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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

From the Atlantic: What Trump Could Do Next - Will Melania Get A Backdoor Man ?! - Wow ! - From Foreign Policy: Reaction From Overseas To Trump's Call To Stop The Vote Count - The State Of America: What The Election Results Say About That From Jonathan Tepperman and William Rivers Pitt !!

Hmmmm...other than beat his fists on the desk; watch out Melania, even though you lied your ass off for your sweetie on the campaign trail, he could even possibly throw you through the window out onto your bungled Rose Garden can always get a backdoor man honey...


 ~ From The Atlantic:


November 4, 2020

November 4, 2020 

Caroline Mimbs Nyce Senior associate editor


" The margins are razor thin, and the president has falsely claimed victory. If the result doesn’t go his way, will Donald Trump concede the election? A Q&A With Barton Gellman (Elias Klingén) This election is close. Paths to victory remain for both Donald Trump and Joe Biden. And yet the president is already casting doubt on the results.


 We caught up with Barton Gellman, who warned earlier this year that this election could break down into chaos, to discuss how messy things could get in the coming days. The conversation that follows has been edited and condensed.


 Caroline Mimbs Nyce: You predicted that Donald Trump would not concede this election, no matter the outcome. His speech and tweets early this morning suggest that you could be right. What will it mean if he doesn't? 


 Barton Gellman: It’s not quite time for a concession speech, because the first vote count is still under way. What Trump is doing now is making spurious claims of victory and fabricating claims of fraud. There is nothing abnormal about counting votes until the count is done, and I expect the extended count to favor Biden. If Trump refuses to concede when the count is complete, he can throw sand in the gears with litigation and rouse his supporters into the streets. I expect things to get much worse before they get better. 


Caroline: In the worst-case scenario, could Trump use force to retain his power if he loses the Electoral College?


 Bart: Trump is talking like a dictator, but he doesn’t have the muscle to act like one—not completely. He did not send troops or law-enforcement agents to take control of the ballots, and if he had tried they probably would have balked. But if Attorney General Bill Barr throws the weight of the Justice Department behind Trump’s false claims, he can write a legal document that orders the federal government to treat Trump as president-elect. Trump could try to issue an executive order to the same effect. Whether government agencies would go along with orders like that, which are ordinarily binding but would be transparently unlawful now, remains to be seen. 


 Caroline: Should this contest devolve into a court battle, can you give us a quick preview of what to expect? 


 Bart: There is no precedent for litigation that tries to prevent an ordinary, orderly account of ballots cast. But good lawyers are paid to find ambiguity where none has been detected before. The Trump campaign will look for any technical flaw in the procedures or in the mail ballots yet to be counted. The Supreme Court conservatives have signaled that they may give primacy to the exact words of state statutes, and Trump will look for interpretations of those that conflict with the current practices of election authorities. 


 Caroline: How might team Biden respond?


 Bart: The Biden team has the easier task in court: to defend a normal vote count that is proceeding normally. Biden’s lawyers have gamed out every argument they can imagine Trump making, and have pre-drafted legal responses. 

Bob Bauer, a former White House counsel who is helping lead Biden’s legal team, said that Trump is heading for one of the most embarrassing defeats ever suffered by an American president if this election reaches the Supreme Court.


 Caroline: What's your best advice to Americans right now? 


 Bart: Take a deep breath, be very cautious about believing sensational reports on social media, and insist that our democracy follow normal procedures. We count every vote, always have, and the election is not over until that happens.


 More reading from our reporters: The nightmare is here, David A. Graham wrote early this morning. If public-opinion data are unreliable, American democracy is flying blind, he argues. The president confirmed the world's fears, our staff writer Tom McTague writes from London. "




 ~  From Foreign Policy: Check out the sidebar on the link !


How The World Is Covering Trump's Premature Victory Lap 


The election has been called an “attack on the nerves”—and Trump’s statements have been dubbed an “attempted coup.”


 "U.S. President Donald Trump, in his campaign event at the White House in the early hours of Wednesday morning, sought to freeze the U.S. election in its tracks, declaring the counting of ballots to be “fraud.” As the ongoing vote count enters its second day, many Americans have their bleary eyes glued to Electoral College maps, where the race is neck and neck, with key battleground states like Pennsylvania not likely to have full returns until Friday. But as it turns out, international readers are also glued to the refresh button. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the morning’s leading headlines from newspapers and magazines around the world.

United Kingdom: Although the Times of London didn’t evaluate Trump’s claims in a headline on Wednesday morning—“Trump claims victory and demands end to vote count”—the paper clarified in the article that the race is “still wide open” in key states. The claims, the Times’ U.S. editor and Washington correspondent reported, amounted to a “baseless allegation.” Meanwhile, the front page of the tabloid Daily Mail, Britain’s highest-circulation paper, juxtaposed Biden’s growing lead in Michigan and Wisconsin with Trump’s unfounded allegations of “surprise ballot dumps.”

Ireland: “Fintan O’Toole: At 2.23am today, the US president launched an attempted coup,” reads the front page of the Irish Times. O’Toole, a columnist at the paper, wrote that “Close to half of Americans voted for him in the full knowledge that he was going to do it.” The irony of this, given incoming election results, is that Trump “behaved like an autocrat even when it was quite possible that he could still win by being a democrat,” O’Toole wrote. Elsewhere in the paper, the Washington correspondent reported that despite Trump’s claims of victory and fraud, the election is “too close to call.”

