar Cornejo, better known as Frank Aguilar. "
The bank card owned by Frank was found among their belongings and they were subsequently questioned about Frank's whereabouts, after which they flatly denied having knowledge of it and denied knowing Frank, "said the Central Prosecutor.

The complaint of the disappearance was presented by Alfredo Rubén Cornejo Trujillo, the victim's uncle, who reported that his nephew arrived from Los Angeles at a house in Playas de Tijuana on August 20. They spoke on the phone and he promised to accompany him the next day, to help him make repairs to his home in San Antonio del Mar. But he never came.

The complainant added that the night before Frank told him that he was going to see a friend in the Misión del Mar subdivision, in Playas de Rosarito and since then his whereabouts have been unknown.

Through the investigations, it was concluded that on the afternoon of August 20, Frank agreed to move from a bar near his home to Misión del Mar, to meet Fanny, who had identified herself as Montserrat.

Investigators located bloodstains on the public highway, near the point where the meeting took place, and expert evidence determined that the blood was from Frank Aguilar.

Neighbors of the town reported that on the night of August 20, detonations of a firearm were heard, for which it is presumed that the victim was injured.

"Fanny summoned Frank to the Misión del Mar neighborhood in Playas de Rosarito, while Santos tried to deprive him of his freedom," said the state official.

Frank Aguilar's house in Tijuana had been ransacked and his vehicle or motorcycle was no longer there.

For this reason, the couple arrested and face the charge of forced disappearance of persons, which has a penalty of 25 to 50 years in prison.

Because Frank Aguilar has not yet been located, authorities will continue to investigate the case until they can locate the Los Angeles firefighter and investigate if there are more people involved.

We continue working on his location, we hope that now that we have the people who participated in the disappearane, they will have more information that will allow us to locate him¨¨, concluded the Central Prosecutor.



Stay Safe Y'all.