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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Asylum in Mexico ? With a Footnote.

Late here as usual....will return later to the local drug violence including the five people (three women and two men) massacred in a house in the Zona Centro over the weekend. Unsure of the condition of the sixth person who was also shot in the head outside of the dwelling but somehow survived.

This report caught my eye tonight, have a look:

Courtesy The Intercept

The Intercept

By Any Means Necessary
  Refugees Fleeing Violence in Central America for Asylum in Mexico

by, Alice Proujansky, Cora Currier



As a footnote, during the initial waves of thousands of women and children from Central America to the United States, rumors were widely circulated along the border that it was the drug cartels or subversive groups who were sending these massive human waves in order to disorientate US Law Enforcement Agents and overwhelm US holding facilities - with the intent that law enforcement's focus would be shifted away from drug seizures.

These rumors were never clearly substantiated and the USA's devastating foreign policies in the Central American region with out of control violence  as just one consequence were never alluded to, at least on a conventional level.  - Maggie.