Germany: The German newsmagazine Der Spiegel prefaced its coverage of Tuesday’s U.S. presidential election—which it called “an attack on the nerves” —with two caveats. First, the contest’s results won’t be clear for a while. Second, and perhaps more jarring for a readership that gives Trump low marks, Spiegel reported that more U.S. voters have already cast their ballots for the Republican nominee than four years ago. The magazine added that this trend follows an overall uptick in voter turnout, conceding that “at least that is good news.” 

By contrast, the Bild tabloid—Germany’s most widely read publication—went the clickbait route, quoting Trump’s unfounded claim that his lead “magically disappeared” and describing the election as a “thriller.” It also pasted a photo of the controversial new Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett to its homepage, with an all-caps title asking, “WILL SHE DECIDE THE ELECTION FOR TRUMP?”

France: “Donald Trump and Joe Biden neck and neck, the United States is tearing itself apart,” read the front page of Le Monde on Wednesday morning. The paper’s correspondent in Washington, favoring straightforward analysis, wrote that the race saw “echoes” of 2016, with the country’s fate resting on a handful of states. The main difference from four years ago, Le Monde reported, is the delay in the vote count. 

Spain: El País, read widely throughout the Spanish-speaking world, declared that the United States is facing an “institutional crisis” on its front page. The paper’s lead election story focuses primarily on Trump’s accusations of fraud and assertions that he won, even though key swing states are still counting votes. “Election night has entered the most-feared scenario,” the early morning Wednesday story begins, quoting Trump at length throughout.

Lebanon: On the morning after the U.S. presidential election, Lebanon’s Daily Star said, “the rest of the world was none the wiser.” The paper referenced Trump’s “pre-emptive declaration of victory” overnight, citing civil rights groups that view the move as “trampling of long-standing democratic norms.” After reviewing international leaders’ mixed reactions to the too-close-to-call election, the Star rehashed Bush v. Gore, referencing Trump’s promises to bring the 2020 election before the U.S. Supreme Court. 

Japan: As the presidential contest narrows, the English-language Japan Times notes that the U.S.-Japan relationship hangs in the balance—with the Japanese government yet to comment on the election. In Japan, concerns are rising that the “political crisis” in the United States sends a message of uncertainty to its allies. The results of the election are likely to shape new Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga’s first visit to the United States as Japan’s leader, the paper reports. 

Singapore: “Too close to call, Biden bats away Trump victory claim,” reads the front page of the Straits Times, Singapore’s major English-language daily, which also points to the president’s lack of evidence of any fraud despite his late-night press conference. The paper’s U.S. correspondent notes the potential for online misinformation in the days ahead as Biden calls for patience with counting mail ballots. 

Australia: The Sydney Morning Herald’s North America correspondent called Trump’s premature declaration of victory a “dark, disturbing moment in American history” in a dispatch from Washington, raising concerns about potential unrest and the integrity of U.S. democratic institutions over the next few days. “A nation with widespread gun ownership, a polarised population, tribal media outlets and a reckless president has to muddle its way through as all the votes are counted,” he reports.

Chloe Hadavas is an editorial fellow at Foreign Policy. Twitter: @Hadavas

Audrey Wilson is an associate editor at Foreign Policy. Twitter: @audreybwilson

Allison Meakem is an editorial fellow at Foreign Policy. Twitter: @allisonmeakem



Well, there's more, and these issues are what face us now.  

 ~ From Foreign Policy - with many more outstanding reports on the sidebar. Click the link !

Even If Biden Wins, It's Trump's America Now

Many thought 2016 was a fluke. That’s impossible to argue now.

"Whoever ends up winning the U.S. election—an answer we may get tonight, or not for weeks if some state results get bogged down in litigation—one of the most important takeaways from the race is that it was so close. Far from the landslide that polls seemed to predict, it’s come down to a nail-biter.

The big question now is what these results mean for the country. Pundits have tried to explain away President Donald Trump’s show of strength by pointing to lockdown fatigue or voters’ appreciation for his perceived success on the economy—at least until the pandemic came along and cratered it.

But these rationalizations don’t tell the whole story. Most important, they don’t account for the fact that, whoever ultimately wins the White House, nearly half of all U.S. voters endorsed a white-nationalist serial liar who has spectacularly botched the most serious health crisis in a century. They also knowingly ignored, or willingly embraced, Trump’s flagrant cruelty and sexism, his lack of curiosity or knowledge about the government and the world, his disdain for traditional U.S. values such as fair play and the rule of law, and his eagerness to tear down the institutions of governance at home and abroad—institutions that, while flawed, have provided much peace and prosperity over the years. Back in 2016, some Republicans voted for Trump because they didn’t know much about him, or because they hoped that the responsibilities of the office would transform him into a statesman. No one can make that argument today. We all now know exactly who Trump is.

When you factor in the facts that Trump has won more votes this time than in 2016, that he improved his standing among Latino and Black voters, and that the Republican Party may well hold the Senate, you’re left with one conclusion: 2016 was no fluke. Whoever wins this one, we’re all living in Trump’s America now.

Why do I say that? For starters, Trump and his party’s show of strength means that win or lose, Trump isn’t going away and the GOP won’t abandon him after all. Before the election, the end of Trumpism seemed like a sure thing. More and more Republicans were arguing, quietly, that the party needed reform and that four more years of Trump would doom them all. Even stalwart supporters such as Sen. John Cornyn were starting to edge away from the president. Now that Trump, and those supporters, have done so well, it’s hard to imagine many Republicans giving up on Trump or Trumpism anytime soon.

