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Monday, May 23, 2016

I Told You It Was Rigged......

Last weekend was a blast for Bernie supporters in San Diego - thousands and thousands of them showed up in National City and Vista to hear Bernie and feel the Bern. Finally there was some coverage of Bernie from Zeta when he toured the wall at Friendship Park in Playas, but most of the coverage of Bernie is coming from La Jornada.  Originally we planned to attend the event in National City, but the Muffin had another "attack" or nose bleed episode which went on for over an hour the day before, so we had to stay here with her. It takes her a couple of days to recover, but we are noticing these are happening with greater frequency.

I have a video for you which you may have already seen, which basically in a comedic way supports my statement that these election primaries in the USA are rigged - or fixed. A Mexican friend of ours in Rosarito has said to us many times during our discussions on current affairs in both countries, "...the Mexican people think they live in a Democracy, but they don't."  We really need to start saying the same about the American people.

 What happened to the drug war?  It is still going on here, in between now and the June 7th Primary I will update the homicides (which are now up to at least 300+ just in Tijuana since the beginning of this year) and include special reports from Zeta on the expansion of the CJNG and the ocean contamination. As you may already know, Bernie Sanders has called the Drug War a failure, and he is 100% correct. And I sincerely believe that Hillary will just keep it going, of course she will.

Here you go: