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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Why The Heck Didn't More Americans Demonstrate Against Bolsonaro's Visit ? Over One Hundred Executed In TIJ This Month - Attacks on Policia Double - Santiago Roel Has the Last Word On The Violence In Mexico


Was anyone out there surprised as I was that not more Americans protested the Bolsanaro visit with the crazy man ?  Could it be because the U.S. consensus of right wing radicalism is on the rise ? I think about that a lot, especially when we want to leave here due to the violence and the pollution, particularly the ocean contamination - we cannot even take a dip out in front of us and the past two early mornings the stench is horrible - more raw sewage coming down the baranca.  BTW, I found a house out in Warner's but I have to win the lottery because we'll never be able to sell this place, and it looks like it needs quite a bit of work, everything including a pool.

Meanwhile there has been some coverage of the protest which did happen:

  ~ From Telesur - 03/18/19 :

"Bolsonaro is a Murderer' Signs Greet Brazilian President in US

 ~ From Radio Mayabeque 

Protests Against Bolsonaro's Visit to the United States
by, Jose Daniel - 03/18/19 


Did you think I was kidding when I said the consensus in the United States towards right wing extremism is on the rise ?

 ~ From CBS:

Concern Grows Over Fed's Sluggish Response To Rise of Right-Wing Extremism
By, Jeff Pegues - 03/19/19 


Probably the most current and actually the best in depth coverage of Bolsonaro & Brazil are coming from The Intercept & Democracy Now !  Needless to say, we are worried about Glenn Greenwald and his family who actually live there:

~ From The Intercept - and do not miss the Related Reports regarding Bolsanaro under the articles:

 Video:As Brazils' Jair Bolsonaro Prepares to Meet Donald Trump His Family's Close Ties To Notorious Paramilitary Gangs Draw Scrutiny and Outrage
By, Glenn Greenwald & Victor Pougy - 03/18/19

 Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro Meets With Donald Trump To Consolidate Their Far-Right Alliance 
By, Andrew Fishman & Rafael Moro Martins - 03/18/19

~ From Democracy Now ! - 03/20/19

Trump & Bolsonaro Join Forces to Back Regime change in Venezuela & To Attack Media as "Fake News"

I might add that there are a lot of people in Mexico who actually LIKE Bolsonaro.


Locally, we are at over 100 executed this month in Tijuana, I'll be back later tonight with those reports.  Daca Bob was in another cat fight and hurt his leg again.  Paris wants to move to Warner's and says woof.


The Violence Continues.....A Sampling of Reports while I was recovering....

According to the authorities, there has been a 34% reduction in violent crime in Tijuana:

 ~ From Zeta:

Queremos bajar un poco mas los homicidios - Sanchez Gonzales
Por, Julieta Aragon


"In the last three months and after the arrival in Baja California of elements of the Federal Police, as well as the Secretariats of National Defense and the Navy, homicides in Tijuana have dropped 34 percent, said José Fernando Sánchez González, manager of the Ministry of Public Security of the State.
However, "we want to lower them a little more," said the official who replaced Gerardo Sosa Olachea since March 15. So, the encomienda conferred by Governor Francisco Vega de Lamadrid, is to continue working in a coordinated manner with the three levels of government.
For which, he said, we already established contact with the Secretaries of Public Security of the five municipalities and the states of Baja California Sur and Sonora.
Although he did not specify the strategy to be followed in the fight against crime, Sánchez González mentioned that they will continue to work in coordination with the other levels of government and in actions to prevent the consumption of alcohol, drugs and violence.
Regarding the increase in attacks that the police have suffered, he commented that these are a response from organized crime to the "frontal fight" that is taking place.

He added that they are working on the operational deployment and training of the uniformed to take care of them too, because they go out to the streets to protect the security of the population every day.
On the other hand, considered as "fortuitous" the case of a subject who killed a man in the Arcángeles Hospital, in Mesa de Otay last Sunday.
In his opinion although this time the protocol was not complied with because before the authority to obtain the information of the man who had been shot, due to the fact that the operation of the dependencies was exceeded, the protocol works in other cases, therefore, it is not proposed to revise it, nor to reinforce security in hospitals that treat injured by firearms.
In the event "Sum of Efforts for Prevention", the general directors of the CECyTE BC, José Luis Kato, and the Cachanillas campus, Ramón Reynoso Cervantes, asked for security to be reinforced, through the installation of a police station and constant patrolling in the vicinity of the place, since students have been victims of assaults, which are becoming more frequent.
"It's a difficult point. The day we had the assault of the 5 youths opposite to the primary school set fire to a vehicle with one person inside. Last Sunday, on the side of the ramp, a person appeared in a tambo, "said Reynoso Cervantes.
This Tuesday, March 19, the young people went out to pick up weeds in a street next to the upper secondary school in order to contribute to the fact that there are no hiding places that can make them more easily prey to insecurity. (With information from Eduardo Andrade)"

More than ever, it has been the Policia who have been the targets:

~ From Zeta:

Policias de Tijuana Sufren el Doble de Ataques Armados
Por, Ines Garcia Ramos  - 03/11/19

" More and more municipal police are attacked in Tijuana. It is not a matter of direct aggressions, but of criminals who, in order not to be detained, respond with bullets or bladed weapons. In 27 months, 95 attacks have been recorded in which ten agents have lost their lives in compliance with their duty, in addition to 33 injured. The SSPM attributes the increase to the greater presence of arms in the city and impunity.

The holes of the bullets are counted throughout the house. In windows, doors, a microwave oven, a plaid blanket hung as a curtain and in the kitchen sink. On the floor there are blood stains, pieces of glass and wood between water and a little mud.

It is the scene of an armed confrontation that left one policeman without life, another with a shot in the neck and one more wounded. The exchange of bullets ended when the man who confronted the municipal agents committed suicide.

It happened at dawn on March 5 and is the most recent of 22 attacks against elements of the Municipal Police of Tijuana that have been registered since January 1, 2019.
Under this number, every third day, a municipal police officer is attacked with bullets or with a knife, an increasing number according to information from the Municipal Public Security Secretariat (SSPM).

In 2017 there were twenty events of this type. By 2018, the figure had risen to 45 and in five days of March in 2019, the number had already exceeded the 2017 statistics and represented half of all the attacks counted in the previous year.

Since December 1, 2016, the date on which the current municipal administration began, 95 attacks on police officers have been registered, in which ten agents have died and 33 have been injured.
As a result of these attacks, the Municipal Police has arrested 101 of those responsible -in some events more than one person participated-, has left 22 injured and 22 more attackers died during the clashes.