With his party and close to half the public behind him, an empowered Trump—whether as president, opposition leader, or freelance tweeter and media star—will continue to draw huge levels of attention and support, which he’ll use to hector and undermine Democrats and to push the same peevish, counterfactual, us-versus-the-experts-and-everybody-else message that he has for the past four years. Republican “Never Trumpers”—former GOP officials dedicated to process, competent governance, the importance of institutions, and at least some basic form of national unity—will remain marginalized or will leave the party altogether.

The results will be dire. Should the GOP win the White House, or lose it but hold the Senate, the policy paralysis of the past four years will continue—or even worsen. And things may not be much better under former Vice President Joe Biden. Even presidents who control Congress rarely get more than one or two big things done before their first midterm election, when they often lose legislative support. It’s hard to imagine that a President Biden, should he earn that title, will get even that far unless he manages to eke out a Senate victory (which, as of this writing, seems unlikely).

That’s a recipe for big trouble ahead. While Biden may seek to change the tone in Washington, the years of Barack Obama’s presidency showed that despite Biden’s lifelong dedication to bipartisanship, so long as Republicans remain the party of no, the chances of achieving it are close to zero. Under a divided government, we’re likely to see more inaction on huge problems such as the pandemic (though Biden could make some improvements using his executive authority) and the economy (where he can’t do much without Congress). Should Biden fail to pass major pandemic relief and other government spending, markets will flounder and financial instability will increase. Without coordinated action by all branches of the U.S. government, the pandemic will get much worse.

Thus no matter who wins the White House, Trump’s America—a country that has now spurned its best chance to resoundingly repudiate him—will mean more self-perpetuating dysfunction. Rage at the failure of government to help, or Republicans’ rage at the government’s attempts to help (through restrictions meant to limit the spread of the virus) will only intensify the country’s already vicious polarization, further reducing the chances for bipartisan cooperation and possibly leading to violence.

Biden’s goal of healing the nation’s divisions and governing in a way that brings everyone together seems like a very tall order now. Obama’s attempts to do the same only fueled Republicans’ obstreperousness and drove a large share of the public into the dangerous fantasy land of birtherism and other conspiracy theories (some of which ultimately morphed into QAnon). Now that Trump’s approach, for all its ugliness, has received a dramatic embrace from nearly half the country, it’s hard to imagine a President Biden making things better enough to make a difference. And it’s impossible to imagine a President Trump even trying.

Jonathan Tepperman is the editor in chief of Foreign Policy.

  Twitter: @j_tepperman



 ~ From Truthout:

Trumpism Is Alive and Well - And It Won't Go Away Even If Trump Does



"The final results of the 2020 presidential and congressional elections remain unresolved this morning. Even absent an outcome, there are many in the U.S. and around the world who will call Tuesday’s closer-than-expected election a disaster, an abject national humiliation, and a punch in the throat to every medical professional who waded into Donald Trump’s pandemic wearing trash bags and masks dipped in Lysol so they could help save lives.

How very quickly we forget.

No, this is not 2016, when half the country voted “couch” instead of heading out to their polling places. In fact, one of the bright spots of the night is that turnout was the highest it has been in 120 years. Just under 67 percent, the country outperformed its turnout mark for the 1960 Kennedy/Nixon election. You can’t, and won’t, do much better than that these days.

And right there comes the nasty little turn. Many devoutly believed Trump needed to be thoroughly and unquestionably routed last night, and not just to avoid a protracted and messy legal battle that could wind up before a badly compromised Supreme Court. More than that, the hope for a full Trump routing last night was also a hope that the entire grotesquerie that is Trumpism itself might be torn down, burned and buried under salted earth before the watching eyes of the whole wide world.

Well, after a huge turnout, that did not happen. Instead, an election that many expected to be a Democratic “Blue Wave” has become a nip and tuck affair that has seen Democrats actually lose seats in the House of Representatives. Democrats still hold the majority in that chamber, but it is a slimmer one today, and the GOP minority will surely be emboldened after outstripping expectations. Dreams of a Democratic Senate majority are slowly but surely falling to dust.

Ah, yes. Expectations, otherwise known as “polls,” form an entire industry that has once again proven itself unequal to the task it claims expertise in. I’m not one to casually quote neoconservative fiends like John Podhoretz, but in this specific instance, he cuts it right down to the bone.

“Political polling is a fraud,” Podhoretz correctly declares. “It claims to measure something that, it is now unmistakably clear, cannot be accurately measured. Polling’s seductive promise is that it will take the guesswork out of understanding a complex and changing set of circumstances and replace that uncertainly with something that looks like science. But it’s less like the physics that helps us shoot rockets into space and more like the set of the spaceship on ‘Star Trek.’ It’s shiny. It has a lot of dials and lights. Things beep. But if you put it on the Cape Canaveral launchpad and lit it on fire, you would just burn to death.”

I pledge to you upon this day, November 4, 2020, that I will never again stain this page with numbers from a poll, and I apologize abjectly for having done so in the past. Polls are the Wonder Bread of political journalism; they help fatten articles and hit deadlines, but as far as valuable information goes, they have the caloric equivalent of gravel. Never again, you have my word.

The race at present is down to a white-knuckle clutch of seven states: Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, Nevada and Arizona. The last of those, Arizona, was called late last night by Fox News in favor of Joe Biden, which motivated Trump to erupt in a frenzy of fraud accusations and authoritarian victory declarations that, impossibly but surely, stained this elaborate debacle even more deeply. “We’ll be going to the U.S. Supreme Court,” he railed. “We want all voting to stop.”

The outstanding districts in those states are almost all urban centers that contain millions of uncounted votes. Tallying those ballots is what Trump wants stopped, and what will likely motivate him to bring this election to court if Biden eventually prevails. At the end of that path lies the Supreme Court, clearly what Trump is hoping for.

