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Friday, May 5, 2017

Potential Fallout Baja California From Damaso Lopez aka "El Licenciado" Arrest - April 2017 Execution Totals TIJ = 117 ! - Tecate Subcomandante de Policia Aaron Reyes Herrera Gunned Down - Ticketon Bus Attacked Again - This makes 14 Attacks since May of 2016 - Ballad Of a Thin Man 2017 Amsterdam


If you had driven through the toll booth on the Scenic Highway going up to the States on Tuesday morning around 6:00am, you might have noticed the heavy presence of Federal Police standing guard and an increase of Mexican Army walking the traffic lanes at the San Ysidro POE prior to entering the USA. Despite the assurances from Mike Vigil, former Chief of International Operations for the US DEA that the arrest of Damaso Lopez (aka " El Licenciado") would actually forestall more terror and violence throughout Mexico, Mexican experts differ.

To be sure, security forces have been quietly mobilizing in Tijuana since the arrest of Damaso on 05/02 in anticipation of a potential power struggle due to fragmentation of the Sinaloa cartel and the dispute for control between the three divisions of the Sinaloa cartel.

Frontera - Por: Sun

Guerra Interna Desato Debacle Del Cartel de Sinaloa 

Anabel Hernandez who is the foremost expert on the Sinaloa cartel gave this interview yesterday:


Mas Muertes en Sinaloa por Detencion de Damaso
por, Lino Cardenas

 Copied and Pasted Translation:

More deaths in Sinaloa by Damaso's 

Journalist Anabel Hernández says that after capture, the Chapitos will seek to take over the reins of the Sinaloa Cartel, which would intensify violence in the state

"To attack the Chapitos in the internal battle for power within the Sinaloa Cartel, Dámaso López Núñez had teamed up with the Nueva Generación Jalisco Cartel, the Zetas, remnants of the Beltran Leyva, and with an important fraction of the same Sinaloan cartel, Which caused that the Licenciado had more power and dominion than the heirs of the Chapo Guzmán, reason why it was, undoubtedly, the substitute of the Chapo " , indicated Anabel Hernández for EL DEBATE, journalist and writer specialized in subjects of drug trafficking.

The investigator narrates part of the facts that undress the beginning of the war that Dámaso Lopez untied against the children of Loera Guzmán.  After the arrest of the Chapo, the Sinaloa Cartel fractured and began a cruel battle for the leadership of the criminal group. Dámaso Lopez did not hesitate to directly attack everything related to the Chapitos.

For example, the journalist claimed that Licenciado was behind an attack in the mountains in the middle of last year. She explained that he later orchestrated the kidnapping of Ivan and Alfredo Guzmán Salazar, also in August last year.

"After several betrayals and attacks on the so-called ringleaders of the Sinaloan cartel, Dámaso really succeeded as the successor of Joaquin Guzman." These people of the DEA had already confirmed this to me earlier this year, but his reign was very short, Because in turn was betrayed by a hacker who has long been working for him.The videos that have appeared were not by accident, as has been told, it was a betrayal that ultimately led to the capture of Dámaso, " said the journalist .

The writer mentions that it is certain that the violence of the Sinaloa Cartel explodes more in the state, since the sides will seek the command of the group: "Without a doubt, who will want to jump to the control of the fraction or preimperio that had the Bachelor will be its son , Dámaso López Serrano, better known as the Mini-Lic ".  However, for the journalist specialized in drug trafficking, "what will make the children of the Chapo claim what they believe theirs," a situation that would add to the violence.
"The groups will seek to give nothing away, and this will result in more deaths in the state of Sinaloa and others in which this cartel has a presence," she said.

Hernandez also said that the Mini-Lic will seek to maintain the alliances that his father had managed to consolidate and with which he managed to keep the Chapo Guzman's children under control.
Anabel Hernández does not doubt that the capture of Dámaso López is real, since from the betrayal of the hacker that delivered videos to the authorities, these already came following the steps.


