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Sunday, October 21, 2018

UPDATE: Caravana Migrante ! Aristegui Reports 5K On the March - NO TrumpYou Idiot, MEXICO DOES NOT RESPECT YOU ! - 2K + Dead In Drug War TIJ YTD - Reuban & Carmen's House Hit Last Night SADM

Neville Chamberlain & Adolph Hitler 1938

 Was Mexico's reaction in sending the Federal Police to hold back the migrantes on the Guatemalan-Mexico border an act of appeasement?  Appeasement as ya'll know is, "...diplomatic policy of making political or material concessions to an aggressive power in order to avoid conflict." All that I can say because as a foreigner living here, I am not allowed to comment on Mexican politics (oh shit, I could be deported and end up homeless, worse yet confined to a holding tank at San Ysidro POE.)
But you have to acknowledge the similarity between Trump and Hitler and the fact that the USA has always been an aggressive power worldwide specifically in both Latin and South America.

Back in 2016 I blogged this article by the great writer Charles Pierce who went on to my dismay of actually voting for Hillary instead of throwing in for Jill Stein.  None the less, worth another read - more material on USA's sordid past which have you noticed the USMSM is NOT talking about at all?
This isn't "fake" news - this is factual history:

From Esquire:

Why Is Hillary Clinton Bragging About This Endorsement ?
By, Charles P. Pierce - 08/10/2016

Proceso added this headline yesterday, and the general feeling I am observing is that yes, people (at least my Mexican neighbors) are thinking the USA snaps it's fingers and Mexico jumps:

From Proceso:

Trump Twitea Y Mexico Obedece
Por, Mathieu Tourliere - 10/20/18


Notes From Today: & If You Go to The Links, you can scoot around and check out more reports.

 - From Aristegui Noticias:  Aristegui is reporting there are more than five thousand Central Americans advancing along the Pan-American Hey with  the line of people stretching back more than six clicks.  This is within Mexican Territory, these people are without any humanitarian assistance at this point, however Mexican citizens are distributing water and some food:

From Aristegui Noticias - which certainly annuls the Jimmy Moreles account - does anyone actually believe Jimmy Moreles these days ?

Sin Asistencia Jumanitarian Gubernamental, Caravan Migrante Avanza Rumbo a Tapachula

Pasted for you:

Without governmental humanitarian assistance, migrant caravan moves towards Tapachula

More than 5 thousand Central Americans advance along the Pan-American Highway. The long line occupies more than 6 kilometers. CNDH urges governments to support them.

Photo: Isaac Esquivel / Cuartoscuro
By Ángeles Mariscal
This Sunday from an early hour began the mass exodus of some 5 thousand members of the Migrant Caravan in Mexican territory to Tapachula, Chiapas. No level of government is assisting thousands of migrants with humanitarian assistance, security, health, or food support. They are citizens who have given themselves to the task of distributing bags with water and some food.
The long line occupies about 6 kilometers of the Pan-American Highway . Those who bring their young children with them, stop for a while at the edge of the road to rest and regain strength to continue their long walk.

The delegate of the National Institute of Migration in Chiapas, Francisco Echavarría, warned that those who are under the process of immigration, should remain in the state of Chiapas and the refuge to which they were confined until their legal situation is resolved, however rejected that are "detained."

For his part, the Fifth Visitor of the National Human Rights Commission, Édgar Corzo, declared that what has been seen "is a lack of humanitarian assistance, we have seen it on the bridge, lack of medicines, people were fading (... ) I believe that they concentrated a lot on restraint and left aside what we consider to be primary that is humanitarian assistance "and reiterated that in this situation, consideration is being given to the extension of precautionary measures requested from Saturday to attend humanitarianly to the migrants, now, in the shelters.

Faced with the weariness and wear to which the Mexican government bet when trying to contain and drop the members of the caravan of migrants coming mainly from Honduras, since the evening of Saturday night people threw themselves massively from the border bridge to the Suchiate River, others spent swimming from shore to shore or on rafts and with children in their arms in the same way.

Many of them had spent more than 24 hours without food and there was no water to distribute between them, the temperature was around 32 degrees Celsius. The desperation made them take the desperate decision to pass even though the formal entrance of the border was closed and passing little by little to the migrants to lead them to process their visas or to start their refugee process.

The fear of falling from nine meters high was less than the fear of being deported to their countries of origin, to face the violence of the gangs, poverty and in general, the lack of a dignified future. Crossing the river involved swimming half a kilometer, and by raft, having five quetzales - Guatemalan currency equivalent to about 12 Mexican pesos - for the rafters. The rafts are actually tractor rim cameras on which planks are laid.

By late afternoon this Saturday, more than 80 percent of those who make up the migrant caravan that left on October 13 of Honduras -and to which migrants from El Salvador and Guatemala were adding- already spent the night in the park of Ciudad Hidalgo Chiapas
For 24 hours the Mexican authorities succeeded . In that period, counted since closing the doors, the migrants remained on the Rodolfo Robles international bridge. There they slept, there they got up and there they began to write their personal data on some sheets of paper, so that "in an orderly manner and in groups of 40", they would pass before the personnel of the National Institute of Migration (INM).

The Mexican government offered them that, after completing the process, they would take them to shelters, where they would wait for the immigration ruling. By 12 on Saturday, only 500 people had passed , according to figures reported by the Ambassador of Mexico in Honduras, Luis Manuel López Moreno.

"First women and children, first women and children," shouted some spontaneous organizers who emerged among the migrants.

The national security commissioner of Mexico, Renato Sales Heredia, and the commissioner general of the Federal Police, Manelich Castillas Craviotto, came to where the migrants , bars and dozens of police officers were. They spoke with some while their subordinates took photographs where they appeared with friendly faces. They sent water jugs and, for a moment, immigration agents and the police, behind bars, served water to the migrants.

The arrival of Sales Heredia and Castillas Craviotto, explained his subordinates, was to "monitor that everything was developing with attachment to the rights of migrants, and Mexican laws."
For its part, the government of Guatemala installed in the central park of the border city Tecún Umán, a center of attention with a big legend that says: "Do you want to return to your country? Here we support you. Immigration Information. Institutional Information". Some migrants did choose this option.

According to official figures, only 381 migrants - almost all women and children - made their registration with the INM, after which they were transferred to the shelter located in the facilities of the Mesoamerican Fair of Tapachula, about 30 kilometers from Ciudad Hidalgo. But if your visa or refuge requests are rejected, they will be deported to their country of origin."

 - La Jornada is reporting 300 Marinos Have Been Deployed To The Guatemalan Border:

Despliegan a 300 Marinos en Frontera Con Guatemala
Por, Dennis A Garcia 10/21/18 - 1:39pm

Pasted for you :

Deploy 300 marines bordering Guatemala

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Mexico City. The Secretariat of Navy-Navy of Mexico (Semar) deployed around 300 sailors to the border with Guatemala to provide humanitarian aid to the thousands of migrants, mostly Hondurans, who seek to cross into Mexican territory.

Dependency officials reported that the sailors perform work in shifts of 30 elements who provide food, water and medical attention to those who remain waiting to continue moving forward.
For them, they installed a mobile kitchen to have the capacity to provide food to the migrants who are in the border point of Suchiate, in Ciudad Hidalgo, Chiapas.

According to the commanders consulted, food aid and water supply are several tons to have the ability to provide migrants who hope to continue their way to the United States or stay in Mexico as refugees.


 - BTW, in case you missed  it, here is the band greeting the migrantes in Chiapas:

 #Caravana Migrante


 - And  Telesur is reporting this morning that there are more Migrant Caravans on their way from Honduras, El Salvador:

More Migrant Caravans To Leave Honduras, El Salvador: source 


Locally All Is Not Well....