To be sure, there were a great many joyful victories recorded last night. Reps. Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez obliterated their opponents to secure a second term for themselves, and Jamaal Bowman won the seat for New York’s 16th district. Sarah McBride won her race for Delaware state senate, making her the highest-ranking transgender official in government.

All small-time drug possession in Oregon has been decriminalized. Arizona, Montana, New Jersey and South Dakota legalized marijuana. Mississippi approved the removal of the Confederate banner from its state flag. Florida passed a $15 minimum wage. Nebraska and Utah passed measures closing the loophole that allowed slavery to continue for those convicted of a crime.

But Lindsey Graham still has a job, as does Mitch McConnell, and probably as majority leader to boot. The “Blue Wave” was transmogrified into lost ground in both the House and Senate, and if Biden wins this thing, it will be by a whisper-thin margin that can fully expect to spend the next couple of months in court. In any event, the counting goes on and it will probably be days before a final result is reached.

We will be spending a long time picking apart the details that led to last night, the missed clues and overstated chances. Was Joe Biden the best choice as a nominee, or just another in a seemingly endless line of doomed DNC Dembots straight out of central casting? Certainly, Biden has not lost yet, and may well prevail… but the moment begs a question: Would we be here if Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren were standing in Biden’s place? We will never know, and now we wait.

Two facts stand out: First, the urban/rural voter split is more pronounced than ever, and the urban voters are surprisingly evenly matched in numbers with their rural brethren. There is no blaming turnout this time, not after matching a 120-year-old high mark. We appear to be as evenly divided a nation as we’ve been hearing we are, and this newest nose count underscores the grim truth of it.

Second, and more importantly: Despite the horrors of the COVID-19 pandemic and his ridiculous handling of the crisis, despite the shattered economy, the ceaseless bombast, the overt racism, all of it, Donald Trump remains popular enough to make a razor-thin contest out of what many (hand raised) expected would be a blowout. More people voted in this election than ever before in all our history, and at least half of them think Trump is worthy of a second term. Maybe more, if the deal goes down his way.

As election officials steadily process the ballots before them, I am processing the meaning of last night’s results. I gravely misunderstood the nature of my country coming into this contest, something I felt I’ve had a handle on for years. Nearly 66 million people surveyed the roiling, hateful, plague-raddled disaster zone the nation has become under Trump’s administration and decided he should have another four years to do more of the same.

It’s not over yet, but no matter the final outcome, this feels very much like a resounding setback, if not a defeat in its own right. Even if Biden wins, he would need a Democratic majority in the Senate in order to effectively govern. The ground was ripe for the Democrats to do much better last night, with the surrounding circumstances altogether vehement in their pressing relevance… and then, this.

It is going to be a very long week, again. Stout hearts."




It's scary.


Stay Tuned...and stay safe y'all...


  ~ From AP:

2020 Balance Of Power



Thursday, October 29, 2020



Closer and closer are we to the pivotal hour...but now it seems Trump at the very last moment has changed his mind about wearing masks....and he brought Melania along with her big boobies too :


 ~ From CNN: (with videos)

Trump Seems To Strike a New Tone On Masks: 'If You Get Close, Wear a Mask'

Updated 5:53 PM ET, Thu October 29, 2020


Another Fact Check !!!  From the Irish guy !!

Fact Check: Trump Continues To Use a Misleading Video To Claim Biden Is Not Fit For Office 



 Must reprint this one from the ultimate fave guy:

 ~ From Informed Comment:

Trump Touts "Ending The Pandemic" As 1 American Dies Every 107 Seconds And Stock Market Nosedives 

 (with bonus Jimmey Kimmel video on the link !)

"Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) – Bruce Y. Lee of Forbes reports that a couple of days ago, the Trump White House put out a press release listing the administration’s scientific achievements. Number one on the list was “Ending the Pandemic.”

The Nazi genocidal maniac Adolf Hitler said, “Die Breite masse eines volkes fällt einer grosse lüge leichter zum opfer als einer kleinen” (“The broad mass of a people falls victim to a big lie more easily than a small one.”)

But I think even Nazi propagandists would have balked at the gargantuan Trump level of falsehood. Indeed, it is hard to think of an American president who told so titanic a lie since George W. Bush intimated that Iraq was two years away from having a nuclear weapon.

As the US enters the feared Second Wave of the coronavirus pandemic, the country faces a dark winter. In the past week, 500,000 Americans fell ill with COVID-19, with one being infected every 1.2 seconds. On Tuesday, 44,000 people were hospitalized in one day, a third more than in a typical mid-September day.

As Trump appointee Brett Giroir said forthrightly this week, this spike in transmission is not because of extra testing, contrary to the lie that Trump keeps telling.

The winter months worsen the transmission of infectious diseases because the cold forces people indoors, into close quarters where they are breathing, sneezing and coughing on one another. Despite all the irrational beach shaming in which the media engaged last summer, as Zeynep Tufekci noted, there were no big outbreaks traced to beaches. It was hanging out in bars and restaurants that was dangerous. Or in churches, singing and talking loudly. Indoors, for hours at a time. The novel coronavirus is a respiratory disease, which is spread primarily by other people breathing on you. Since a lot of people have the disease without knowing it, I think you just have to assume that any stranger you encounter could have it, and I would no more let people breathe on me in close quarters for many hours than I would let them spit on me. I have to say, I cannot understand it when I see Trump’s devotees crowded together at rallies without masks, sucking down potentially infected air that had just been in someone else’s moist lungs. This is a level of ignorance or recklessness that it is hard for me to fathom.