On this rising trend, Marco Antonio Sotomayor Amezcua, Municipal Public Security Secretary, explains: "We have a complex situation in the city with the presence of criminal groups, with people who are armed with weapons that come from the United States, that we do not have a control on our border, but also, for more than two years the Law has been friendly with these criminals and allows them to be on the streets. "

The municipal official continues: "What is the option of the Tijuana Police? The only option we have is to face them and that is what has been happening. It is not an option to turn to another side and let them walk in the street with a weapon with impunity so that they deprive innocent citizens of their lives, rob them or kidnap them ".

In an interview with ZETA , one day before the attack on March 5, the head of the SSPM detailed the daily risks that a municipal policeman faces, "at all times, he is subject to a surprise attack because it is everywhere. Unlike the state authorities, the Army, the Federal Police that go in a group of two or three units, the Army, the Federal Police, the Municipal Police, is always the first response. "

According to the police report of the events recorded at dawn on March 5, the confrontation resulted from an attempt at routine review. Shortly after 2:00 am, policemen on board a patrol observed a man walking on Perla Street in Colonia El Rubí, who upon seeing the police unit, ran away.
He entered a house with blue fence and the number 20 written with white paint.

According to the report of the officers, from the door of the domicile, the man shot them twice and then entered. It was about Jasar Antonio Martínez Álvarez, 34 years old.
The police requested support through their radios and decided to enter the home. At that time, according to the officers' account, the man was no longer in the yard, but inside the house, located less than three meters from the fence. From there he continued to fire them with a 40-gauge Glock pistol.

That is how he wounded officer Enrique Gerardo Ramos Talledos, operative supervisor of San Antonio de los Buenos, a district to which the colony where the confrontation belongs belongs to.
Ramos Talledos, 30 years old, was transferred to the hospital by his own colleagues, but lost his life minutes after entering the hospital.

He was not the only policeman who was shot in the confrontation. Also agent Cristian Orobio García was shot in the face, so until the close of this edition, his health was reported as serious.
The third injured, but of lesser severity, was Adrián Santaella Guevara, who suffered cuts in the abdomen due to a glass that broke with the shots on the site.

Although other units of the Municipal Police and the Mexican Army responded to the report of support, by the time the reinforcements arrived, the agents had already been injured.
According to Mario Martinez, director of the corporation, a couple of police arrived at the site to try to talk to the person in charge and so he turned himself in, but he did not allow them to approach because he was still shooting.

The official added that after a lapse of ten minutes in which no shots were heard, the officers entered the house and found lifeless Jasar Antonio in the bedroom located on the second floor.
The pistol was inches from his hand and there was a bullet wound in his temple, in apparent suicide.

On the afternoon of January 3, 2009, Jasar Antonio Martínez Álvarez was arrested along with Gilberto Zapién Hernández and José Arce Villa by elements of the State Preventive Police (PEP) in the Lomas del Hipódromo subdivision, one of the most luxurious residential areas in Tijuana. 

The three were carrying a kidnapped man and were identified by the authorities as hit men by the then leader of the Arellano Félix Cartel (CAF), Fernando Sánchez Arellano "El Ingeniero".
They were traveling in a 2007 White Trail Blazer truck that ended up completely destroyed after it crashed into several vehicles waiting at a traffic light and a tree during a chase that the PEP initiated due to the report of a man kidnapped in the same colony.

The victim, Raymundo Álvarez, stated that the armed men forced him into the truck. He admitted to the trafficking of people and having left the ranks of the CAF to work with Teodoro García Simental "El Teo", rival of "El Ingeniero" and then leader of the Sinaloa Cartel in Tijuana.

At 23, Jasar was the youngest of the detainees. Along with his accomplices, he was accused of kidnapping, organized crime and carrying weapons exclusive to the Army, as they were found two AK-47 rifles, a .380 long caliber weapon, eleven chargers, 495 useful cartridges, bulletproof vests and hoods.

After remaining nine years in prison, he was released in 2018. Although the police have no reports that he has committed a crime since leaving prison, he has criminal records prior to his arrest in 2009 for the crimes of robbery with violence and robbery. vehicle.

For the Secretary of Public Safety, Jasar Antonio was a "delinquent accustomed to face authority," but he had an advantage due to a greater field of vision, which is why on March 5 he was able to wound two elements of the corporation. before taking his life.

Although, Sotomayor Amezcua argued that the suicide of the man who confronted the police with bullets is what they could appreciate when they found the body, the Attorney General's Office of the State (PGJE) confirmed that this line of investigation is being followed.
"The first impression it gives us refers to this (suicide), but I can not guarantee it, until we collect the evidence," said Jorge Álvarez, deputy attorney general in Tijuana.
"The investigating policeman saw a body that apparently has a bullet impact on the side of the head and a gun, at first intuition there is an issue that may be suicide, but we have to carry out the investigations first, confirm the identity of the person, the ballistics tests and process the scene, "he added.

For his part, Juan Antonio Martínez, father of Jasar Antonio, expressed hours after the events to the media that his son was inside the house when the police forcefully entered the building.
The man admitted that Jasar was armed at the time and started firing at the officers, who had been released from prison in 2018 and for days before the attack drank alcohol in the wake of a problem with his partner.

The father of the assailant reported that he was in the place when the confrontation began, but that police took him by force to get him out of the house and they did not allow him to try to dialogue with his son so that "he would not do more harm, so that he would surrender "
Despite not having been inside the building when Jasar lost his life, the man ruled out that it was suicide.

In this regard, the head of the SSPM said: "It would not make any sense to deny that we had deprived us of life, when there was self-defense because since they arrive, the offender starts shooting them. That already gives the legal option to the police to enter.

"The Municipal Police has to work according to law, we understand that it can be a disadvantage because criminals do not work according to law. At the slightest suspicion, reasonable doubt, that his life is at risk, the policeman is authorized to use force. If the offender has a handgun, the police will not wait to give verbal instructions to release it. The police are authorized by the Constitution and the Penal Code to make legitimate use of force, "the official added.

Sotomayor Amezcua reiterated that, due to the characteristics of the most recent events, the aggressions to its elements are not part of a hunt.

In less than a week, a supervisor was shot and wounded when an armed man was involved, a deputy chief was also injured by a bullet when he responded to a robbery report, and an armed attack was recorded -without any injuries- to the Strategic Operations Group (GOE) and the Army, when they persecuted those responsible for a homicide.

"In these events there have been coincidences, there has been an event where the police go, see an armed criminal and there is this exchange of shots, but not where they have followed the police or there was an armed command. What it is that we are going to take measures so that this does not happen again, to reform the strategy of grouping of units, to look for that the policemen are safe to be able to give security to Tijuana ", commented.

These attacks are "a clear sign of what the police are doing, situations that are happening and we see that it is not an armed commando, it is a person with a criminal trajectory that at that time determined that it was more important that he not be arrested. his life, but it is not a direct attack to the Police, but it has to do with the preventive work of police routes ".

On the characteristics that expose municipal agents more to this type of attacks, the secretary said: "We do everything possible because the units are distributed equally, according to the criminal incidence, to emergency calls to have patrols in different areas of the city, that people see presence and inhibit the commission of crimes, but also to respond quickly to emergencies. This is also a vulnerability because these elements are alone, perhaps in a colony with a high incidence of crime, because here, unlike what happens in many parts of the country, wherever the police go. "
Regarding the violence with which the criminals respond when arrested, "to the extent that they have been detained two or three times, they know that they can be kept in preventive detention. This implies that they are seeking not to be stopped, in some cases, and in others, they are people under the influence of a drug. "

Indeed, on February 2, an agent of the Municipal Police was shot and wounded when he tried to check a man who was at a drug store in the Sonora neighborhood.
His attacker, arrested in flagrante delicto, was a former gang member from San Diego who was drugged.

"We, as Tijuanenses, feel proud of the bravery of the police officers who are facing the criminals at the cost of their own lives," concluded the head of the SSPM."

Since that report, another Ministerial Police Officer wounded:

 ~ From Zeta - 03/16/19

Policia Ministerial Resulta Herida en Ataque Armado  


" An agent of the Ministerial Police attached to the Deputy Attorney's Office for Special Investigations   (SIE) was injured after an armed attack in the vicinity of the neighborhood Lomas Conjunto Residencial, in the La Mesa Delegation, in Tijuana.

The first data refer that around   At 7:30 p.m. this Saturday, it was reported that between the streets of Paseo de las Lomas and Monte Everest detonations were heard by a firearm where apparently there were wounded police officers.

 To the place arrived municipal, state and ministerial agents, who when seeing a wounded comrade with reason of bullet in the head, they transferred it to the facilities of the Red Cross, enclosure that remains under police guard.

In the surroundings of the Lomas Conjunto neighborhood, an operation is carried out to find him or the alleged perpetrators. So far no detainees are registered."


Ghosts From the Past (2018): 

And I might add, a difficult and delicate time for this report to be published, however true that it is. The push is for spring breakers and the return of the gringo touristas. Nothing changes, same tactics. Surely the real estate or tourism industries would have preferred to forget about the past ( a little less than 3 months ago) and sweep this report  which created a firestorm in Tijuana under the bed. Lucky for them, I saw no posting of this report on the USMSM:

 ~ From Zeta  - 03/18/19:

Logra Tijuana Primer Lugar Mundial en Homicidios
Por, Lourdes Loza Romero y Patricia Tamayo 

Tijuana wins first place worldwide in homicides

 The border city went from step five to first in less than twelve months, in the list where the Citizen Council for Public Safety and Criminal Justice "highlights" the 50 cities with the highest rate of violence in the world. Both Governor Francisco Vega, Mayor Juan Manuel Gastélum and Secretary of Public Safety, Marco Antonio Sotomayor, rejected the study. The head of the SSPM argued: "It is clearly false and is totally removed from the reality that exists in Tijuana." According to Semáforo Delictivo, 2019 "started very much in red". According to the PGJE, in the first two months of the year there were 365 homicides.

Tijuana ranks first in the world, but it is not the best city in Mexico that its mayor, Juan Manuel Gastélum Buenrostro, proclaims, but the number one site and the most violent municipality in the world.

This position was obtained thanks to the 2 thousand 640 homicides that occurred in the border city during 2018, and that having a population of one million 909 thousand 424 inhabitants, averaged that in Tijuana there was a rate of 138.26 homicides per 100 thousand inhabitants , according to the study shared by the Citizen Council for Public Safety and Criminal Justice (CCSPJP)

The figures are not far from the registry that makes the Attorney General of the State (PGJE), which in 2018 had 3,157 criminal crimes committed in Baja California; 2 thousand 518 correspond to Tijuana.

The CCSPJP was in charge of carrying out the analysis that detected the 50 most violent cities worldwide, according to the figures of malicious homicides recorded; The report and its respective list referring to the 2018 figures were presented to the general public on Tuesday, March 12 in Mexico City.

But it is not the first time that Tijuana is listed among the most dangerous cities.
In May 2018, Eduardo Guerrero, security analyst for the Center for Economic Research and Teaching and partner of Lantia Consultores, considered that based on a study conducted during the first four months of 2018, this border municipality had been considered the most dangerous in the country. country.

On that occasion, the security expert considered that the increase in violence is related to the confrontation between the Arellano Félix, Sinaloa and Jalisco Nueva Generacion cartels, for the control of the local market and the fentanyl, heroin and methamphetamine transfer routes to United States, so the study conducted by the CCSPJP confirmed that crime rates continued to grow during the rest of last year.

"For a few years, murder figures were rising in the city and Tijuana was approaching becoming the most violent city in the world, more with that very important increase that has occurred in the area of ​​intentional homicides," José Antonio Ortega declared. Sánchez, president of the CCSPJP in an interview for ZETA .

In the decade that the agency has been making the list, Ortega said that 2018 is the most violent year for Mexico, given that it was ranked first with more cities on the list, and for the second year in a row, one of them occupied the first place.

"It is a worrisome situation that Mexico has, because five of the most dangerous cities in the world are Mexican. In addition, this year is the one that more Mexican cities entered, a total of fifteen, "he explained.

In general, it gives the impression at international level that the public policy that was implemented in the country on the security issue is not having the expected effect, "when we started this list Ciudad Juarez occupied the first place for three years and then left the list, because it was going down and was improving, it came out but right now it is back. It is clear that something is not working, and the face that shows our country is not the friendliest, "said Ortega.

In 2015, Tijuana was ranked number 35 on the list, with a figure of 668 intentional homicides, below cities such as Caracas, Venezuela, that year was placed in the first place with 3 thousand 946 homicides; in second place appeared San Pedro Sula, Honduras, with 885 violent crimes; and in third place San Salvador, El Salvador, with 1,918 murders.

The following year, 2016, Tijuana climbed to position 22 with 871 murders, Caracas remained in first place with 4 thousand 308 homicides, while the Mexican city of Acapulco -which a year before was located in the fourth site- was placed in the Second place, with 918 homicides. In third party appeared San Pedro Sula, with 845 murders.

In 2017, Tijuana managed to position itself as the fifth most violent city in the world, with a thousand 897 murders; Los Cabos was in the first place with 365 homicides that, in relation to its 328 thousand 245 inhabitants, achieved a rate of 111.33 murders per 100 thousand of its residents. It should be noted that it did not appear in the list of the previous year.