Trump is a laughing stock down here, no one respects him, what a joke.  I'll be back with those links...meanwhile, the drug war continues non stop here. 

 - Yesterday early Frontera reported 126 executed this month in Tijuana, giving the YTD total just in TIJ at over 2,000 people killed. Within the report are the month totals for TIJ since January, so they did a lot of work on this, adding that now TIJ is ranked the number one city in Mexico for violence.  Of course since that early morning report, there have been more killed, more in Rosarito and Ensenada.  Will return at some point with those figures - nothing really noticible in Rosarito other than people seem to be laying low.  Also, when you are at Frontera, check out Portada and Editorials - also they have a special segment going on the Migrantes. I have to give Paris  bath.

From Frontera:

Suma Tijuana Mas de 2 Mil Homicidios Durante 2018
Por, Angel F. Gonzalez, Fausto Ovalle y Esther Hernandez 

 - SADM:  Reuban and Carmen's house (two houses to our north) was broken into yesterday early evening while they were at a birthday party in Rosarito. They returned home around 8:30pm to find Luther, their special baby doggie drugged (poor Luther he is 13 yrs old and suffering from arthritis) , the house slightly ransacked, all credit cards stolen and jewelry stolen and their brand new car stolen out the brand new garage Reuban built, the front door of the house was kicked in.  Obviously, someone knew exactly when they left.

We saw lights below us around 9:00pm and thought the Cubans were having a party, but no it was a police unit. About 20 minutes after the police left, I heard whistling below us.  We thought it strange that their brand new car was simply driven out the through the guarded gates.

Also, Pete's garden area that he created was torn up and destroyed.  Oh, and when the Tijuana water finally came back on here I watered my little geraniums and now they are all dead . What a disaster. Jeez, no wonder the migrantes do not want to stay in Mexico.

So just a heads up, SADM is really a weird place.  Paris wants to leave...but I don't have the paperwork for Daca Bob & Susie Q.


Monday, October 15, 2018

"I Can't Even Remember What It Was I Came Here To Get Away From" - Dr. Mireles vs. Andre Vichek -- From Truth Out: The Total Failure of Trumps Drug War Policies - From Zeta: September Total Executions in Tijuana =215 - Zeta Reports October Execution Totals for Tijuana @ 99, YTD Total For TIJ = 1,978 - Developing Report on Padre Icmar Arturo Orta Found Murdered In Rosarito Beach

Another hanging body Blvd. 2000 courtesy Zeta

In his essay, "Can President -Elect Lopez Obrador Pull Mexico Out Of Its Slumber",  Andres Vichete says of Tijuana:

"In Tijuana I witness absolute misery, I visit multinational maquiladoras that pay only an equivalent of $55 USD per week to their workers, I manage to enter gangland, and I see how the US is building a depressing wall between two countries.

I spend hours listening to stories of Sra. Leticia, who lives just one meter away from the wall.

 “They are cutting across our land, and it harms many creatures who live here. It also prevents water from circulating freely.”
 “All this used to be Mexico. North Americans had stolen several states from us. Now they are building this wall. I visited their country on several occasions. And let me tell you: despite all our problems, I like where I am, at this side!”

Then, late at night, I listen to a man who knows his country from north to south, from east to west. We are sitting in a small café; sirens are howling nearby, another murder has just taken place. He faces me squarely and speaks slowly:

“Mexico has its back against the wall. This situation cannot continue. This is our last chance – Andrés Manuel López Obrador. We will rally behind him, we will help him. If he delivers what he promises, great; then Mexico will change and prosper. If not, I am afraid that our people will have no other choice but to take up arms.”


In our neighborhood, we have not heard about the local Mexican people taking up arms, nor have we heard this from Mexican nationals we know throughout Baja California.  You might be saying under your breath - 'Well, they certainly aren't going to tell, you're a gringa." But we have heard from Mexicans and gringos alike who want desperately to leave.  We have heard and read that the Zapatistas and the EZLN have been anti-AMLO and anti-organized crime and the narcos from the very beginning, indeed are armed and aim to stay that way.  Even Padre Solalinde could not win them over.

 As I was reading Vitchek's piece and  his description of Tijuana, I thought - he is right, it is in a miserable state.  But then I thought back to last August and the Inez Garcia Ramos interview of Dr. Jose Manuel Mireles when he was in town; I'm going to paste this for you, it is important:

Dr. Jose Mireles in Tijuana courtesy Zeta

Mireles Dejo Las Armas, Ahora Buscan "Despertar Conciencias"
Por, Ines Garcia Ramos - 08/27/2018

Mireles left the weapons, now seeks to "awaken consciences"

After spending almost three years in prison, José Manuel Mireles rules out re-leading an armed movement. Now, the 59-year-old doctor travels the country collecting money to free 258 self-defense groups who are still imprisoned; meets with organized groups of civil society and criticizes the ruling class. Question: "Or do you conceive that a poor nation has billionaire rulers?"

José Manuel Mireles Valverde has changed short sleeve shirts and jeans for a dark suit and tie, but retains his traditional black hat. He is about to enter a gala dinner in Tijuana, where dozens of people await him.

As he has done in other cities, that night he will offer a talk, he will dedicate copies of his book to the assistants, with whom he will live some hours. The money raised will finance the legal defense of 258 self-defense groups that remain incarcerated in Mexico.
That's what Dr. Mireles is doing now. After spending two years and eleven months in prison, accused of carrying guns along with 69 members of his self-defense group, he ruled out re-heading an armed movement.
"I continue to build trenches and not just in Michoacán, but throughout the nation. No longer nothing more armed, it is not needed, now my trenches are with university students, academics, workers' organizations, peasants, "he said in an interview with ZETA .
The 59-year-old doctor regained his freedom on May 12, 2017, the day after a long legal fight, he was granted the benefit of bail, but during the time he was in prison he suffered three pre-infarctions and a heart attack. .
"The day I left the captivity, I professionally considered that I had fifteen days to live. I was wrong for three days, on May 24 I was already in Cardiology in Mexico, with a sudden attack, "he recalls.

"The solution is never for peoples to arm themselves," says the doctor

More than a year, Mireles is recovered. Having been acquitted of the crimes that led to his imprisonment, his case was closed, but nine of the men who were detained with him in a federal operation carried out in Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán, are still being held.
Although some of them had already obtained their freedom under bail, they were returned to prison when accused of stealing wire from a fence or because of errors in their homes, the doctor said.

Here is the interview of Dr. Mireles with ZETA: 