"Before all this, I had information in which I was told that the Licentiate was a man who loved to be in Mexico City, besides being a guy who had a very, very low profile, and only went out with I suppose that in Culiacan, Eldorado and other places that were of his influence, he used to have more personnel, but in Mexico City he kept almost no staff, so it is not at all strange that he was detained without aggression and without Shoot a single bullet, " she said.

Anabel Hernández talks about the first contact between Dámaso López and Joaquín Guzmán Loera, as well as the brotherhood that was born between them. In her article published in early February of this year titled "The successor of Chapo: Dámaso López Núñez". 

Dámaso was deputy director of the prison of Puente Grande, Jalisco, where the Chapo was imprisoned. Inside the criminal created a group of shock called Los Sinaloas, with which they corrupted to custodians and authorities of the penitentiary. Dámaso López was the one who coordinated the flight of the Chapo in 2001. Since then it was the right arm of the capo, until this one was stopped.
"After that began the war against the Chapitos, which had won," said Hernandez.


So we wait and watch; the past two days the Federal Police were not at the toll booth nor were there any very early morning sightings of Army units in the lanes entering the USA at the San Ysidro POE.

April 2017 Homicide/Executions  - Tijuana

April of 2017 registered 117 violent homicides/executions in Tijuana, just a few shy of the March total of 121:

Vive Tijuana una jornada de violencia
por, Angel F. Garcia

 May is off to a wild start:

 Since the start of this month as of 7:30am this morning, there have been twelve, bringing the year to date total of executions in Tijuana alone to 463.


Ocurren 12 asesinatos en 3 dias
por, Angel F. Garcia

Since that last report there have been more, these are all in Tijuana:

 - Body located in a shopping cart in the Zona Rio. The body was mutilated, dismembered.

 - Body located close to the US Consulate, and there has been an arrest of a Nigerian for this murder.

 - Body located this evening in Urbi Villas del Prado.

 - Body located in Paseo Guaycura around 7:15pm

 - Armed attack in Sanchez Taboada around 7:00pm, three wounded one in critical condition.

Refer here for the details and arrest reports:

Frontera Policia

Zeta was down all day, we were getting a little worried - they are back on line:


 - There was another attack on a Ticketon bus close to the San Ysidro International Line; it was rammed by an RV whose driver fled and was whisked away by a yellow cab.  This would make the fourteenth attack on Ticketon buses since May of 2016 and several official complaints have been lodged with no results:

Otra agresion a Ticketon, suman 8 denuncias (cached)
 por, Isabel Mercado


I have not seen this on the other sources yet;  Frontera reports that the Ensenada social media warned of gunfire on Avenida Diamante in colonia El Gallo on Wednesday (05/03) night.  This was fighting which broke out in front of two rehab center on Avenida Diamante; screams were heard, shots were fired, two arrests were made and the Director of one of the centers was beaten up by men who then fled.  Residents are fearful and concerned.  Anyone remember the Tijuana rehab massacre a few years back ?

Se enfrentan a tiros intenos de 2 centros de rehabilitacion
por, Cesar Cordova


 - Zeta reports in two weeks three executions in Tecate and notes in April there was one more: (had to take that off the cache when they were down, hope it comes up)

Dos Semanas, tres ejecutados en Tecate 

 - Antonio Heras reports the Subcomandante of Police of Tecate Aaron Reyes Herrera gunned down as he was traveling on the road to Ensenada, around 9:30pm Wednesday night.  The woman passenger was also injured:

Ejecutan a Subcomandante de la Policia de Tecate 


I have tons of reports on Trump the maniac, will be back with those PLUS Paris has a special relationship with Saul Berenson ! Or so she thinks.  Actually, Saul Berenson would certainly make a better Secretary of State than that idiot Rex Tillerson.

Stay tuned !


Thought this was appropriate... and you know something's happening here but you don't know what it is, do ya, Mr. Jones.