Also in 2017, Caracas was ousted to second place with 3 thousand 387 murders, Acapulco remained in the third place, with 910 murders, and in fourth place was the Brazilian city of Natal, with 1,378 homicides.

In the list of 2018, in the second place is Acapulco -948 homicides-, in third place Caracas remains -2 thousand 980-, Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas is located in the fourth place -314 homicides- and fifth appears Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua - 251 murders.

Within minutes of concluding on Tuesday, March 12, the Municipal Public Security Secretariat (SSPM) was the first authority to issue its rejection of Tijuana being considered the most violent city in the world.

Under this context, the unit in charge of Marco Antonio Sotomayor, stressed that homicides were reduced by 34 percent in February, while 2018 has been ranked as the lowest crime rate in the last ten years.

"We must start by accepting the problems generated by the rivalry between criminal groups that caused the homicide figures to increase significantly last year in Tijuana," the document shared by the SSPM begins.

Therefore, the corporation claims that it has faced the situation by applying the Law, for sample, the results of the various operations carried out during the previous year, highlighting the seizure of weapons and drugs, as well as the arrest of narcomenudistas.

About the CCSPJP, he indicated that it is not a public body or similar to the Public Safety Citizen Council of the State of Baja California, highlighting a series of "errors" in the methodology of the study on which the list is based and which could influence their results.

The first of these errors is "that only considers as a variable the homicide to measure violence in a city, when violence must be measured based on all crimes."

To this, it is added that it was considered to add the murders of Playas de Rosarito so that Tijuana could complement itself as a Metropolitan Area, a situation that does not occur with other cities and, in consideration of the SSPM, "this methodological error seems to have been used for Tijuana to head the ranking ".

"Nobody can go against the truth, there is no doubt that Tijuana has great security challenges, but to be considered by this study the most violent city in the world is obviously false and is totally removed from the reality that is lived in Tijuana, "he stressed.

The former was reiterated by the Governor of the State, Francisco Vega de Lamadrid, through a brief statement that at first glance is a list of crimes and favorable numbers to "clean" the name of the city.

"The Governor of the State, Francisco Vega de Lamadrid, flatly denied that Tijuana is the most violent city in the world; on the contrary, crime rates clearly show the decrease in crime in the last ten years ", is the first thing that is read in the document.
What continues, is an ode to the border city, which from the eyes of the State Government, is one of the regions with the highest foreign investment, being the most visited in Mexico and highlighted by its tourism, high rates of job creation and because "every day hundreds of Mexicans come from all over the country and from other nations", in reference to their migratory flow.

"Therefore, Vega de Lamadrid was forceful in stating that an insecure city could not present so many benefits for the one state and one country (sic)," says the text.
After presenting a series of points in which the criminal indices of both Tijuana and Baja California are compared in the last ten years, he concludes by assuring that all the achievements are the result of the Coordination Group and the Crusade for Security that unites the three government orders and all security authorities, including the Armed Forces and the Secretary of the Navy.

Like the SSPM, the State Government considered that Tijuana can not be the most violent city in the world, given that "violence must be measured based on the totality of crimes, and not only for one type of crime", which is precisely the one that has not presented a considerable decrease for a couple of years.

Santiago Roel, founder of the citizen project Semáforo Delictivo, pointed out that Tijuana begins the year "very much in the red," since during the first two months of 2019 there have been 365 fraudulent homicides compared to 2018, when 368 crimes were reported; records that are the same as those shared by the PGJE.

 "At the end of 2018, Tijuana had a very high homicide rate: 148.5 per 100 thousand inhabitants, for example, the national rate is 23 per 100 thousand inhabitants, and the world rate is 6.2; there you see the magnitude; Tijuana goes very poorly evaluated. "

He stated that the state authorities have not been able to do anything on the subject of homicide and will not be able to stop it if there is no regularization of the drugs.
"They will not be able to lower the homicides, because they are executions of drug trafficking, of those mafias that are dedicated to the black market. It is a war for the control of drugs that are brought in the whole country and that was originated by the prohibition of drugs and that exacerbates the war that it has with this market ", warned Roel.

According to the figures, some crimes have decreased and others have remained, however, drug trafficking continues to increase.

"Tijuana has one of the highest rates of homicides in the world, but I exempt local and municipal authorities, it's not theirs, but you have to put pressure on the Federal Government to regulate drugs; There is an initiative but it is asleep and it has not been discussed because it is a controversial issue. No drug should be in the hands of mafias, regulation is much healthier and it is important that Tijuana understands it. "

In the course of 2019, 425 malicious homicides have been recorded in Tijuana, according to figures from the PGJE. The majority have been victims of armed attacks due to the dispute between narcomenudistas for the control of the drug.
So far in March, 61 people have been deprived of life in events that occurred largely east of the city.
Dismembered bodies, burned, shriveled, with wounds produced by firearm and threatening legends, appeared in the first thirteen days of the current month.
At the beginning of the year, the PGJE projected the perpetration of 2 thousand 610 crimes in 2019, however, in February, after the arrival of federal forces, the effects have decreased to 2 thousand 125 victims."


 Since that report, we are up to over one hundred homicides/executions in Tijuana alone:

~ From

Hombre Ejecutado en El Fraccionamiento El Florido
Por, Angel F. Gonzalez - 03/18/19 


" After being attacked with a firearm, a man died on the outskirts of the Red Cross facilities in the El Florido subdivision today afternoon.

At 12:25 hours, a man of around 30 years old was attacked with bullets in the private Narciso, in the Margarita Residencial neighborhood.

After the attack, the victim was transferred to the hospital aboard a private vehicle, model Blazer, black.

The driver chose to take the assaulted Red Cross of El Florido, however, upon his arrival, paramedics declared the man lifeless because of the impacts.

Elements of the Attorney General's Office of the State carried out the corresponding process, to later transfer the body to the Red Cross.

The investigations were carried out by the Dolicide Homicide unit of the Ministerial Police.

In another incident, at 12:20 hours, inhabitants of Calle Ferrocarril, in the ejido Ojo de Agua, reported the presence of what looked like a burnt corpse in an abandoned home.

Experts from the PGJE went to the site and inspected the property, which was set on fire on Sunday.

Inside, the finding of a male body in a state of complete calcination was confirmed.

Statistics from the Attorney General's Office of the State indicate that March accumulates 104 violent deaths in Tijuana, with which it reaches 469 in 2019.