- In Mexico, is a self-defense more pursued than a narco?
"Sure, I saw them inside the federal prison. 90 percent of the inmates are not criminals, they are victims, those who must be imprisoned are their employers, those who ordered them to commit a crime, but those are not prisoners because they are the ones who eat breakfast with the authorities and that is why they never touch the jail"
However, for the former leader of the self-defense groups, a narco is not the same as a criminal. The distinction, from his reasoning, is that "a drug dealer is a provider of foreign currency, there are communities that have schools, drainage, electric light thanks to what you call narco "
- So, how do you call them?
"Since man left caverns and forests, the world was divided into two social classes, the civilized and the barbarians. The civilized learned to till the land to put the seed, to ensure their food through work. The barbarians were hidden in the mountains, the ravines or behind the walls, waiting for the harvest to be ready to be stolen. Now they are not civilized or barbarians, they are productive people and organized crime. Do you know some organized crime wretch who works? They have never worked in their bitch, they are watching, how much they earn and the day they are going to harvest they kill for their fortnight, even if it is one thousand pesos.
"I am not a narco, nor do I agree with the illegal practices of the people who are dedicated to that, but unfortunately, thanks to that, there are entire towns that can eat."
- Does the country's economic model have to change so that the narco stops fulfilling these functions?
"Simply and simply that the authority should carry out its work, that it detains all the children of the bitch who only dedicate themselves to stealing and killing for money. Among the best institutions established in the nation to provide security to the people, there is organized crime and crime. "
- What is the role you play now?
"Awaken consciences, nothing more. Yes today, everyone, from all social levels, academics, academics, workers, farmers, day laborers, farmers, entrepreneurs, if we start by awakening consciences, first inside our homes, then in our work places, in our schools, in our neighborhoods, streets, neighbors, compadres, relatives, friends, a time will come when we do not have to sell our soul to the devil, if we want to live well or live in a nation in peace. "
- Enrique Peña Nieto is months away from the Presidency, what is the balance left?
"More than 138 thousand murders in his period, more than 134 thousand disappeared. More than 40 thousand displaced families and still the very wretched, 90 days left to leave, and still takes out a loan of 10 billion dollars, for what ?, is not leaving a stable or solid health system. How is it possible for a magistrate to earn 600,000 pesos a month while a worker can take a house of 600,000 pesos to pay for it in twenty years? Or do you conceive that a poor nation has billionaire rulers? No, all that has to change. For that we voted 32 million Mexicans. "
- Do you think then that Andrés Manuel López Obrador can change that panorama?
"Not only he, we Mexicans are the ones who seek that change. We already achieved our first victory in the election, the gentleman does not have any magic wand to solve the problems of the nation, but he has the Mexicans that we want the change. I believed in him and I still believe in him. The change comes and goes hard. It is going to shake all the strata of society that were accustomed to rob the nation without working one day or giving anything in return to the country. "
- I already mentioned the more than 130 thousand homicides and disappearances, but do you think it is possible in terms of the relatives, of the victims, to give them justice? Can it be healed?
"Of course. If each citizen, in the activity that we have to develop, we do what belongs to us. That the magistrates, ministers and judges do their constitutional work, the public ministries, that the municipal police do and do not associate with organized crime to fuck the citizen, that everyone does their work and things do change. If constitutionally and based on Mexican jurisprudence, no Mexican citizen should be prosecuted or prosecuted when being detained far from his place of origin, but close to his family and friends to facilitate social reintegration. I asked the judge why they sent the Michoacanos to Sonora or why they send the Yaquis from Sonora to Yucatan, who are the main violators of the Law and of justice in this country? Those forced to enforce and enforce it, that is what has to change. Others can do the job as the police to take care of your neighborhood and your neighborhood, others can do the work of the best judges in Mexico. They have already demonstrated that their corruption is not only physical, it is intellectual, it is moral ".

- When did you realize that this transition was necessary? No longer to be armed or in the villages, but to leave ...
"Never, never the solution is that the civilians arm themselves to defend themselves, that's what the institutions are for, but since they never did it, we had to do it. I am fully aware that what we did was not right, but it was the only thing we could do if we wanted to stay alive. I do not care about property or productivity, but life. We have self-defenses in 23 states of the Republic, they do not necessarily have to arm themselves, they have to defend themselves, but if necessary, they have to do what is necessary. When justice is contravened by law, justice must prevail even if it comes out of the hands of the same people. "
Through Fundación Mireles, the former leader of the self-defense groups has visited states such as Oaxaca, Zacatecas and Querétaro, as well as Mexico City to give lectures on the self-defense groups.
So he came to Baja California, where in addition to holding private meetings with activists and businessmen in Tecate, Rosarito and Tijuana, he presented his book "Somos Autodefensas: El Despertar de un Pueblo Dormido", in which Mireles narrates the struggle he started in Michoacán in 2013
Since then, the surgeon became a symbol of civil resistance to the power of organized crime and in the shadow of the government. Not only in the events that people lead approaches to ask for a photograph, during the interview a woman recognizes him and shouts at him to greet him at a distance.
Others even take selfies with the doctor in the background, no matter if he is busy in an interview, in the middle of a conversation or signing a book.
After three days in Tijuana and hours before his flight leaves, Mireles still has time to attend this interview and talk with those who approach him, either to share his admiration, present projects and even to contribute money for his foundation. This is the case in almost every city that visits.
During the interview, Mireles talks about a town of six thousand inhabitants in Morelos to explain why the public assumes the tasks of public safety. "He was reviled, destroyed, exploited by thirty guys who are not even Mexican, extorting, kidnapping and executing people until they hung one of the extortionists on the flagpole. They had warned that 'delinquent we stop will be lynched' and they did not believe it. If there is no one to defend them and the people decide that this is their only solution, they will do it and nobody will stop them. That is why the institutions must fulfill their obligation. "
- In the states that you have visited, what is the common denominator that triggers insecurity, violence?
"Across the nation, it's an institutional problem. What was our war cry in Michoacán, after assassinations, kidnappings, dismemberments, rapes to our women: (we ask) efficient public security, a fair administration of justice that does not exist in the whole nation. Today there are 27 PRI bandit governors who looted the citizens, who gave the children the key water in the chemotherapy to cheat all the money and said that the chemists had cost them dearly. Don Gerardo, from Nayarit, who was put in jail for six years for stealing four cans of tuna to feed his children and the same day he entered prison; the one who stole 8 billion pesos from the Bank of Mexico and deposited a bond of 7 million dollars so that he would not be put in jail ... Is justice just for the fucked up? "




Speaking of arms here at just two seizures this month although it is unspecified which cartel group these belonged to:

 1.  10/12/18: El Rosario:


Ejercito Decomisa Arsenal En El Rosario 

Por, Cesar Cordova

2.  10/15/18:  Puertecitos-San Felipe

El Vigia:

Decomisan Armas y Drogas En Puertecitos

Por, Luis Miguel Ramirez



  Meanwhile, Janine Jackson covers another Trump failure with her interview of Hannah Hetzer:

From Truthout - with audio: - 10/13/18

"The Total Failure of Trumps Drug War Policies"

By, Janine Jackson, FAIR



September Tijuana killings:

 I think I left off at 160 + people executed in Tijuana last month, add 55 more. Zeta reports the September total was 215  dead:


Cierra Septiembre Con 215 Ejecutados En Tijuana 




October Violence in Tijuana:


October used to be one of the most beautiful months in Baja California; now it is just dangerous.  No more camping, no one is on the beaches (especially here - they are contaminated) and you are constantly reminded you are living in a war zone.  There have been burned bodies, decapitated bodies, bodies stuffed dismembered into suitcases, bodies left on the highways and streets, another body hanging from a bridge on Blvd. 2000, authorities attacked , a Catholic Priest murdered.  These are the numbers just from Tijuana - I'll come back with the information  on the uptick in executions in Ensenada, and more in Rosarito Beach and the searches continue here in TIJ and Ensenada for the missing people whose numbers are not included as far as I know in these totals:


At 8:10am this morning Frontera reported there has been 88 people executed in Tijuana bringing the YTD total of people executed just in TIJ to 1,967:


From Frontera:

Falece En Hospital Tras Baleada

Por, Angel F. Gonzalez y Gustavo Suarez



Then at 12:28pm today, Zeta reports there have been 99 people executed just in TIJ; if you take the difference between 88 and 99 and add it to the YTD TIJ total which Frontera gave us, that would make the YTD total just for TIJ  1,978 people dead.


From Zeta

Se Registran Ocho Asesinatos En Tijuana




 The focus is on Padre Icmar Arturo Ortu, the parish priest from Tijuana whose body was found inside a vehicle with multiple gunshot wounds in Rosarito Beach reported late yesterday.  (there were also 2 more executed in RB besides the Padre) This is a developing story:


From Frontera

Asesinan a Sacerdote de Tijuana

Por, Juan Carlos Ortiz



Latest Policiaca News here:

Frontera Policiaca


 Zeta Tijuana 




As you can see, it's been bleak. It seems to be a strange loop, a paradox.

