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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

About Putin's Nukes... - Storm Updates - What Happened To Mexico ? Someone Is Stacking the Deck...What's Next ? 52 Pick Up ? - More Updates 03/29..... More Executions TIJ, Bernie Sanders & General Milley !!

While we are waiting for the first of many to come Trump indictments, a subject that I believe lingers deep in all of our subconsciousness (or...collective unconsciousness) is nuclear proliferation. A few days back, Putin announced he would be installing tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus. Did you wake up in the middle of the night and couldn't quite put your finger on why you were feeling so uneasy? That's how Putin works, he preys on our worst nightmares.

Here then is what I think is a dynamic report on Putin's latest twisted plot. While you are there, do read the comments...and easy:


 ~ From The Daily Kos: (BTW, when you click the link, click his name and check out his other reports)

By, RO37 - 03/27/23


Meanwhile, here's the latest on the storm coming in this week...then be prepared for yet another one the first week of April:


One of these days I'll catch up with the local news (promises, promises), but here is a must read to hold y'all over and just go to their site, these guys are on a roll:

By, Therese Margolis - 03/27/23


Update/edit: These came in earlier:

Still, someone (gee I wonder who) is stacking the deck. Looks like we are in for a wild game of 52 pick up:

by, Mark Lorenzana  03/28/23


Locally we are hovering at 102 executions this month of March in Tijuana which is by far the lowest monthly number I've seen in years. Unsure if this due to all the inclement weather. BTW, check out Zeta
for updates, storm damage, regional and national news.

More Updates: 03/29/23

Well that didn't last long, from Zeta:

10 executed in TIJ, 2 of these were women; one of whom was decapitated and others seriously wounded. These events will bring the homicidios dolosos up to 127 this month of March (still a relatively lower number than usual) with a YTD total in TIJ of 431 executions:

Por, Redaccion Zeta - 03/29/23

end edit.


Stay safe out there.

P.S. I can't be a member of Daily Kos because....well, my heart belongs to Bernie. But they surely do have some very fine writers.✌✌✌

More Updates - 03/29/23

This is what I mean, Bernie is a tiger. I think Starbucks is too expensive, but I do shop at Amazon (biggest Union busters ever) only to save Mike the time running around to shop when I cannot drive or even walk yet. Plus picking up things for my neighbors. They are also expensive and I cringe when I go there but right now it is a necessity. Speaking of coffee, anyone remember the old Pannikin in La Jolla - and down the street was the old Pier 1. Boy, after swimming at the Cove or some righteous bodysurfing at Boomers you could get a really good inexpensive cup of java and then shop for groovy hippie stuff at Pier 1 😎😎😎. And, it wasn't wall to wall sardines. Oh well.

Go get 'em Bernie:

 ~ From C-Span 03/29/23:


Noticed this one on the sidebar:

Go get em General Milley, ooorah !

 ~ From CNN:


It's raining.

end edit.