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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Javier Sicilia Was Right - "They are all rotten" ! Except We Are Going To Give Stein a Chance - Juan Gabriel Is Gone

Actually the count down is less....until doomsday

If you just do not have the time to sit at the computer and read every piece of material out there on the current U.S. Presidential election circus, one thing I found that helps is tuning into Truthdig's "Ear to the ground" which basically summarizes the weeks events with links to Democracy Now! interviews and reports. Importantly and this is a must, you should read the comments. 

In the past seven days, there have been two polls after the highlights of political events on "Ear to the Ground":

1.  Numero Uno:  Who the heck are you going to vote for?

Who is Your choice For President ?

2.  Numero Dos:  This one was a shocker considering the results of the previous poll.  Most people believe that these are Hillary bots responding to the "yes" vote, and we cannot ignore that belief considering the Ice Queen's penchant for rigging:

Poll: Do You support Bernie Sanders' Our Revolution ?

Who is Alan Grayson ?  According to the comments, he is another "sheepdog" like Bernie Sanders:

Representative Alan Grayson Explains How to Keep Bernie Sanders' Movement Going


Locally, Zeta has filled in the blanks regarding the kidnappings at the La Leche restaurant in Puerto Vallarta and much, much more; Frontera reported ("Recomienda no utilizar playas de la ciudad por altos niveles de contaminacion")the ocean at Baja Malibu, Playa Blanca and SADM beaches are completely contaminated (however the source of pollution is not exposed - this time around, people are thinking it is coming from the old culprit Baja Malibu however it could be coming from both ends, that is BM and TIJ down through our baranca).  To date, I could see no contamination signs on the beaches or another article giving the all clear.  But, my surfer friend and best repair man in the world, Sr. Munoz already knew about this, the Mexicans are staying out of the water; another ex-PEP Agent murdered in TIJ, and of course the executions continue like a wildfire out of control not only in our region but throughout Mexico.

I'll be back with more detail, plus will add more reports from the Clinton archives: "Clinton apologizes for the Drug War" (right) and Hillary the Ice Queen approves the privatization of Mexican oil as Secretary of State.


UPDATE/EDIT: This just came in over the news, Juan Gabriel who everyone adored has passed away.

So many songs over all of the years, so many...the whole country loved him...this is my favorite version of La Farsante by Juan Gabriel with Lila Downs:

Playlist....very sad here.

I'll be back later.