"Shadows are falling and I been here all day It's too hot to sleep and time is running away Feel like my soul has turned into steel I've still got the scars that the sun didn't let me heal There's not even room enough to be anywhere It's not dark yet, but it's getting there 


Well my sense of humanity is going down the drain Behind every beautiful thing, there's been some kind of pain She wrote me a letter and she wrote it so kind She put down in writin' what was in her mind I just don't see why I should even care It's not dark yet, but it's getting there


 Well I been to London and I been to gay Paree I followed the river and I got to the sea I've been down to the bottom of a whirlpool of lies I ain't lookin' for nothin' in anyone's eyes Sometimes my burden is more than I can bear It's not dark yet, but it's getting there


 I was born here and I'll die here, against my will I know it looks like I'm movin' but I'm standin' still Every nerve in my body is so naked and numb I can't even remember what it was I came here to get away from Don't even hear the murmur of a prayer It's not dark yet, but it's getting there" ~ Bob Dylan





Saturday, September 29, 2018

Hurricane Rosa ! - Earthquake In Mexicali - H20 Shutdown Tijuana & Rosarito - Narco Tunnel Jacume Pics from Proceso - UPDATES: 09/29 3:00pm Hurricane Rosa Updates - Frontera Reports 190 Dead in TIJ @ 8:18am YTD Total for TIJ=1,855 Dead - Daca Bob's Girlffriend Suzie - Latest Reports on Kavanaugh, Immigration

Taking a break from the drug war violence and the Kavanaugh  and other Trump nightmares with current Hurricane Rosa updates.

Here she comes:


From The National Hurricane Center - with lots of maps to play with:

Key Messages for Hurricane Rosa 


From The National Hurricane Center

Hurricane Rosa Public Advisory 


So in our location Rosa will hit as a Tropical Storm.  The authorities are ready and prepared, schools will be shut down Monday and Tuesday. 

Weather permitting, Tuesday (10/02) @ midnight the main aqueduct valve will be shut down as previously planned affecting 460 colonias in Tijuana and Rosarito Beach.  There will be no water until Friday the 5th.  

So, if you don't have a pila, well you know how the story goes.  Here, I'm doing laundry like crazy so we don't drain the pila - Paris needs her blankies washed, she insists. The last time we went through this, when the H20 came back on it blew pipes and there was massive flooding in homes and on the streets.  We installed a pressure regulator, hope it works. Hope we don't have to replace the roof again. Yep, Rosa is creating a SSE swell, but I wouldn't go out in the water, nope. Late yesterday afternoon you could feel the humidity building.  Get out your candles, if the electricity stays on at SADM it will be nothing short of a milagro.

From Frontera:

ACTUALIZACION: Seran 460 Colonias Las Que Se Quedaran Sin Aqua En Tijuana y Rosarito 


UPDATE/edit @ 3:00pm:

Here is the latest on Hurricane Rosa which has been significantly downgraded, particularly for our region.  I could not find information if the schools south of Ensenada and San Felipe will still be shut down this coming Monday & Tuesday.   So, we are still expecting rain and most likely the electricity will go out here at SADM:

From The National Hurricane Center  with current graphics:

Hurricane Rosa

Hurricane Rosa Forecast Discussion:


In Tijuana, the projections for the most affected colonias and areas and emergency numbers for all Municipalities:

From Frontera: 09/29 @ 11am

'Rosa' Llegan Como Tormenta Tropical a BC:  Proteccion Civil 

end edit.


Meanwhile, an earthquake out in Mexicali:

More pics & info here.
Oh soory, that's the narco tunnel out in Jacume across from Jacumba Hot Springs from a few days back courtesy Proceso...they are reporting it was very sophisticated .
More pics & info here.

Here's the quake:

4.9 @ 7:17pm so far no reported injuries

 From Frontera:

Sacude Temblor de 4.9 a Mexicali Con Epicentro En El Valley
Por, Carlos Lima - 09/28 @ 7:29pm 


UPDATE/edit 09/29 3:09pm:

I said I wasn't going to this, but here are links for all the latest on the Kavanaugh  disaster.  At The Intercept, hoping they will bundle all of their reports on this recent travesty.  Meanwhile do not miss the comments and links within the comments:

The Intercept 

Latest on Immigration Disaster:

The War On Immigrants 

Of course, Democracy Now ! 

Under Hot Topics you will find Kavanaugh, Immigration, Climate Change...the works.


Local drug war events:

It looks as though we will actually be able to say the executions have slowed down this past month of September, the body count for TIJ is 190+ dead - which is less than previous months. YTD total killed just in TIJ=1,855. 

 However, it is always unclear if these lulls are due to the cartels reloading.  You might want to keep your eye out not only on local events, but National events where there have been huge clashes between the cartels and the authorities.

 - From Frontera:

Contabilizan 7 Ejecutados en 7 Horas
Por, Angel F. Gonzalez - 09/29/18 8:18am

Frontera Policiaca

Zeta Tijuana 


Stayed up until 5:00am trying to capture Daca Bob's girlfriend Suzie so we could take her into Dr. Silva's  for shots and to be fixed...otherwise I'm going to wind up with kittens.  Completely unsuccessful, will keep trying - but she really is a sweet little thing.

end edit.


 see y'all later. 

Jimi Hendrix - The Wind cries Mary from Simbelmyne on Vimeo.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Brett Kavanugh (spelled wrong on purpose) Got Some 'Splanin To Do - Updates 09/24: Frontera Reports @ 8:13am 154 Dead in TIJ - YTD Total in TIJ Is 1,818

Extremely behind here due to three trips up to the States last week; Paris was at VCA once again, but she has finally recovered from a weird bug she picked up.  Yesterday I was able to give her a bathers and she had her first full meal (Mike cooked her a New York). This is a problem with Bassetts - they are hounds and always have their noses down sniffing around getting into they are ultra sensitive. Bob the Daca cat is by her side.

 In between times we have been following the Kavanaugh saga with the accusations from Dr. Christine Blassey Ford (whom we both believe) while Trump and his idiot son minimize and dismiss her charges along with most Republicans.  Now when I see Mitch McConnell I want to vomit.
He was always a turtle head.

Y'all remember this guy...the flasher !

Yesterday late afternoon more charges emerged regarding Brett Kavanugh  (I spelled that wrong on purpose) from yet another woman:

From the New Yorker:

Senate Democrats Investigate a New Allegation of Sexual Misconduct, From Brett Kavanaughs College Years
By, Ronana Farrow & Jane Meyer - 09/23/18 

Stormy Daniel's attorney Michael Avenatti adds more fuel to the fire (keep in mind though that Ryan Grimm has noted this story may be going nowhere in so many words).  But still...

 From The Hill:

Avenatti Says He Has Witnesses Who Can Back Sexual Assault Claims Against Kavanaugh
By, Aris Folley - 09/23/18 


Next, as far as we know, Kavanugh & Dr. Blassey Ford with both be testifying on Thursday 27th, and Diane Feinstein (oh finally she does something right) calls for a postponement of the the key Judiciary Committee vote.

More up to date interviews and opinions:

Democracy Now (and don't miss all the news) 

Brett Kavanaugh|Democracy Now 


Unfortunately, Mexico who is famous for their Novelas has not at least locally been covering the Kavanugh story - and it would make a great Novela.


