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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

KABOOM !!! House Launches Impeachment Inquiry !!! 09/25: Stats Updates For TIJ - 155 Executions So Far this Month Of September, YTD TIJ Number Nearing Close To 1,689 Dead - Possible Caravan Of African Migrantes En Route To Baja - 09/26: More Impeachment Updates - 09/27: More Impeachmernt Updates

Kaboom ! House Lauches Impeachment Inquiry !!!

From CNN All The Latest:

Updates and Videos


Update/edit 09/27:

Just returned from San Diego for the Paris VCA Dermatology Clinic appointment, it's a long story & will share later because you might be interested if your fur one has skin problems - but really worth the trip.

  Also found out a new google "page" has appeared about me, with bogus information.  Man, these BS real estate mafias et al down here are horrible.  They even included false information about my husband.! But as Mike said, "You know you have struck a nerve when they do crap like that."  Guess so, thanks Mike.It could be worse, will return at some point to cover the Lydia Cacho story.  Fuckers. But, keep that in mind, because that is how it works down here ~sigh~.

Meanwhile, here are the latest Impeachment Updates:

 ~ From CNN:

Live updates: 09/27


Update/edit 09/26:

Click this one for the most current updates:

 ~ From CNN:

Trump Impeachment - Latest News 

Wow, people are always on my case  for linking CNN.  So try these instead:

 ~ From Common Dreams: 

'Unfit For Office': Trump Reportedly Suggests Person Who Informed Whistleblower Should Be Executed 
by, Eoin Higgins -  09/26

 ~ From Truthdig:

The Problem With Impeachment 
 by, Chris Hedges  - 09/26

 ~ The Real News 

 ~ From The Guardian: 

Trump Impeachment Inquiry|Trump-Ukraine Scandal 

~ From The Nation:

The Republican Party Is Going Down  With Trump
by, Joan Walsh

 ~ Still waiting on Jeffrey St. Clair and I might add, this story & all of its nuances is simply not making the headlines locally in Tijuana.  

end edit.


Let's hope the Democrats and the Republican sycophants don't fuck this one up.


Meanwhile, since I'm having a really difficult time getting down here to blog anything here's the week in review and I promise to stay up late tonight or early tomorrow and do the execution/homicide stats:

From Counterpunch:

Roaming Charges: Pompeo and Circumstance
by, Jeffrey St. Clair - 09/20/19


 Update/edit -  09/25: Finally the stats...

Turning away from the Impeachment Inquiry which is holding everyone's attention as the minutes tick by, a quick look at the local drug war stats for the month of September.   What we have noticed this month is that there were periods of inactivity as far as the killings have gone.  Then suddenly multiple homicides, then a pause, then more multiple homicides.  Earlier this month  there was a rash of dismembered bodies which has subsided, but still there are bodies.  

 - On 09/16 @ 10:16 am, Zeta reported at that point since the beginning of the month, Tijuana  registered 95 executions, which brought the YTD total in TIJ to 1,629 people killed.  This particular grouping included two burned bodies:

~ From Zeta:

Matan a Tres Mujeres y Siete Hombres En Las Ultimas Horas
Por, Uriel Saucedo 

 - On 09/25 @ 11:21 am, Zeta reported eight more dead, bringing the monthly total in Tijuana up to 155 dead. An official YTD figure for TIJ was not given, but given the figures from the Uriel Saucedo report, Tijuana looks to be standing at a YTD total of 1,689 people killed.

 -  From Zeta:

Ocho Muertos en 24 Horas, El Ultimo Asesinado se Registra en Jardines del Rubi

  - Click for the latest updates and local news, great reports:

Zeta Tijuana


We haven't spoken much of the migrantes, this report is from today's news:

~ From Zeta: 

Caravana de Africanos Podria Salir de Chiapas Hacia Baja California
Por, Manuel Ayala

"African caravan could leave Chiapas towards Baja California

 A group of African migrants who are detained at the Siglo XXI immigration station in Tapachula, Chiapas, could leave there in the next few days and head towards Baja California, with the intention of being able to cross into the United States.

This was announced this morning Manuel Marín Salazar, head of the National Institute of Migration (INM) in the State, after the security meeting held daily by state and federal authorities in the facilities of the Federal Police.
The official shared that there is information that this African delegation is organizing so that in case they are not given an exit pass in that southern station of migration, they will go by caravan to this state, either to Tijuana or Mexicali.
He explained that currently the Federal Government is not delivering the so-called safe passages so that migrants can travel for 20 days through the Mexican territory, as previously; This determination was taken as a containment measure so that foreigners do not arrive precisely at the northern border, a situation in which Africans have been protesting for a few weeks.
He said that at the moment these people are “contained” on the southern border, but it may be that at some point they leave for this region.
Jaime Bonilla Valdez, elected governor of the state, shared that this situation worries him because they are still working with the shelters, however, he emphasized that the issue will be followed up so that in case migrants arrive, they will see how they are will receive and attend, in addition to give their respective documentation."

