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Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Recapture of El Chapo: A Successful Coup for Pena Nieto and the US Government - Or ? - Complete Coverage from Aristegui - AHA ! Vindicated by the Washington Post - Plus Update on the Muffin !

If you believe the U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, the recapture of El Chapo was, "...a blow to the international drug syndicate...a victory for the citizens of Mexico and the United States and vindication of the rule of law in our countries."

However in town today we spoke with several Mexican Nationals and asked what their reactions were to the recapture of El Chapo - some of these responses may surprise you:

 -  "...they knew where he was all the time.  The government just wants more money from him."

 -  " It was done because Pena Nieto's ratings are so low, it was a collaborative effort of all the parties."

 -  " Did you notice they waited to do this until after the Holidays were over so they would have full coverage?"

 -  "...this will not change anything, the violence and corruption will continue."

 -  " They lie about everything, if one lie doesn't work they make up a new one."

 -  " I don't believe the government."

 -  "..let us just say that he is extradited - all that means is that he's already agreed to a deal to only expose the lowest levels of government."


Many of these remarks confirm what sociologist Rodolfo Sorian Nunez stated, that the Mexican Government, "...seems to be unaware of how hard it is to believe them." The remarks are also clearly representative of the sentiments of present date narco experts, social and political intellectuals:

 - Anabel Hernandez:  Despite his recapture, the El Chapo networks, economic/political power and connections are still in force.

 -  Dr. Victor Clarke Alfaro:  The recapture of El Chapo will not affect the Sinaloa Cartel; with Chapo inside or outside of prison, the group remains strong and its structure is well founded.

 -  Sergio Aguayo:  Although he views the recapture of El Chapo as a positive action and believes the Marinos who participated in it as clean, it will not mean the violence, corruption and impunity in Mexico will end. According to Aguayo what is required for that to happen in Mexico is a comprehensive security policy which centers around and serves the victims and the civil population. He also blasts Obama for not even mentioning last week on his so-called "gun control actions" all of the Mexicans who have been killed by US weapons and is miffed that the Mexican government said nothing either.

 - BBC:  Commentary after the latest recapture:  "...but amid the optimism, many wonder if the rearrest of one of the most wanted criminals in the world represents a major change in the scenario of violence in the country.  And the answer is: No."

Aristegui complete coverage:

All the latest news on the recapture of El Chapo including the full Rolling Stone article and Sean Penn (who many people I know including Mike think is a complete idiot) interview with El Chapo here.

Update/Edit 01/12:  Vindication of our feelings and opinions towards Sean Penn by the Washington Post, link to the WP article within the Aristegui article.


Finally, an older article written last July by Ed Vulliamy of The Guardian which puts everything neatly into perspective:

"For a start, it is thanks to the 120,000 dead and 20,000 missing in Mexico’s narco-war that mountains of cocaine go up British, European and American noses. Everyone wants to forget that Britain’s biggest bank, HSBC, was caught, and admitted, laundering Chapo Guzmán’s giddy profits, as was Wachovia bank, a subsidiary of Wells Fargo: hundreds of billions of dollars of Sinaloa cartel blood money, handled with effective impunity inasmuch as no one in either instance was prosecuted, let alone jailed – indeed, most were promoted.

The logical conclusion is what Saviano, his Mexican counterparts Lydia Cacho and Hernández (and I for that matter) have been arguing for years: that the “cops and robbers” model of reaction to events like Guzmán’s escape – indeed, the whole farce of the “war on drugs” – is bankrupt; that the idea of our healthy society fighting outlaw criminals is fantasy. The antics of HSBC and tradition of conviviality between the Mexican state and Guzmán’s cartel turn the idea of some line the sand between criminality and legality into a brazen lie. Just as Guzmán and the new cartels operate within the logic of the “legal” economy, and become major investors in it, so the “legal” economy and polity embrace the cartels."

Sound familiar?


An update on the Muffin:

Dr. Beth managed to get us into the VCA Animal Specialty Group, we were there yesterday and up until 3:00am the previous morning with Freida who had a bad night.  It is an amazing clinic, our Doctor there is Peter G. Slusser DVM, DACVIM Internal Medicine  who is outstanding.  Fredia had an ultrasound and more blood work - much relief from the results which showed no cancer, growths or polyps but instead a thickened bladder wall due to urinary tract infections.  Freida returns in 10 days.  Have to recommend this place: VCA Animal Specialty Group -  Just exhausted, violence continues here,  will return with those 2015 Baja California figures hopefully tomorrow.

Update/edit 01/12: It seems as though we may have to have an MRI on the Muffin, and of course, this is not good news. I'll be back when I can.