Locally it has been horrible, PGJE building attacked in Tijuana, another Police Officer murdered, many killings throughout Ensenada , Pabillon's in Rosarito has become a shooting gallery, drug tunnel located out in Jacume across from Jacumba, and the executions just keep mounting in Tijuana. Taking care of Paris kept my mind distracted, but the truth is, people are scared.  AMLO was in town - thousands turned out to greet and cheer him on...he looked worried to me.  I'll be back tomorrow with those updates and latest reports on Immigration Atrocities thanks to Donald Trump.

UPDATE/edit 09/24:

 - We are past the midmark of the month, so it is difficult to say if September will continue the trend of hitting at least 200 dead from the drug war in Tijuana.  In order to understand or get a sense of how the Mexican people are feeling about the violence, here is the latest survey:

From Frontera:

Ocho de Cada Diez Tijuanenses se Sienten Inseguros: Encuesta
Por, Said Rodriguez 

Pasted For You:

Eight out of ten Tijuanenses feel insecure: Survey
By: |
TIJUANA, Baja California (GH)
Eight out of ten (81.2%) Tijuanenses feel insecure, as reflected in the last citizen perception report of the Metropolitan Center of Economic and Business Information (Cemdi) regarding the first semester of 2018, this statistic exceeds the national average that is set in 79.7%.

The director of Cemdi, Rubén Roa Dueñas pointed out that 84.6% of the women surveyed feel insecure when driving on the streets, it is the highest rate registered, however in the case of men there is also a high percentage that does not feel sure to be walking on the roads of the city with 77.8%.

It may interest you: Low perception of insecurity in Tijuana up to 5%, according to Inegi

"Our function is to generate transparent statistics, we are not going to tire of publishing the findings that the citizenship gives us and the impacts to the economy, we want CDT to do well and promote investment, and this is a way to give clarity to the authorities the thinking of the people, "he said.

ATMs with 77% are still the places where people take the most precautions, followed by transportation with 65.4% and with 57.6% the public road as the most insecure places in Tijuana according to the public perception.

The state and municipal police do not generate confidence
The state police was the lowest in the index of trust on the part of the citizens in Tijuana with 3.4%, while the municipal police also came out with a very low 3.6%, while the Federal Police registered a 7.8% and the armed forces like army and navy have a confidence of 19.3%.

You may be interested: Perception of insecurity decreases 12.8% in Tijuana: Cemdi

In the face of the homicides that continue to plague the city, there was a 10% increase in the witnessing of the sale and consumption of drugs with respect to the last quarter (48.9%), something that draws attention and for what the CDT urged to combat the crime prevention.

"We must work more in the prevention of crime and all technological tools to ensure the safety of citizens," he said.

Finally, Roa Dueñas mentioned that it is irrelevant to ask if the delinquents, aggressors or even victims are from Tijuana or from abroad, since the city has historically been nourished on the basis of migration.

"The city has been very kind because of the geographical location and its proximity to the North American market, it would be pointless to delve into the origin of the criminals." concluded.


 - On 09/20/18 Frontera reported the number of murders in Tijuana exceeded the numbers from last year (same time period).  At this point, the YTD total for Tijuana was 1,789 dead:

From Frontera

Impone 2018 Nuevo Record En Homicidios
Por, Angel F. Gonzalez - 09/20/18


 - Today, Frontera reports @ 8:13am there have been 154 homicides in Tijuana, giving the city a YTD figure of 1,818 people dead from the drug war.  Since then, I am counting three more.

From Frontera:

Balean a 2 En Puntos Distintos de Tijuana
Por, Angel F. Gonzalez

To follow the conflict, including attacks on Police, one Municipal Police  and another wounded, PGJE Offices attacked in the Zona Rio, the narco tunnel just across from Jacumba Hot Springs in Jacume (although we are not receiving much information on this tunnel as far as how sophisticated it was and if it went under the "Fence" - only that it was discovered by the PEPO's on a tip and used for both drug and human smuggling), the body parts,burned bodies, narco-mantas, chopped off heads left in containers, and attack on USBP personnel and vehicle off of Avenida International (arrest made in this case),weapons and drug busts go here where you can also click portada for the other daily news & great editorials:


Frontera Policiaca|twitter

 - A bit later this afternoon, Zeta reported  21 people assassinated over this last weekend including one this morning putting the monthly total in Tijuana @ 160 dead: 

From Zeta:

21 Asesinatos Durante el Fin de Semana, en Tijuana 

Also, alert out for using ATM's in be careful:

Alertan Por Robos en Cajeras Automaticos de Ensenada
Por, Lorena Lamas


Of course, Zeta for daily updates and editorials, political and national events:

Zeta Tijuana


Speaking of Ensenada , check here for most recent events of the drug war - as you can see there have been several killings:

From El Vigia:



 - You will remember local Carmen Guiterrez from many years back reporting the drug war, corruption and social anomalies  - she has the Rosarito beat at Frontera and keeps us all informed.  Here's a rundown of drug war events so far this last month in Rosarito Beach:


Ataque Armado al Interior de Restaurante de Mariscos en Rosarito
Por, Carmen Gutierrez 


Hombre Recibe al Menos Cuatro Disparos en Rosarito
Por, Carmen Gutierrez


Localizan Mujer con Tres Impactos de Bala en Corredor 2000 Rosarito
Por, Carmen Gutierrez


Localizan Cadaver con Varias Disparos en Playa de Rosarito
Por, Carmen Gutierrez


This was the shooting at the Love Bar in Pabellons which left  one dead and two wounded; and another man wounded by gunfire in the parking lot of the Home Depot:

Balacera Deja 1 Muerto y 2 Lesionados Rosarito
Por, Carmen Gutierrez


Matan a hombre a Tiros en Colonia Constitucion de Rosarito
Por, Carmen Gutierrez

More Rosarito Reports here, although backlogs not included  for previous months.

end edit thank god.

Oh, and Reuban noted we have had four blackouts here at SADM in just the past few weeks,one of which  I think blew out my speakers on the computer so I can't listen to this but you for Kavanugh( aka Mean Mr. Mustard) the flasher although now we are learning through Democracy Now ! that he did more than flash it, he put it in her face. I didn't see that in the USMSM, wow.

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Los Updates: Zero Tolerance & The Separation of Families - AMLO - Denisse Dresser on the Legalization of Drugs in Mexico - Current Drug War Stats for TIJ: From Zeta 07/24 @ 3:23pm There Have Been 176 Murders/Executions Month of July

Simply put, we loved him

 Once again I was side tracked by this awful heat which makes me sick and last night we watched the first part of "Bobby Kennedy For President" documentary which Mike had downloaded.  I was in tears, puddles of them reliving the past.  I mentioned to another person that I could not believe we were so naive back then and it never occurred to most of us at that time that "they" would get rid of Bobby eventually.  If you get a chance, watch this documentary -  five stars out of five stars.

Let's start off with.....

Zero Tolerance & The Separation of Families in the USA

The United States Government has until this Thursday to get their shit together and reunite the families of immigrants they outrageously separated.  I don't think they are going to make the deadline - they might squeak through then pat themselves on their backs and say "Look how great we are !" What will happen to the hundreds who have been deported back to their countries while their kids remain locked up in the USA? Even the so-called move to ban and dismantle ICE fell apart at the last moment due to political reasons, that is how spineless our government is.