 I have counted at least seven more since that last report and a flurry of kidnappings both in Rosarito & Tijuana. In fact as long as we are here, check out this daylight kidnapping video in Tijuana:

 ~ From Zeta - 03/20/19

Reportan Privacion de la Libertad de Hijo y Sobrina de Chuy Labra (VIDEO)

Rosarito this month:

 ~ From

Toda la Informacion Relacionada Con Policiaca Rosarito  

They haven't put this one up yet:

De Un Tiro en La Cabeza Matan a Joven en Rosarito: 03/20/19


Santiago Roel Has the Last Word On the Violence In Mexico:

An excerpt: 

"According to Semáforo Delictivo, it is estimated that 80% of the homicides registered in the country were executions for territorial control of the drug market.
"This is the main problem of violence in Mexico and the only way to solve this tragedy is by regulating drugs to take the business from the mafias," said Santiago Roel, director of the group.
He argued that, although Morena already presented an initiative for the regulation of marijuana, "we see no progress on the issue", so he urged the legislators of the Congress of the Union to regulate that and other drugs.
He abounded:
"We are very concerned that the issue will not be understood by the new administration and now, moreover, the militarization of the National Guard will be insisted on. Drug regulation is the right way to fight organized crime and the only way to return the army to the barracks. We thought that the president and his team understood it that way, but we see that they have taken the opposite direction and now, the risk is increased by elevating militarization to constitutional rank. "
In the opinion of Santiago Roel, each crime has different treatment. "There are local police who have done a great job and, above all, a drug market is not fought with police or army, but with regulation. If Mexico regulates drugs, the homicide rate would fall by 80% and we would have a rate close to 5 homicides per 100 thousand inhabitants, instead of 23 as it closed in 2018, "he said.
And riveted:
"Let's say it again: The deterioration of security in Mexico is not the fault of the police, or of poverty, but of a government that insists on public policies of war."
In its measurement of the criminal incidence, Traffic Light also detected a decrease in the commission of the following crimes: kidnapping 15%; home theft 8%; Intentional injuries 6%, and theft to business 3%.
However, it also recorded notable increases in the following crimes: executions 22%; 15% homicide; femicide 13%; 8% violation; extortion 6%; family violence 5%, and vehicle theft 1 percent."

 ~ From Proceso:

2018, El Ano Mas Violento En Dos Decadas Con 90 Muertos Por dia: Semaforo Delictivo - 01/24/10 


You might be interested in all the events, including arrests and drug seizures and the editorials, don't miss those:

Frontera Policiaca (hit portada when you are at the report for the news & editorials) 

Zeta Tijuana

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Sunday, October 21, 2018

UPDATE: Caravana Migrante ! Aristegui Reports 5K On the March - NO TrumpYou Idiot, MEXICO DOES NOT RESPECT YOU ! - 2K + Dead In Drug War TIJ YTD - Reuban & Carmen's House Hit Last Night SADM

Neville Chamberlain & Adolph Hitler 1938

 Was Mexico's reaction in sending the Federal Police to hold back the migrantes on the Guatemalan-Mexico border an act of appeasement?  Appeasement as ya'll know is, "...diplomatic policy of making political or material concessions to an aggressive power in order to avoid conflict." All that I can say because as a foreigner living here, I am not allowed to comment on Mexican politics (oh shit, I could be deported and end up homeless, worse yet confined to a holding tank at San Ysidro POE.)
But you have to acknowledge the similarity between Trump and Hitler and the fact that the USA has always been an aggressive power worldwide specifically in both Latin and South America.

Back in 2016 I blogged this article by the great writer Charles Pierce who went on to my dismay of actually voting for Hillary instead of throwing in for Jill Stein.  None the less, worth another read - more material on USA's sordid past which have you noticed the USMSM is NOT talking about at all?
This isn't "fake" news - this is factual history:

From Esquire:

Why Is Hillary Clinton Bragging About This Endorsement ?
By, Charles P. Pierce - 08/10/2016

Proceso added this headline yesterday, and the general feeling I am observing is that yes, people (at least my Mexican neighbors) are thinking the USA snaps it's fingers and Mexico jumps:

From Proceso:

Trump Twitea Y Mexico Obedece
Por, Mathieu Tourliere - 10/20/18


Notes From Today: & If You Go to The Links, you can scoot around and check out more reports.

 - From Aristegui Noticias:  Aristegui is reporting there are more than five thousand Central Americans advancing along the Pan-American Hey with  the line of people stretching back more than six clicks.  This is within Mexican Territory, these people are without any humanitarian assistance at this point, however Mexican citizens are distributing water and some food:

From Aristegui Noticias - which certainly annuls the Jimmy Moreles account - does anyone actually believe Jimmy Moreles these days ?

Sin Asistencia Jumanitarian Gubernamental, Caravan Migrante Avanza Rumbo a Tapachula

Pasted for you:

Without governmental humanitarian assistance, migrant caravan moves towards Tapachula

More than 5 thousand Central Americans advance along the Pan-American Highway. The long line occupies more than 6 kilometers. CNDH urges governments to support them.

Photo: Isaac Esquivel / Cuartoscuro
By Ángeles Mariscal
This Sunday from an early hour began the mass exodus of some 5 thousand members of the Migrant Caravan in Mexican territory to Tapachula, Chiapas. No level of government is assisting thousands of migrants with humanitarian assistance, security, health, or food support. They are citizens who have given themselves to the task of distributing bags with water and some food.
The long line occupies about 6 kilometers of the Pan-American Highway . Those who bring their young children with them, stop for a while at the edge of the road to rest and regain strength to continue their long walk.

The delegate of the National Institute of Migration in Chiapas, Francisco Echavarría, warned that those who are under the process of immigration, should remain in the state of Chiapas and the refuge to which they were confined until their legal situation is resolved, however rejected that are "detained."

For his part, the Fifth Visitor of the National Human Rights Commission, Édgar Corzo, declared that what has been seen "is a lack of humanitarian assistance, we have seen it on the bridge, lack of medicines, people were fading (... ) I believe that they concentrated a lot on restraint and left aside what we consider to be primary that is humanitarian assistance "and reiterated that in this situation, consideration is being given to the extension of precautionary measures requested from Saturday to attend humanitarianly to the migrants, now, in the shelters.

Faced with the weariness and wear to which the Mexican government bet when trying to contain and drop the members of the caravan of migrants coming mainly from Honduras, since the evening of Saturday night people threw themselves massively from the border bridge to the Suchiate River, others spent swimming from shore to shore or on rafts and with children in their arms in the same way.

Many of them had spent more than 24 hours without food and there was no water to distribute between them, the temperature was around 32 degrees Celsius. The desperation made them take the desperate decision to pass even though the formal entrance of the border was closed and passing little by little to the migrants to lead them to process their visas or to start their refugee process.

The fear of falling from nine meters high was less than the fear of being deported to their countries of origin, to face the violence of the gangs, poverty and in general, the lack of a dignified future. Crossing the river involved swimming half a kilometer, and by raft, having five quetzales - Guatemalan currency equivalent to about 12 Mexican pesos - for the rafters. The rafts are actually tractor rim cameras on which planks are laid.

By late afternoon this Saturday, more than 80 percent of those who make up the migrant caravan that left on October 13 of Honduras -and to which migrants from El Salvador and Guatemala were adding- already spent the night in the park of Ciudad Hidalgo Chiapas
For 24 hours the Mexican authorities succeeded . In that period, counted since closing the doors, the migrants remained on the Rodolfo Robles international bridge. There they slept, there they got up and there they began to write their personal data on some sheets of paper, so that "in an orderly manner and in groups of 40", they would pass before the personnel of the National Institute of Migration (INM).

The Mexican government offered them that, after completing the process, they would take them to shelters, where they would wait for the immigration ruling. By 12 on Saturday, only 500 people had passed , according to figures reported by the Ambassador of Mexico in Honduras, Luis Manuel López Moreno.

"First women and children, first women and children," shouted some spontaneous organizers who emerged among the migrants.

The national security commissioner of Mexico, Renato Sales Heredia, and the commissioner general of the Federal Police, Manelich Castillas Craviotto, came to where the migrants , bars and dozens of police officers were. They spoke with some while their subordinates took photographs where they appeared with friendly faces. They sent water jugs and, for a moment, immigration agents and the police, behind bars, served water to the migrants.

The arrival of Sales Heredia and Castillas Craviotto, explained his subordinates, was to "monitor that everything was developing with attachment to the rights of migrants, and Mexican laws."
For its part, the government of Guatemala installed in the central park of the border city Tecún Umán, a center of attention with a big legend that says: "Do you want to return to your country? Here we support you. Immigration Information. Institutional Information". Some migrants did choose this option.

According to official figures, only 381 migrants - almost all women and children - made their registration with the INM, after which they were transferred to the shelter located in the facilities of the Mesoamerican Fair of Tapachula, about 30 kilometers from Ciudad Hidalgo. But if your visa or refuge requests are rejected, they will be deported to their country of origin."

 - La Jornada is reporting 300 Marinos Have Been Deployed To The Guatemalan Border:

Despliegan a 300 Marinos en Frontera Con Guatemala
Por, Dennis A Garcia 10/21/18 - 1:39pm

Pasted for you :

Deploy 300 marines bordering Guatemala

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Mexico City. The Secretariat of Navy-Navy of Mexico (Semar) deployed around 300 sailors to the border with Guatemala to provide humanitarian aid to the thousands of migrants, mostly Hondurans, who seek to cross into Mexican territory.

Dependency officials reported that the sailors perform work in shifts of 30 elements who provide food, water and medical attention to those who remain waiting to continue moving forward.
For them, they installed a mobile kitchen to have the capacity to provide food to the migrants who are in the border point of Suchiate, in Ciudad Hidalgo, Chiapas.

According to the commanders consulted, food aid and water supply are several tons to have the ability to provide migrants who hope to continue their way to the United States or stay in Mexico as refugees.


 - BTW, in case you missed  it, here is the band greeting the migrantes in Chiapas:

 #Caravana Migrante


 - And  Telesur is reporting this morning that there are more Migrant Caravans on their way from Honduras, El Salvador:

More Migrant Caravans To Leave Honduras, El Salvador: source 


Locally All Is Not Well....

Trump is a laughing stock down here, no one respects him, what a joke.  I'll be back with those links...meanwhile, the drug war continues non stop here. 

 - Yesterday early Frontera reported 126 executed this month in Tijuana, giving the YTD total just in TIJ at over 2,000 people killed. Within the report are the month totals for TIJ since January, so they did a lot of work on this, adding that now TIJ is ranked the number one city in Mexico for violence.  Of course since that early morning report, there have been more killed, more in Rosarito and Ensenada.  Will return at some point with those figures - nothing really noticible in Rosarito other than people seem to be laying low.  Also, when you are at Frontera, check out Portada and Editorials - also they have a special segment going on the Migrantes. I have to give Paris  bath.

From Frontera:

Suma Tijuana Mas de 2 Mil Homicidios Durante 2018
Por, Angel F. Gonzalez, Fausto Ovalle y Esther Hernandez 

 - SADM:  Reuban and Carmen's house (two houses to our north) was broken into yesterday early evening while they were at a birthday party in Rosarito. They returned home around 8:30pm to find Luther, their special baby doggie drugged (poor Luther he is 13 yrs old and suffering from arthritis) , the house slightly ransacked, all credit cards stolen and jewelry stolen and their brand new car stolen out the brand new garage Reuban built, the front door of the house was kicked in.  Obviously, someone knew exactly when they left.

We saw lights below us around 9:00pm and thought the Cubans were having a party, but no it was a police unit. About 20 minutes after the police left, I heard whistling below us.  We thought it strange that their brand new car was simply driven out the through the guarded gates.

Also, Pete's garden area that he created was torn up and destroyed.  Oh, and when the Tijuana water finally came back on here I watered my little geraniums and now they are all dead . What a disaster. Jeez, no wonder the migrantes do not want to stay in Mexico.

So just a heads up, SADM is really a weird place.  Paris wants to leave...but I don't have the paperwork for Daca Bob & Susie Q.


Monday, October 15, 2018

"I Can't Even Remember What It Was I Came Here To Get Away From" - Dr. Mireles vs. Andre Vichek -- From Truth Out: The Total Failure of Trumps Drug War Policies - From Zeta: September Total Executions in Tijuana =215 - Zeta Reports October Execution Totals for Tijuana @ 99, YTD Total For TIJ = 1,978 - Developing Report on Padre Icmar Arturo Orta Found Murdered In Rosarito Beach

Another hanging body Blvd. 2000 courtesy Zeta

In his essay, "Can President -Elect Lopez Obrador Pull Mexico Out Of Its Slumber",  Andres Vichete says of Tijuana:

"In Tijuana I witness absolute misery, I visit multinational maquiladoras that pay only an equivalent of $55 USD per week to their workers, I manage to enter gangland, and I see how the US is building a depressing wall between two countries.

I spend hours listening to stories of Sra. Leticia, who lives just one meter away from the wall.

 “They are cutting across our land, and it harms many creatures who live here. It also prevents water from circulating freely.”
 “All this used to be Mexico. North Americans had stolen several states from us. Now they are building this wall. I visited their country on several occasions. And let me tell you: despite all our problems, I like where I am, at this side!”