By the time Trump goes out of office, if he is defeated Tuesday, he may well leave behind a toll of nearly 500,000 dead Americans. In 1918 the Spanish Flu killed 675,000 Americans, a century ago before many of the advances of modern medicine. Trump’s studied inaction on the pandemic has teleported us back in time 100 years, leaving us as vulnerable to this pandemic as our ancestors four generations ago were to that one. In 1918, remember, there were no antibiotics, no knowledge of DNA, no quick blood tests, no MRIs, no television. Trump has us living with this pandemic as though we were still driving Model T’s and flying biplanes.

Nor is there any end in sight. Dr. Anthony Fauci warned that even with a vaccine, the country might not return to a semblance of normalcy until early 2022. I think he is assuming that Trump will lose when he says this. It is possible that with an erratic madman at our helm, we could go on suffering from the pandemic for years.

On Sunday, White House chief of staff Mark Meadows admitted, “We’re not going to control the pandemic.” When challenged as to why by CNN’s Jake Tapper, he replied that it is because it is a respiratory disease.

Me, I take away from it being a respiratory disease that I shouldn’t let people breathe on me, not that I should fatalistically risk being infected.

The Trump crew has fallen for a crazy Libertarian theory that you could let young people, who are less likely to fall seriously ill or die from the coronavirus, circulate freely and contract it, while keeping the more vulnerable elderly away from them. As Steven Albert, Professor and Chair of Behavioral and Community Health, University of Pittsburgh, argues knowledgeably, this policy does not work. It would likely kill a million people. And a lot of younger people would end up being ill and dying, because of the sheer scale of this irresponsible experiment with the lives of millions. He points out that this was essentially the Swedish approach, and it did not work. It isn’t even clear that you could ever get to herd immunity. It may be that people are only immune for a few months after contracting the disease, which would mean that herd immunity would always recede the way mirages of water do in the desert. Albert points out that vaccines are the only sure way to induce herd immunity.

As for the 4 other scientific achievements that Trump boasted of? Those were incredible falsehoods, too, as Lee notes at Forbes. Trump has slashed funding for science and has unleashed deregulated pollutants and billions of tons of carbon dioxide on the environment. At one point his EPA approved an insecticide that causes brain damage in babies.

Somehow, somewhere, you can be sure that all the death and destruction Trump has unleashed on us are making him and his cronies a lot of money."



Is it too late to do a Novena  ? I was sorta ok this morning after two cups of chamomile tea...but as you know, the best realist of the pack brings us back down to earth as usual:


 ~ From Truthout: 

 If Trump Doesn't Win Pennsylvania, His Chances Crumble To 2 Percent 

 "For the second election cycle in a row, Pennsylvania’s 9 million voters will play a definitive role in the choosing of our next president. In 2016, Donald Trump eked out a victory in Pennsylvania by around 44,000 votes, or about 0.7 percent more than Hillary Clinton. The state’s 20 Electoral College votes were the vital piece to Trump’s eventual inside straight — Pennsylvania to Michigan to Wisconsin — which allowed him to win the White House while losing the popular vote.

Four years later, and matters for Mr. Trump have changed.

A pandemic that has taken the lives of nearly 230,000 people in the U.S. — and Trump’s incomprehensibly ham-fisted handling of same — hangs over the electorate like a pall of poison smoke. That pandemic has laid waste to much of the economy, stripping Trump of what was to be the hood ornament on his reelection campaign bus. Finally, he is not running against Hillary Clinton this time, and has been therefore unable to deploy the well-worn weapons of rhetorical misogyny that served him so effectively the last time.

Polling in Pennsylvania throughout the campaign season has been steady and relatively tight. Democratic nominee Joe Biden has enjoyed a six-point lead, give or take, for months now. None of the dramatic events during the campaign season moved those numbers much at all, a fact that held true nationally as well as locally.

After the polling debacle of 2016, when pollsters misjudged the numbers coming out of Pennsylvania right along with Michigan and Wisconsin, people are properly loath to put any faith in polling margins that could very well be fiction once again. One thing all the election pros are sure of, however, is the importance of Pennsylvania to Trump’s hopes for victory.

Joe Biden would love to win Pennsylvania, but he does not have to win it; if he does, and the numbers in the other swing states hold true within a margin of around 5 points, there are very few ways for him to lose the national election. If Trump fails to win the state, on the other hand, his chances of winning the Electoral College overall crumble to about two percent. He and his people know this, and have moved swiftly into the dark places of electioneering like an oil spill on a rocky beach.

“President Trump’s campaign in the crucial battleground of Pennsylvania is pursuing a three-pronged strategy that would effectively suppress mail-in votes in the state, moving to stop the counting of absentee votes before Election Day, pushing to limit how late mail-in ballots can be accepted and intimidating Pennsylvanians trying to vote early,” reported The New York Times this morning.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been wreaking election havoc for weeks in Pennsylvania, due in large part to the fact that this is the first year the state has offered widespread early voting to all of its voters. The infrastructure to handle such an influx is wobbly in its newness, Trump’s campaign and legal teams located a number of pressure points to potentially exploit, and the resulting legal arguments made it all the way to the Supreme Court.

That’s when the weird and creepy intensified.

Pennsylvania Republicans sought to keep state officials from counting absentee ballots that come in after the polls close on November 3; many states are allowing this, given the mayhem being wrought by COVID. Republicans in North Carolina sought a similar injunction. In a bang-bang pair of rulings yesterday that thrilled Democrats, the high court allowed for votes in both states to be counted up to three days after Election Day.

