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Thursday, March 16, 2023


Are we supposed to believe that these fentanyl pills just magically appeared in Tijuana and that China had nothing to do with supplying the precursor drugs to manufacture them ?  


Apparently there are those out there who would like for us to believe that:

From AP: 03/14/23

Mexican Soldiers Find 1.8 Million Fentanyl Pills in Tijuana


Going down for a nap with Paris. The good news is that I can probably take the A1C test in two months, not three and we are back on track. Be careful mid-week, another huge storm headed our way.

UPDATE/edit: The new storm information is that it will be arriving this coming Monday, heavy rain on Tuesday and into Wednesday, with a west big waves again. Then, another storm coming in the following week. Details are here on the NWS-San Diego. 

end edit.


For all of you Commander Cody & Nicolette Larson fans out there in the ozone:

Back In Berkeley '77 - RIP Commander

................ (;