Then, late at night, I listen to a man who knows his country from north to south, from east to west. We are sitting in a small café; sirens are howling nearby, another murder has just taken place. He faces me squarely and speaks slowly:

“Mexico has its back against the wall. This situation cannot continue. This is our last chance – Andrés Manuel López Obrador. We will rally behind him, we will help him. If he delivers what he promises, great; then Mexico will change and prosper. If not, I am afraid that our people will have no other choice but to take up arms.”


In our neighborhood, we have not heard about the local Mexican people taking up arms, nor have we heard this from Mexican nationals we know throughout Baja California.  You might be saying under your breath - 'Well, they certainly aren't going to tell, you're a gringa." But we have heard from Mexicans and gringos alike who want desperately to leave.  We have heard and read that the Zapatistas and the EZLN have been anti-AMLO and anti-organized crime and the narcos from the very beginning, indeed are armed and aim to stay that way.  Even Padre Solalinde could not win them over.

 As I was reading Vitchek's piece and  his description of Tijuana, I thought - he is right, it is in a miserable state.  But then I thought back to last August and the Inez Garcia Ramos interview of Dr. Jose Manuel Mireles when he was in town; I'm going to paste this for you, it is important:

Dr. Jose Mireles in Tijuana courtesy Zeta

Mireles Dejo Las Armas, Ahora Buscan "Despertar Conciencias"
Por, Ines Garcia Ramos - 08/27/2018

Mireles left the weapons, now seeks to "awaken consciences"

After spending almost three years in prison, José Manuel Mireles rules out re-leading an armed movement. Now, the 59-year-old doctor travels the country collecting money to free 258 self-defense groups who are still imprisoned; meets with organized groups of civil society and criticizes the ruling class. Question: "Or do you conceive that a poor nation has billionaire rulers?"

José Manuel Mireles Valverde has changed short sleeve shirts and jeans for a dark suit and tie, but retains his traditional black hat. He is about to enter a gala dinner in Tijuana, where dozens of people await him.

As he has done in other cities, that night he will offer a talk, he will dedicate copies of his book to the assistants, with whom he will live some hours. The money raised will finance the legal defense of 258 self-defense groups that remain incarcerated in Mexico.
That's what Dr. Mireles is doing now. After spending two years and eleven months in prison, accused of carrying guns along with 69 members of his self-defense group, he ruled out re-heading an armed movement.
"I continue to build trenches and not just in Michoacán, but throughout the nation. No longer nothing more armed, it is not needed, now my trenches are with university students, academics, workers' organizations, peasants, "he said in an interview with ZETA .
The 59-year-old doctor regained his freedom on May 12, 2017, the day after a long legal fight, he was granted the benefit of bail, but during the time he was in prison he suffered three pre-infarctions and a heart attack. .
"The day I left the captivity, I professionally considered that I had fifteen days to live. I was wrong for three days, on May 24 I was already in Cardiology in Mexico, with a sudden attack, "he recalls.

"The solution is never for peoples to arm themselves," says the doctor

More than a year, Mireles is recovered. Having been acquitted of the crimes that led to his imprisonment, his case was closed, but nine of the men who were detained with him in a federal operation carried out in Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán, are still being held.
Although some of them had already obtained their freedom under bail, they were returned to prison when accused of stealing wire from a fence or because of errors in their homes, the doctor said.

Here is the interview of Dr. Mireles with ZETA: 

- In Mexico, is a self-defense more pursued than a narco?
"Sure, I saw them inside the federal prison. 90 percent of the inmates are not criminals, they are victims, those who must be imprisoned are their employers, those who ordered them to commit a crime, but those are not prisoners because they are the ones who eat breakfast with the authorities and that is why they never touch the jail"
However, for the former leader of the self-defense groups, a narco is not the same as a criminal. The distinction, from his reasoning, is that "a drug dealer is a provider of foreign currency, there are communities that have schools, drainage, electric light thanks to what you call narco "
- So, how do you call them?
"Since man left caverns and forests, the world was divided into two social classes, the civilized and the barbarians. The civilized learned to till the land to put the seed, to ensure their food through work. The barbarians were hidden in the mountains, the ravines or behind the walls, waiting for the harvest to be ready to be stolen. Now they are not civilized or barbarians, they are productive people and organized crime. Do you know some organized crime wretch who works? They have never worked in their bitch, they are watching, how much they earn and the day they are going to harvest they kill for their fortnight, even if it is one thousand pesos.
"I am not a narco, nor do I agree with the illegal practices of the people who are dedicated to that, but unfortunately, thanks to that, there are entire towns that can eat."
- Does the country's economic model have to change so that the narco stops fulfilling these functions?
"Simply and simply that the authority should carry out its work, that it detains all the children of the bitch who only dedicate themselves to stealing and killing for money. Among the best institutions established in the nation to provide security to the people, there is organized crime and crime. "
- What is the role you play now?
"Awaken consciences, nothing more. Yes today, everyone, from all social levels, academics, academics, workers, farmers, day laborers, farmers, entrepreneurs, if we start by awakening consciences, first inside our homes, then in our work places, in our schools, in our neighborhoods, streets, neighbors, compadres, relatives, friends, a time will come when we do not have to sell our soul to the devil, if we want to live well or live in a nation in peace. "
- Enrique Peña Nieto is months away from the Presidency, what is the balance left?
"More than 138 thousand murders in his period, more than 134 thousand disappeared. More than 40 thousand displaced families and still the very wretched, 90 days left to leave, and still takes out a loan of 10 billion dollars, for what ?, is not leaving a stable or solid health system. How is it possible for a magistrate to earn 600,000 pesos a month while a worker can take a house of 600,000 pesos to pay for it in twenty years? Or do you conceive that a poor nation has billionaire rulers? No, all that has to change. For that we voted 32 million Mexicans. "
- Do you think then that Andrés Manuel López Obrador can change that panorama?
"Not only he, we Mexicans are the ones who seek that change. We already achieved our first victory in the election, the gentleman does not have any magic wand to solve the problems of the nation, but he has the Mexicans that we want the change. I believed in him and I still believe in him. The change comes and goes hard. It is going to shake all the strata of society that were accustomed to rob the nation without working one day or giving anything in return to the country. "
- I already mentioned the more than 130 thousand homicides and disappearances, but do you think it is possible in terms of the relatives, of the victims, to give them justice? Can it be healed?
"Of course. If each citizen, in the activity that we have to develop, we do what belongs to us. That the magistrates, ministers and judges do their constitutional work, the public ministries, that the municipal police do and do not associate with organized crime to fuck the citizen, that everyone does their work and things do change. If constitutionally and based on Mexican jurisprudence, no Mexican citizen should be prosecuted or prosecuted when being detained far from his place of origin, but close to his family and friends to facilitate social reintegration. I asked the judge why they sent the Michoacanos to Sonora or why they send the Yaquis from Sonora to Yucatan, who are the main violators of the Law and of justice in this country? Those forced to enforce and enforce it, that is what has to change. Others can do the job as the police to take care of your neighborhood and your neighborhood, others can do the work of the best judges in Mexico. They have already demonstrated that their corruption is not only physical, it is intellectual, it is moral ".

- When did you realize that this transition was necessary? No longer to be armed or in the villages, but to leave ...
"Never, never the solution is that the civilians arm themselves to defend themselves, that's what the institutions are for, but since they never did it, we had to do it. I am fully aware that what we did was not right, but it was the only thing we could do if we wanted to stay alive. I do not care about property or productivity, but life. We have self-defenses in 23 states of the Republic, they do not necessarily have to arm themselves, they have to defend themselves, but if necessary, they have to do what is necessary. When justice is contravened by law, justice must prevail even if it comes out of the hands of the same people. "
Through Fundación Mireles, the former leader of the self-defense groups has visited states such as Oaxaca, Zacatecas and Querétaro, as well as Mexico City to give lectures on the self-defense groups.
So he came to Baja California, where in addition to holding private meetings with activists and businessmen in Tecate, Rosarito and Tijuana, he presented his book "Somos Autodefensas: El Despertar de un Pueblo Dormido", in which Mireles narrates the struggle he started in Michoacán in 2013
Since then, the surgeon became a symbol of civil resistance to the power of organized crime and in the shadow of the government. Not only in the events that people lead approaches to ask for a photograph, during the interview a woman recognizes him and shouts at him to greet him at a distance.
Others even take selfies with the doctor in the background, no matter if he is busy in an interview, in the middle of a conversation or signing a book.
After three days in Tijuana and hours before his flight leaves, Mireles still has time to attend this interview and talk with those who approach him, either to share his admiration, present projects and even to contribute money for his foundation. This is the case in almost every city that visits.
During the interview, Mireles talks about a town of six thousand inhabitants in Morelos to explain why the public assumes the tasks of public safety. "He was reviled, destroyed, exploited by thirty guys who are not even Mexican, extorting, kidnapping and executing people until they hung one of the extortionists on the flagpole. They had warned that 'delinquent we stop will be lynched' and they did not believe it. If there is no one to defend them and the people decide that this is their only solution, they will do it and nobody will stop them. That is why the institutions must fulfill their obligation. "
- In the states that you have visited, what is the common denominator that triggers insecurity, violence?
"Across the nation, it's an institutional problem. What was our war cry in Michoacán, after assassinations, kidnappings, dismemberments, rapes to our women: (we ask) efficient public security, a fair administration of justice that does not exist in the whole nation. Today there are 27 PRI bandit governors who looted the citizens, who gave the children the key water in the chemotherapy to cheat all the money and said that the chemists had cost them dearly. Don Gerardo, from Nayarit, who was put in jail for six years for stealing four cans of tuna to feed his children and the same day he entered prison; the one who stole 8 billion pesos from the Bank of Mexico and deposited a bond of 7 million dollars so that he would not be put in jail ... Is justice just for the fucked up? "




Speaking of arms here at just two seizures this month although it is unspecified which cartel group these belonged to:

 1.  10/12/18: El Rosario:


Ejercito Decomisa Arsenal En El Rosario 

Por, Cesar Cordova

2.  10/15/18:  Puertecitos-San Felipe

El Vigia:

Decomisan Armas y Drogas En Puertecitos

Por, Luis Miguel Ramirez



  Meanwhile, Janine Jackson covers another Trump failure with her interview of Hannah Hetzer:

From Truthout - with audio: - 10/13/18

"The Total Failure of Trumps Drug War Policies"

By, Janine Jackson, FAIR



September Tijuana killings:

 I think I left off at 160 + people executed in Tijuana last month, add 55 more. Zeta reports the September total was 215  dead:


Cierra Septiembre Con 215 Ejecutados En Tijuana 




October Violence in Tijuana:


October used to be one of the most beautiful months in Baja California; now it is just dangerous.  No more camping, no one is on the beaches (especially here - they are contaminated) and you are constantly reminded you are living in a war zone.  There have been burned bodies, decapitated bodies, bodies stuffed dismembered into suitcases, bodies left on the highways and streets, another body hanging from a bridge on Blvd. 2000, authorities attacked , a Catholic Priest murdered.  These are the numbers just from Tijuana - I'll come back with the information  on the uptick in executions in Ensenada, and more in Rosarito Beach and the searches continue here in TIJ and Ensenada for the missing people whose numbers are not included as far as I know in these totals:


At 8:10am this morning Frontera reported there has been 88 people executed in Tijuana bringing the YTD total of people executed just in TIJ to 1,967:


From Frontera:

Falece En Hospital Tras Baleada

Por, Angel F. Gonzalez y Gustavo Suarez



Then at 12:28pm today, Zeta reports there have been 99 people executed just in TIJ; if you take the difference between 88 and 99 and add it to the YTD TIJ total which Frontera gave us, that would make the YTD total just for TIJ  1,978 people dead.


From Zeta

Se Registran Ocho Asesinatos En Tijuana




 The focus is on Padre Icmar Arturo Ortu, the parish priest from Tijuana whose body was found inside a vehicle with multiple gunshot wounds in Rosarito Beach reported late yesterday.  (there were also 2 more executed in RB besides the Padre) This is a developing story:


From Frontera

Asesinan a Sacerdote de Tijuana

Por, Juan Carlos Ortiz



Latest Policiaca News here:

Frontera Policiaca


 Zeta Tijuana 




As you can see, it's been bleak. It seems to be a strange loop, a paradox.

"Shadows are falling and I been here all day It's too hot to sleep and time is running away Feel like my soul has turned into steel I've still got the scars that the sun didn't let me heal There's not even room enough to be anywhere It's not dark yet, but it's getting there 


Well my sense of humanity is going down the drain Behind every beautiful thing, there's been some kind of pain She wrote me a letter and she wrote it so kind She put down in writin' what was in her mind I just don't see why I should even care It's not dark yet, but it's getting there


 Well I been to London and I been to gay Paree I followed the river and I got to the sea I've been down to the bottom of a whirlpool of lies I ain't lookin' for nothin' in anyone's eyes Sometimes my burden is more than I can bear It's not dark yet, but it's getting there


 I was born here and I'll die here, against my will I know it looks like I'm movin' but I'm standin' still Every nerve in my body is so naked and numb I can't even remember what it was I came here to get away from Don't even hear the murmur of a prayer It's not dark yet, but it's getting there" ~ Bob Dylan