Newly minted Justice Barrett did not join in the deliberations or render a verdict in either case. According to the Supreme Court’s Public Information Office, she simply did not have enough time to get appropriately up to speed on the specific issues of the cases. As these decisions came down 5-3, with Justices Alito, Gorsuch and Thomas dissenting, Barrett’s presence would not have changed the outcome.

The weird and creepy came in the guise of Justice Alito, whose fury at people being able to have their votes count during a pandemic in an election the Republican could lose was, well, palpable. Two passages from his Pennsylvania dissent stand out.


Although the Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejected Petitioner’s request for that relief, we have been informed by the Pennsylvania Attorney General that the Secretary of the Commonwealth issued guidance today directing county boards of elections to segregate ballots received between 8:00 p.m. on November 3, 2020, and 5:00 p.m. on November 6, 2020. Nothing in the Court’s order today precludes Petitioner from applying to this Court for relief if, for some reason, it is not satisfied with the Secretary’s guidance.

… and this:

Although the Court denies the motion to expedite, the petition for certiorari remains before us, and if it is granted, the case can then be decided under a shortened schedule. In addition, the Court’s denial of the motion to expedite is not a denial of a request for this Court to order that ballots received after election day be segregated so that if the State Supreme Court’s decision is ultimately overturned, a targeted remedy will be available.

… are deeply chilling indicators that the conservatives on this court have every intention of interfering with this election if they can, no matter how dangerous and destabilizing that interference could be. Justice Alito specifically states that ballots coming in after November 3 will be segregated from those arriving on time, and goes on to suggest that “a targeted remedy will be available” from the high court to throw those ballots out.

Note well: Alito is offering the Supreme Court to serve as a ballot-shredder for votes that were legally cast under the rules as they stand. He did not whisper this, but put his name to it in a public dissent, one that earned the signatures of Gorsuch and Thomas.

Justice Kavanaugh remained silent in both cases, but if a case that will decide the fate of the presidency comes to this court, one can assume Gorsuch, Thomas, Kavanaugh and Barrett will fall in line with a pro-Trump ruling, which leaves Chief Justice Roberts as the wild card, and God help us all.

On Monday, the same court ruled 5-3 against allowing Wisconsin to continue counting ballots that arrive after Election Day, essentially deciding in the polar opposite direction of the Pennsylvania and North Carolina rulings. As if this were not unnerving enough, Justice Kavanaugh vomited up a farcical Trump-clone argument about the perils of nonexistent voter fraud, further stating that the court’s decisions should make sure we know who wins on Election Night. News network executives everywhere must have been thrilled, but there was no basis in law for Kavanaugh’s nonsense. For Supreme Court nonsense, however, there is no remedy.

As Pennsylvania goes on Election Day, so goes the nation… but the court cases that may be brought by the Trump campaign could come from Wisconsin, North Carolina, any number of other states, or all of them combined. The only remedy for this is a landslide victory for Joe Biden. If the Electoral College is out of Trump’s reach by the time poll closures cross the Mississippi River, with Pennsylvania in Biden’s hip pocket, it will all be over but the shouting. If not…"



 Stay Safe Y'all...and start praying. Oh well, at least I didn't swear this time.


Friday, August 14, 2020

Not Only Was She Born In The USA....Damn, That Gal Was Born To Run

Borrowed From Informed Comment:Featured photo: By United States Senate – This file has been extracted from another file: Kamala Harris official photo.jpg, Public Domain,

 ~ From Truthout:

The 2020 Race Is Down To Center-Right vs. Far-Right 
by, William Rivers Pitt, Truthout - 08/12/24 

"Vice President Mike Pence was doing a campaign gig in Arizona last night, the state where incumbent Republican Sen. Martha McSally continues to trail Democratic challenger and former astronaut Mark Kelly. Pence’s boss is locked in a virtual tie with presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, which explains why the vice president was spending time in a state that Republican presidential candidates have dominated in nearly every election since Barry Goldwater came down the mountain in 1964.

“On the way here,” Pence told that Arizona audience in a voice drizzling sarcasm, “I heard Joe Biden just named his running mate — California Sen. Kamala Harris. So let me take this opportunity to welcome her to the race.” At this point, the crowd booed lustily. “As you all know,” he continued, “Joe Biden and the Democratic Party have been overtaken by the radical left. So given their promises of higher taxes, open borders, socialized medicine and abortion on demand, it’s no surprise that he chose Senator Harris.”

That, right there, might just be the funniest thing you’ll hear on the campaign trail this year. It’s a vivid preview of the Trump/Pence strategy for the remaining 83 days: Paint Joe Biden and his newly minted vice presidential pick as a Trojan horse bursting with socialism, abortion doctors, and lighters for burning Bibles. Biden/Harris: Antifa in Tailored Suits.  

Why is that so funny? Because the Democratic presidential tickets in my lifetime have been, in order: McGovern/Eagleton rapidly followed by McGovern/Shriver, Carter/Mondale twice, Mondale/Ferraro, Dukakis/Bentsen, Clinton/Gore twice, Gore/Lieberman, Kerry/Edwards, Obama/Biden twice, Clinton/Kaine, and now this.

While there are some doozies buried in that long, strange line, the simple fact of the matter is that — in assessing by the candidates’ records — Biden/Harris is on numerous counts the most right-leaning Democratic presidential ticket I have personally laid eyes on. Donald Trump and his crew are going to need a nuclear-powered brush to paint his Democratic opponents into some sort of far-left corner. That dog won’t hunt.

Biden’s long record of service to the banking industry, the carceral industry, and the war-making industry is well-documented. He is about as “left-wing” as the right side of an F-22 Raptor. In choosing Senator Harris, Biden has tapped a politician well within his own ideological sphere.