  For weeks, the Corporate MSMedia has been spot on with outstanding coverage of the atrocities, here are just some the most recent, of course these are just the tip of the iceberg:

 - From CNN  - 07/24/18

Exclusive: Listen to Separated Moms Beg For Their Kids in Court
By, Tal Kopan & Nick Valencia

 - From MSN  -  07/24/18

CBS News  - 07.24/18

Migrantes Describe Frigid Hungry Days In ""Ice Boxes" and "Dog Pounds"
By, Graham Kates

 - From ABC News - 07/24/18

Government, ACLU Differ on Wait Time For Asylum Seekers
by, Elliot Spagat, AP

 - From Reuters -  07/24/18

U.S. Urges Judge to Allow Quick Removals of Reunited Families
 By, Tom Hals


  Not exactly MSM:

 - From TeleSur -  07/24/18

Traumatized Children Drugged Without Consent at US Immigrant Shelter: Report


Probably the most concise coverage which has been receiving widespread MSM attention:

 - From The Intercept:

"As the Trump administration has ratcheted up its vicious crackdown on immigrants, The Intercept has been reporting from the front lines and the borderlines — exposing the lies and the inhumanity of U.S. immigration enforcement agencies."

The War On Immigrants

And more in details & coverage with interviews:

 - From Democracy Now !

Immigration|Democracy Now ! 


BTW, Frontera reported yesterday that 120 of their fellow countrymen including  25 children have fled the states of Michoacan and Guerrero seeking asylum in the USA.  They are being cared for by the civilian group Movimiento Juventud 2000 AC in Tijuana who will be helping them with the process and acting as intermediaries with the Mexican INM.

Here is the Facebook site for the Movimiento Juventud 200 AC with directions if you want to take supplies to help them out:

Movimiento Juventud 2000 AC



Clearly the US Corporate - MSM has not been giving President-elect AMLO coverage. Assuming that this could be about the lunatic Trump taking center stage, keep this in mind from The Canary.

 It has been a whirlwind of activity and probably the best and easiest way to summarize these events would be to give you the Telesur link which is in English and covers the stories with video: (note the latest killing of journalist in Cancun)

The re-Negotiation of NAFTA

The Proposed Legalization of Drugs

The Creation of Truth Commissions for Disappeared People

Zapatista's Reject Padre Solalinde and AMLO 

AMLO Cuts His Salary by 60%

Pope Francis to Participate in Mexico's Peace Process

Public Peace Forums

The Legislative Agenda

An End to Mexico's Energy Dependence  - Especially on USA

The Women of AMLO's Cabinet 

Regional Policy on Venezuela

AMLO & Mexico's Business Sector

Military Off The Streets

No Presidential bodyguards 

You have to do a little work, type AMLO in the search box and click search Telesur - AMLO 


Perhaps the reasoning behind the non coverage of AMLO by the US MSM is that these issues are rattling the US Military-Industrial Complex and making the United States look like something from out of the Dark Ages (which it is).

 Here's a look at an editorial by Denise Dresser on the legalization of drugs from a couple of days ago - and even more people are talking about the legalization of poppies.
Columnas - Ideas y Palabras

Toca Regular
Por, Denisse Dresser

Denisse Dresser

"Here are the reasons to support the process of pacification announced by the government at the door, which includes the decriminalization of marijuana:
1. Because the futility of the war on drugs - as it is done today - is becoming more and more obvious. More evident. More painful It has not contributed to combating violence, it has exacerbated it. It has not deactivated organized crime, rather it has contributed to its encystment and expansion. It has not resolved the historical problems of political corruption and government complicity; it has only helped deepen them.
2. With the new government, Mexico has the opportunity to determine its own destiny and make decisions that strengthen its national security, regardless of what the US government demands. Political stability and social cohesion are at stake, as the last ten years have shown to do the same, only with worse results.
3. It would be the way to break the addiction of the predecessors of AMLO to a failed drug policy that has led to devoting more and more resources, more money, more weapons and more troops to a war that can never be won.
4. If we do not move to a new paradigm, it will be another six years of militarization and death, but with an increasingly weak and inefficient state. The deterioration of the security situation will continue to be progressive and lethal.
5. The decriminalization of marijuana for recreational and medicinal use could become an instrument -among others- able to face a market too powerful to be overcome by any government. Enrique Peña Nieto and Felipe Calderón tried to dismantle it and failed. The legalization, accompanied by a robust state regulation, could break the economic structure that produces huge profits for unstoppable mafias. And that would be a first step to reduce violence, contain corruption and pacify Mexico.

6. There are already successful examples in many countries and states of the American Union that can be emulated, where decriminalization progresses and regulation works. The collection of taxes on their marketing provides substantial resources to governments that use them to provide public goods.

7. The turnaround motto should be like that of the state of Colorado and others that have decriminalized: "let's do business, not war." Based on the government regulation of cannabis in 2012, taxes on its marketing have generated income dedicated to the construction of schools and public services. The profits do not go to organized crime but to society, producing multiple benefits, including the reduction of the population imprisoned for the possession of a drug whose use would no longer be considered a criminal act.

8. The major challenge, as it has been raised by Lourdes Cárdenas in the book Marijuana; the trip to legalization, would be to create strong and reliable institutions that can withstand what would involve the legalization of cannabis, regulate its production until its sale, passing through the payment of taxes, the granting and monitoring of private crops, control of consumption among minors, the prevention of addictions, among many other topics. This scenario is difficult to see due to the regulatory and revenue weakness of the Mexican State. As many have warned, the process would probably have to be gradual, supported by scientific information, in the objective collection of data, in the clarification of social opinions and in the construction of solid institutions that lead the process.

9. The decriminalization and regulation of marijuana would free the Armed Forces from tasks that do not touch them, while it strengthens and professionalizes police officers committed to daily crime, which is not linked to drug trafficking, which most affects the population.

10. The post-election conjuncture has created an important space for innovation and a mandate for change. This is the time for a foundational rethinking. Forward to the ideas proposed by experts, academics, analysts from different latitudes. Welcome the turn promised by Olga Sánchez Cordero at the head of a Ministry of the Interior whose attention would be centered where it corresponds: on routes to ensure peace and not continue with the war, in new strategies and not in old mistakes. Tap regular."


Current Drug War Fatalities For Tijuana for the month of July:

The Drug War continues despite the overall exuberance over the AMLO victory.  We will all have to wait until he is actually sworn in 12/01/18, so there are four months and a few days left; it is unclear at this point if the new President-elect will have a calming effect on the battling cartels during the interim.

Frontera reported on 07/23/18 @ 8:00am that there had been 151 murders/executions in the city giving Tijuana the YTD figure of 1,337 dead.

Frontera - 07/23/18 @ 8:00am

Acumula Julio 151 Asesinatos
Por, Angel F. Gonzalez

This afternoon, Zeta reports 14 more in a little over twenty four hours giving a larger number of 176 for the city of Tijuana with no arrests on these.

Zeta - 07/24/18 @ 3:23pm

14 Ejecutados En Las Ultimas Horas en Tijuana

Rosarito, Ensenada, Mexicali and Tecate have also had more executions, plus the narco mantas and threats and kidnappings are back, I'll return to those.

Meanwhile, to stay abreast of the situation here are a couple of links for you:

Frontera Policiaca twitter

Zeta Tijuana 


Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Escalating Mayhem - UPDATE 01/22/18: CCSP Crime Report Tijuana - Another Attack on Municipal Police in Ensenada

Sorry...let's see how late am I ?  About three weeks ?  Just overwhelmed here with everything. Despite the Government Shutdown, Mike still has to go to work as "essential personnel" which isn't good for me because I need him here to get some work done on this house. Paris is doing better every day, she goes to VCA this week then not again until the end of next month - we are hoping Dr. Jackson will give the all clear for old time walkies (except that I'm still wearing the boot) ! So let's focus on some stats.

Courtesy Zeta: Tijuana Executions 2017

According to Zeta whose numbers are higher than those of the Mexican authorities and the U.S. corporate media, at the end of the day on 12/27/17 Baja California registered 2,244 executions which is a 83.78 % increase over last years total.  By the end of December 2017 there are discrepancies over the actual number of executions in the Municipalities.

