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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Upcoming U.S. Presidential "Debates" - Gun Nation From The Guardian - Updates: Police shootings in U.S. - Charlotte & Tulsa Coverage - "Police Shootings Won't Stop" by Chris Hedges - Updates: Zapatistas Call Mexico a 'Terrorist Narco-State' - Drug War Violence Continues in Baja California

"Three Ring Circus" painting by Rich Kunz


The US Presidential "debates"

 -  The three ring circus, otherwise known as the U.S. Presidential election continues with more grotesque entertainment starting Monday, or the "Presidential Debates." We already know that these so-called debates are rigged with no allowance for third party candidates to participate, only the duopolists can participate.  Here is an article by Bill Moyers on the other travesties of our illusionary "Democracy".  I'm putting up the redirected article because of the important commentary and responses following this report:


"There's No Debate"
by, Bill Moyers


courtesy The Guardian

Guns in America

 - While you are waiting for the "debates" to begin, here is a report from The Guardian on guns in America:

The Guardian

Gun Nation - A Revealing and Unsettling Journey to the Heart of Americas Gun Culture


The Charlotte and Tulsa Shootings: Another gem from Chris Hedges 

Police Killings Won't Stop
by, Chris Hedges

 Coverage of "debates", Charlotte another police shooting and riots, Tulsa another police shooting, et al: 

 - All "debate" coverage,  complete Charlotte and Tulsa, USA and National- International events:

Democracy Now !


courtesy Telesur

If you think Mexico is a narco-terrorist state, raise your fist:

 - From TeleSur:

I didn't see this one in the U.S. corporate press at all... not even PBS.....I wonder why ?

Zapatistas Call Mexico a 'Terrorist Narco-State' 


Local drug war insanity

Meanwhile, I will be listing the executions-violence in our region since September 15th.  We were out to dinner last night and met some really interesting gringos; she mentioned she had read on Facebook how teens in Rosarito were being kidnapped.  I have not read or heard this before at all, so I'm going to do some digging on this subject. Oh shite, guess I'll have to join Facebook, yuck.

Stay Tuned...