There is no mention of how many of the African Migrantes we should expect to see, or when they may arrive or of their plight in OaxaCA...dEMOCRACY nOW COVERS THAT ASPECT:


Democracy Now ! had covered this story earlier this month with video and interviews:

An Invisible Crisis: Thousands of African Migrants A Stranded in Mexico Hoping To Head North

More Immigration developments  here:

Democracy Now!||Immigration  

 You may have noticed this report from DN:

Mexico Pushes Back against Trumps Asylum Ban As Groups Warn Of Crisis - 09/13: 


 "This comes as tens of thousands of asylum seekers are stuck in border cities on the Mexican side, waiting to be processed for initial asylum proceedings in the United States. At the Tijuana-San Diego border alone, there are more than 10,000 migrants on the waiting list to turn themselves in to U.S. immigration officials. The binational legal aid group Al Otro Lado tweeted, “We r the only OTG org here providing legal aid. This is a death sentence for most our clients. Our hearts are broken + we’re exhausted.”

Ten days later we have this report, with no mention of the hopelessness of the situation:

 ~ From Zeta:

 Mas de 10Mil Migrantes Han Sido Retornadosna BC Para Esperar Protocolo de Asilo
Por, Manuel Ayala - 09/23

"More than 10 thousand migrants have been returned to BC to await asylum protocol

Manuel Marín Salazar, in charge of the delegation of the National Institute of Migration (INM) in Baja California, shared this morning that since January to date more than 10,000 migrants have been returned to the state, to wait here for their asylum processes requested to States United, as part of the bilateral agreements and the Migrant Protection Protocol (PPE).

During his participation with Grupo 21 Tijuana, the federal official explained that 74 percent of migrants have entered through this border and 36% through Mexicali; An average of 150 returned daily, most of these are families with young children, all of Central American origin.
He stressed that this amount does not mean that everyone is or is still in the state, since some have chosen to return to their countries of origin or have gone to other states.

Marín Salazar added that of these people, a total of two thousand 317 have requested and received their work certificates, to be able to work in the country while they are waiting for their next appointments with the immigration court of the neighboring country.

Regarding the asylum processes, he said that there are about 25 people who know they are already in their second, third or fourth appointment for the approval of the applications, however, they do not keep an accounting of how many are those who already have it accomplished.
On the issue of deported Mexicans, the official said that there are approximately 150 people who receive daily, 60% for Tijuana and 40% for Mexicali.

By the way, he stressed that to date they have reduced up to 50% in the number of expatriates, "so they have nothing to do with the famous raids that have been mentioned," he said.

Finally, he said that although the INM is part of the security and development coordination of the new migrant shelter, it still does not know where the federal shelter will be besieged, nor when it will start operations."


It's all bad news for the most part, but this one is beyond cruel :

 ~  From Democracy Now !

U.S. Denies Protected Status to Bahamians as 2,500 Listed as Missing

"In the Bahamas, authorities have published a list of 2,500 people who went missing after Hurricane Dorian ravaged the island nation in early September as a Category 5 storm. The official death toll stands at 50, but Prime Minister Hubert Minnis warned Wednesday the number is likely to soar. Compounding the Bahamas’ misery is a massive oil spill that’s begun to spread into the ocean off the southern coast of Grand Bahama island after Hurricane Dorian blew the lids off six giant crude oil tanks.

This comes as multiple news outlets reported the Trump administration has decided not to grant temporary protected status to Bahamians, which would allow them to work and live in the U.S. until it’s safe for them to return home. In response, the National Immigration Law Center tweeted, “For the Trump admin to deny TPS to those seeking shelter is yet another example of their sheer cruelty.”

On Wednesday, the Miami Herald reported a 12-year-old Bahamian girl whose home was destroyed by the hurricane was separated from her family by U.S. authorities after arriving in South Florida. The girl, Kaytora Paul, had arrived with her godmother at an airport in West Palm Beach and was taken into the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services and moved to a facility for unaccompanied immigrant children in Miami-Dade County."

Too bad they can't impeach him for that one alone.

end edit. 


Plus Jeffrey St. Clair always has the most cool music.

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