El Ano Mas violento Del Sexenio
Por, Rosario Mosso Castro

Even if we accepted the official numbers rather than Zeta's, in Tijuana alone with the official count for 2017 at 1,744 executions there was a 90 % increase in the killings compared to 2016:

Aumentan en Tijuana 90 % Homicidios en el 2007
Por, Luis Gerardo Andrade

Update/edit -  01/22/18:  Today Zeta posted the CCSP Crime Report for Tijuana whose homicide figures are more like Zetas, with much higher number than we are receiving from the Mexican authorities and the US corporate media.  In Tijuana, 2017 ended with 1,780 homicides according to the CCSP, a well respected and accurate source.  Here is that report :

Zeta - 01/22/2018
En 2017 Aumentaron Robos y Homicidios: CCSP

end edit


 In the United States, we constantly read in the corporate media the same "reasons" for the violence in Mexico however we rarely if ever read proposals to improve social conditions. It would be insane to expect a public discussion of supply and demand during the Trump era, don't ever expect it. In Mexico the social fabric has become unraveled and the prospects for social improvement in the United States which is also in shreds will remain grim.

 But we are expected to swallow the cough syrup like good children and resign ourselves to social breakdown.  Forinstance, I keep reading reports from the United States that Baja California (Tijuana in particular) is not witnessing the same type of violence which took place here back in 2008; the restaurants are full, Tijuana is busy they say, authorities are not being assassinated, business owners are not being kidnapped (even though others certainly are) - all this in order to dispel any notion of chaos on the border.

According to the US corporate media, 2017 saw few if any bodies hanging from bridges as in 2008.  What they did not mention were the burned bodies, the decapitated bodies, the mutilated bodies thrown into the public streets and main highways or stuffed into suitcases and tambos or left in front of schools.  Still, the hanging bodies just might be making a comeback:

Courtesy Zeta


Cuelgan Cadaver con Narcomensaje en Puente 


According to the US corporate media, few if any authorities are being attacked.  Strange, Lorena Lamas addresses the authorities attacked and killed in Ensenada (aside from those in Tijuana last year) along with the executions and one hundred and eleven "deprivations of liberty" (kidnappings):

186 Ejecutados en Ensenada 
Por,  Lorena Lamas


Courtesy Zeta

 - PEPO patrol attacked by five gunmen driving a Suburban in Playas de Tijuana.  Three of the gunmen are captured, one was the owner of the suburban and member of the "Shelltown" gang of San Diego.

5 Hombres Atacaron a la PEP en Playas
Por, Isai Lara Bermudez

(Note:  Unknown if this was the reason for the huge traffic backup all the way back to Vons on Dennery a couple of days later due to CHP checkpoint checking vehicles going into Mexico at El Chaparral. In the past, we heard a lot about San Diego gang activity here.)

Update/edit - 01/22/2018: Another attack on Municipal Police in Ensenada today, one officer was injured:

 Disparan Contra Policias en Ensenada; en Trayecto a Hospital Chocan Contra Conductora
 Por, Lorena Lamas

end edit.


According to the the US corporate media, the executions are only taking place in the most impoverished neighborhood communities of Tijuana. But, most of the neighborhoods or communities of Tijuana are poor.  79.8 % of Tijuana's population - an increase of 12.5 % over the previous year consider Tijuana to be an insecure city :

El Ano Pasado, Empresas Mexicanas Perdieron 42 Mil 210 Millones de Pesos Por La Delincuencia
Por, Carlos Alvarez

"A survey conducted by the firm Sí Consultores, found that companies in Mexico had economic losses of 42 thousand 210 million pesos during 2017, due to robberies, kidnappings of cargo, or of motor transport equipment, as well as extortion, among other criminal acts.

The data obtained in the study were obtained through a survey of 30 thousand businesses in 58 cities affiliated with organizations such as the National Association of Self-Service Stores (ANTAD), the Confederation of Industrial Chambers (Concamin), the Chamber of the Transformation Industry (Canacintra), the National Chamber of Cargo Autotransport (Canacar) and the National Confederation of Mexican Transporters (Conatram), among others.

The survey showed that the highest losses for Mexican companies for acts of organized crime were reported in Mexico City, the State of Mexico, Guerrero, Guanajuato, Tamaulipas, Chihuahua, Baja California, Nuevo Leon, San Luis Potosi and Michoacán.

The greatest economic losses from crime for businessmen were reported in Mexico City, with 5 thousand 700 million pesos; the State of Mexico, with 4,800 million; Guerrero, with 2 thousand 800 million; Guanajuato, with 2 thousand 500 million; and Tamaulipas, with 2 thousand 400 million pesos.

In addition, the study by Sí Consultores showed that the expenses of Mexican companies in terms of security have also increased, reaching 120 billion pesos. Only ANTAD reported having allocated 30 billion pesos in prevention measures against acts of organized crime during the past year."


Percepcion de Inseguridad Aumenta 12.5 % Durante 2017
Por, Angel F. Gonzalez

Most importantly is the formation of citizen "neighborhood safety committees" which have received no US corporate media attention.  I suppose if the US corporate media actually reported on this social development they would be in essence admitting there is a huge problem here:


Vecinos Organizados Contra Inseguridad y Violencia
Por, Manuel Ayala

Pasted so you don't miss it:

"Urged to generate harmony in the face of the growing wave of violence and homicides that left a historic figure in Tijuana in 2017, and given the lack of effectiveness of the police bodies, residents of different colonies have chosen to form community groups organized to overthrow the criminal indices autonomously, even putting their lives at risk. Given the situation, municipal authorities have responded by institutionalizing these groups. There are 60 registered vigilance committees
After the end of 2016, with the highest number of homicides -909 cases- until then registered in Tijuana, residents of different neighborhoods and subdivisions began to form autonomous citizen groups to protect their safety, with the activation of rondines to monitor their own homes and those of your neighbors.
Some formed communication strategies on social networking platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp , and even undertook tactical strategies and actions with rotations and established schedules to monitor the streets of their neighborhoods and colonies, whether they were places with a certain socio-economic status or in areas that were somewhat marginalized as the East Zone, where these groups acquired certain popularity and began to replicate.
As the thefts of businesses and bystanders increased, as well as the murders in the city, these groups began to attract the attention of the media for their repeated interest in changing the ways of doing surveillance in their colonies, which also called attention of the municipal authority and of Public Security. They began to co-opt the citizen groups through campaigns such as "Neighbor Vigilante" to institutionalize them and formalize them as Citizen Security Committees.
Although in the Municipal Public Security Secretariat (SSPM) and representatives of the Public Safety Citizen Committee of Tijuana (CCSPT) agree that this has been showing some positive results, neighbors of the committees see reticence with these authorities, because although they work hand in hand with them, they believe that there is still some control on their part, which does not allow them to implement strategies for better results.

The civil association La Cacho Comunidad was created with the purpose of legal and social representation for the settlers, its president, Juan Carlos Fernández Pavón, explained to ZETA that the people in that colony began to take an interest in the issue of insecurity when at the beginning of the The current administration, led by Mayor Juan Manuel Gastélum, between December 2016 and January 2017, uncovered insecurity in a way never seen before.
They report that there were intruders stealing houses at two or three in the afternoon, cars waiting for the delinquents, women attacked while on their way to their homes and above all armed robbery in the homes; The terrible situation of insecurity and violence led them to seek alternatives for their safety in the face of the deficient work of the Municipal Police, after they continually called 911 and did not attend them, or the patrol arrived half an hour later.
The neighbors of this colony, as well as those of La Juárez and Gabilondo, agree that when they decided to meet, they initiated the actions to protect themselves. The first thing was to create a group of young people to carry out rondines in the streets, to show a vigilant presence in the streets, a dissuasive action.