Harris very eloquently extols the virtue and necessity of social justice, but portions of her record demonstrate where and how her official performance has fallen short of her rhetoric. Her hands-off approach to police violence against citizens while serving as California Attorney General is a grim fact, as is her crusade against sex workers during that time. Her record on LGBTQ issues is mostly solid but far from steady, and her record of fighting to keep improperly incarcerated people behind bars is chilling.

Of course, Harris has backed away from or actively disavowed many of the less-than-progressive blemishes on her resume since becoming a senator, presidential candidate and now vice-presidential nominee. Yet she still speaks the language of high finance fluently — “I believe in capitalism,” Harris told a big-dollar Wall Street crowd at an East Hampton fundraiser a year ago — and the financial news network CNBC seems to think Wall Street is pleased with Biden’s choice.

We are a long way round the bend from primary season, aren’t we. A race that began with progressive stalwarts like Bernie Sanders, Julián Castro, Elizabeth Warren, Andrew Yang, Marianne Williamson and Mike Gravel has boiled down to a ticket that is as establishment-right as one gets in today’s Democratic Party.

That’s the rub: A progressive insurgency against the Democratic establishment, led since 2015 by Bernie Sanders, has been temporarily snuffed at the highest levels. Rep. Ilhan Omar won her primary yesterday, and the progressive tide is still running high in the House. In the offices of the Democratic National Committee, however, the process of choosing a presidential nominee remains firmly in the hands of the last people in America who can call Biden and Harris “progressive” and still keep a straight face.

A recent exchange on Democracy Now! between Aimee Allison of She the People and Briahna Joy Gray, the former national press secretary for the Bernie Sanders campaign, underscores the ways in which many progressives are feeling torn over the historic nature of the nomination of Harris who — as the daughter of a mother of Indian Tamil descent and a Black father from Jamaica — is both the first Black woman and the first woman of South Asian descent on a U.S. presidential ticket.

“It’s hard to overstate how historic, how monumental this is. It’s a watershed moment for women of color across the country,” Allison said in the roundtable conversation, adding that the nomination is “an indication that the establishment in the Democratic Party … now acknowledges that America needs the leadership of women of color.”

Gray responded: 

''There can be no doubt that of course this nomination is historic. But something else historic is going on right now, which is that we are in the middle of the largest protest movement in American history. And it’s a protest movement that’s all about finding nonpunitive, noncarceral solutions to the kinds of economic problems that are plaguing disproportionately Black and Brown communities … And so there’s a great deal of frustration … [over] a running mate who is known for being the top cop from California, the state that has the second-highest number of incarcerated people in America. 

Both of these sentiments are reverberating through much of the progressive response to the selection of Harris. Biden’s choice is indeed a bright acknowledgement of a fact too many Democratic candidates have been happy to ignore: Black voters, and specifically Black women voters, are the backbone of the Democratic base.

Rep. Jim Clyburn knew this when he saved Biden’s campaign during the South Carolina primary. By leaning hard on Biden to tap a Black woman for VP after that successful rescue mission, and with Biden’s subsequent payment of the debt he owed from the primaries, Clyburn was explicitly elbowing a properly larger space at the table of government for a sector of the populace that has been waiting more than 400 years to exert the influence they deserve to. 

The fact that Harris is on the Democratic ticket four years after the first Black president left office, and is the presumptive Democratic nominee in 2024 or 2028 if the Biden/Harris ticket wins in November, marks a sea change in the balance of political power within the Democratic party. No one is ever, ever going to take “the Black vote” for granted again.

There is also the unique opportunity for genuine progressive influence in the assembly of Biden’s Cabinet-to-be, should he win. Many people, myself included, strongly suspected that Harris would be nominated for attorney general should he pick someone else to join him on the ticket. Now that she is out of the running for the top law enforcement position, there are a number of exciting possible nominees Biden should be pushed hard to consider, if not nominate outright.

At the top of my personal list for the AG spot is Preet Bharara, the former United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York who was shoved out of his office by Trump shortly after the 2016 election. Bharara was investigating Trump and his business dealings when he was fired, which is why many believe he was removed in the first place. The material from Bharara’s investigation into Trump was absorbed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, and lent much weight to Mueller’s exhaustively detailed report on Trump’s Russia dealings. Mueller may have fumbled the ball, but Bharara’s contribution was damning for the president nonetheless.

Biden has promised there will be no pardons for Trump if he wins, no “looking forward” and away from the crimes of this administration. I can think of no better person to pursue justice than Bharara. He already knows the details down to the decimal, and would be a highly motivated investigator. As attorney general, Preet Bharara would run Donald Trump to ground, and that is argument enough for his nomination.

Before the theoretical, of course, is the actual: The filthy damn campaign mess awaiting us over these next 83 days.

Straight out of the gate last night, Trump hit Harris with his newest, and easily worst, nickname: “Phony Kamala.” Rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it? He repeatedly referred to Harris as “nasty,” an insult he reserves only for women. While discussing the Harris pick on a radio show yesterday, Trump said that Biden had “insulted” men by choosing Harris.

Trump is also deep into racist dog-whistling, talking about how Biden “roped himself off into, you know, a certain group of people.” It’s going to be like this every day, but then again, it would have been like this every day no matter who Biden picked.

Because nothing awful ever truly dies, the echo of Biden’s announcement had not yet faded before Trump proxies rolled out the “birther” artillery for another salvo. They are spreading lies about Harris not being a U.S. citizen (fact check: she has been one since birth), using the offensive term “anchor baby” and falsely arguing that she cannot by law assume the office of the presidency should the need arise. Of course it’s bullshit, but count on hearing this and similar racist allegations over and over again.