In the Cacho, through a Facebook page created exprofeso, they began to recognize each other and have confidence to perform surveillance tasks in the evenings and early mornings. The neighbors began to support and generate an interaction between them, so they realized that every day and night there were acts of violence.
Fernández Pavón explained: "As soon as we began to take those reins, the miscreants went back and did not show up as before, a situation that began to be taken into account in the media, because insecurity was growing and did not I saw an answer from the authorities, it was something so positive that after the authorities turned to us and started to take us into account ".
Beyond the authority fully enter to support and help these groups to achieve security in the colonies, questioned why they did that kind of action and if they were some kind self-defense, to which they replied that they were only groups of neighbors that "they had looked for an alternative to confront the situation before the nil operative police capacity of then".
Pavón stressed that not because of the fact that they had organized and begun to carry out this type of action, they supported them, at least in the Cacho, but in that colony the support also became a result of an amparo and right of petition that they filed with the City Council. Tijuana, in which they requested a recreational park, a police booth and a moratorium for shops and buildings for vertical constructions.
This is how they managed to install the booth and the solidification of the group of rondines, because now it is well established in the social network WhatsApp , with citizen representation that is in charge of being in direct communication with the officer in charge of the colony. which has caused that from that institutionalization the response of the police bodies is much "more immediate and attentive".

Marco Antonio Sotomayor, secretary of Municipal Public Security in Tijuana, confirmed to ZETA that in many cases the neighbors were the ones who formed these vigilance committees, which to date are 60 registered and established, and who have direct contact with the supervisor of Police in the area through WhatsApp groups.
The official considers it convenient to carry out this type of correlation with the neighbors because in this way people can also provide information that allows them to react immediately or prior to the occurrence of a criminal event, while working on preventive issues, from the recovery of public spaces, talks to avoid being victims of some crime and that young people fall into addictions, to evade being co-opted by organized crime.
With these strategies, they seek to make communities safer and promote anonymous reporting, which is why the strategy is prioritized in areas with a high incidence of crime such as El Pípila, Mariano Matamoros, Sanchez Taboada, Zona Norte and Playas de Tijuana.

Sotomayor explained that this model of citizen security has to do with having people who want to participate in this, to see how they link them and how they make the operation of the police in the sector more efficient, in addition, that they are more linked to the communities.

Regarding the formation of these groups on their own initiative and before the increasing wave of violence and ineffectiveness of the police forces, Genaro de la Torre Quintanar, president of the Citizen Committee of Public Security of Tijuana (CCSPT), explained to this Weekly that they are indeed groups organized, although there are still some who have not approached, but "are not on the verge of collapse because of insecurity", nor to the extent of what was seen long ago in the Altiplano, where neighbors wanted to organize to lynch the delinquents.
He stressed that such situations are precisely what they are trying to avoid with the action of institutionalizing the committees, to let the police do their work and the population their work of "citizen intelligence", because what is involved is of not putting them at risk. Opinion that also shares the Secretary of Security, who says that without doubt must recognize the solidarity between them, who even often take risks to help a neighbor, but recommended not to do so and let the police do it.
"(Citizens) They have to be aware of the situations, because many are not worth any material loss to put our health and our lives at risk, so we ask them to immediately inform the emergency number in case of an anomalous situation. or crime in flagrante delicto, and leave the part of the police intervention to us, because these are elements that are prepared and, depending on the type of danger, act in such a way, "he explained.

In addition to not exposing citizens, De la Torre Quintanar justifies that one of the objectives is to reduce the black figure that is generated when crimes are not reported to the authorities and, therefore, do not enter the official statistics; Currently, this black figure represents 90 percent of the events and only 10% are being registered, therefore, of the 60 committees registered with the SSPM, they as Citizens Committee are already working with 15 in that situation.
Mainly through the program "Neighbor Vigilante" in colonies such as Colinas de Agua Caliente, Jardines de Agua Caliente, Lomas de Agua Caliente, Hippodrome, Chapultepec, Cacho, Juárez, Playas de Tijuana, Libertad, Fraccionamiento Las Californias, Magisterial Otay, 10 de May, Lomas Residential Complex, Las Huertas, Las Palmas and Santa Fe.
He added that what they seek is for people to denounce, since it is very important to "shoot down the black figure" and it is necessary that the statistics really come out what is happening, otherwise, the figures are often "incredible" with the reality, and assured, without a doubt these groups "of course" have come to pay to the work against the insecurity, because it is a correspondence task with the Police.

To conclude, Juan Carlos Fernández Pavón stressed that although they have achieved things and organized well, they know well how to do these things and help against crime, there is still some reluctance on the part of the authorities.
That is to say, "although the groups are amalgamated with the authorities, in the end they do not allow these groups or the citizens to grow ... it seems that these groups are not intended to acquire greater strength or stand out in such a way because it is replicated in other colonies, and it is thought that they can acquire a certain autonomy that can be counterproductive against the authority ".

Criminal incidence in Tijuana on the rise

During 2017, crime incidence figures in Tijuana were on the rise. According to the statistics provided by the Public Security Secretariat of the State (SSPE), which covers up to December 15 of the same year (because the cut of the last month do so until January 15), the total of robberies to houses was 2 334, of which 153 were violent and 2 thousand 181 only taking valuables.
This same statistic showed that a total of 2, 283 robberies were committed to passers-by on public roads, of which 1,521 were perpetrated with violence (gun or knife) and 762 without violence; in terms of business robbery, the figure was 3, 566, of which violence was used in 2 thousand 787 and 779 were without violence, which gives a total of 8 thousand 183 robberies in these three areas that permeate directly in the society.
Derived from this situation, businessmen from Tijuana undertook campaigns such as the installation of 26 mobile police booths, also last year, mainly in colonies in the Eastern Zone such as Camino Verde and Mariano Matamoros, where the greatest number of crimes are presented, and others such as Francisco Villa y la Libertad, with the idea of ​​inhibiting criminals, according to ZETA informed the president of the Employers Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex) in Tijuana, Gilberto Fimbres.
Each of these booths has a municipal police officer in charge and intelligence services such as cameras for monitoring, computers, radio communicators, telephone, information system, transportation, health services, among other things. In addition, they are interconnected with C2, that is, they act as "mini commanders" very close to the community and have an approximate cost of 200 thousand pesos each.
In addition, on Thursday, January 4, the business sector began the campaign " Denúncialos Tijuana ", which will be screened throughout this year with the gradual installation of 33 spectacular in different parts of the city, in which the faces of the people who have committed more than five crimes to businesses and have arrest warrants.
Mario Escobedo Carignan, president of the Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Canaco-Servytur), explained that it is about inhibiting criminals and involves citizen participation with their complaints, in order to regain confidence in the authorities because they as businessmen they will be vigilant that everything is carried out anonymously and the complaints reach the corresponding instance in order to punish the offender.
According to the head of Canaco Tijuana, they have identified around 130 alleged criminals throughout the city, therefore, they will be sharing the faces of the "delinquents" according to the areas where they usually commit their crimes.
As for the neighborhood safety committees, there is a police officer assigned to each of the 60 that make up this program."


Courtesy Frontera

Meanwhile, this mornings headines from Frontera - in twenty days, there have been more than 100 homicides in Tijuana:

Registra TIJ Mas de 100 Asesinatos en 20 Dias
Por, Luis Gerardo Andrade

Luis Gerardo Andrade puts the number more like 106, but that was early this morning.  We'll see how it goes.

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