It will be interesting to see if Mike Pence has the guts to bring that garbage to the table when he meets Harris in Salt Lake City for an October 7 debate. The job Harris did on Biden for his work with and praise of congressional segregationists during a June 2019 debate has become the stuff of legend, and was a fair portion of the reason why Biden needed Clyburn’s help to survive the primaries.

However one may feel about Harris, if that entirely lethal version of the senator from California shows up in Utah — the woman who bounced Jeff Sessions and Brett Kavanaugh off every wall in the hearing room when she had them before her — it feels quite likely that she will carve that chalkdust mannequin of a vice president into ribbons so fine, even Pence’s wife (“Mother”) won’t be able to knit them into a devotional for the bathroom wall. Just a hunch. 

So here we are, up to our ears in a lethal pandemic and a righteous social uprising while climate disruption burns on and capitalism collapses around us. In this fraught environment, a right-center Democratic ticket with dubious social justice chops is set to square off against the most brazenly fascist presidential administration in history.

Only Nixon can go to China, went the saying. With the help of a new coalition formed around a cornerstone of energized Black voters, perhaps only Biden can go to the White House under these extraordinary circumstances.

83 days. "

William Rivers Pitt is a senior editor and lead columnist at Truthout. He is also a New York Times and internationally bestselling author of three books: War on Iraq: What Team Bush Doesn’t Want You to Know, The Greatest Sedition Is Silence and House of Ill Repute: Reflections on War, Lies, and America’s Ravaged Reputation. His fourth book, The Mass Destruction of Iraq: Why It Is Happening, and Who Is Responsible, co-written with Dahr Jamail, is available now on Amazon. He lives and works in New Hampshire.
I'll be back with all that jazz around these parts....
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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

You Ain't Seen Nuthin' Yet, Tijuana - Think You Have Problems? Check Out The Deniers (Los Imbeciles) - Link to William Rivers Pitt's "Florida, Georgia and Trump Are Lying. COVID Is Far From Over"

From CNN: Crowds In Indiana

Memorial Day came and went...but wait for the aftermath.  Zeta reported there were problemas with mask wearing and social distancing in our neck of the woods., however I can tell you that Rosarito gets an "A+". Mike picked up Luis to look at the old volvo, both wore masks and gloves.  The tow truck driver also wore a mask and gloves, town was clean with people adhering to the rules.  We even stopped at the Home Depot to look at more wash machines, everyone was compliant.  We're going to cancel the wash machine up in the States because it won't be here until the 6th and I cannot wait that long. Found a GE with great warranty coverage down here and I can have it in three days.

 ~ From Zeta:

Tijuanenses "Retan" al COVID-19; Salwen a Playas, Parques y Sobreruedas Sin Sana Distancia
Por, Uriel Saucedo 

"On Saturday, May 23, it was two months since the social distancing program began and preventive measures were applied to avoid raising the contagion curve in Mexico. However, the “stay at home” phrase repeated by federal and local authorities has not been effective, at least not in Tijuana, where people continue on the streets without taking preventive measures, despite being the second city in Baja California in number of infections by COVID-19 and first municipality in deaths at the state level.

Two months after the closure of beaches, shopping malls, parks, stores and non-essential companies, Tijuana is home to 1,822 COVID-19 infected patients and 451 deaths, in addition, the hospitals have 50 percent capacity, according to official information, but it is known that the lack of beds is a constant problem, so it has been necessary to open a space in a basketball stadium to attend to non-serious patients.

Non-essential companies have had to close under the health agreement and tourism has been reduced to a minimum; the health sector, for its part, has denounced shortages in the supplies received, and they were seen standing in long lines to buy the material to protect themselves from their own pocket, a situation that was not enough and has taken its toll on the health of doctors, nurses and hospital staff, who have tested positive for the pathogen.

All of the above has been evidenced both in the media and on social networks, and in some cases confirmed in the video conferences of Governor Jaime Bonilla in which he is accompanied by the head of the Ministry of Health, Alonso Pérez Rico.

But this climate of alert has not been enough to raise awareness in the population of Tijuana, who today went out on the streets for a walk. In a tour carried out by Semanario Zeta, in the market on wheels of the Tomás Aquino neighborhood, a significant influx of people was identified, some accompanied by their families, the elderly and minors. Not everyone covered their faces with a face mask, some did wear it, but as it has been found, most used it incorrectly.

The issue of overcrowding in crowded markets has been constant, each week the Inspection and Verification department has carried out operations to prevent them. This Saturday, its director, Adolfo García Dworak, reported that they visited 20 markets and made 29 administrative minutes to non-essential positions, in addition to removing 230 positions with turns not allowed at this stage of the pandemic.

At the Otay gate the crossing to the United States was constant, with up to 300 vehicles on the Sentri line and another 200 on the Ready Lane, the crossing to Mexico through that gate was smooth. Through San Ysidro, long lines were also present, in this area of ​​the city, 8 traveling vendors were fined for not having corresponding permits.

Although the non-essential stores were mostly closed, convenience stores, pharmacies, restaurants, and food outlets remained open. The points where there were more people gathered, were again the Coppel and Elektra stores, just outside these stores there were long lines of customers waiting to enter, not all to make payments, some came out with shopping bags.

Stores such as Dax and Waldos, maintained a constant visit of customers, in some cases without distance measures, so several people were observed inside both stores.

Although the Directorate of Inspection reported that a car wash premises in the Libertad neighborhood was closed because it was not an essential activity, it was detected that in the Buena Vista neighborhood, there are establishments of this type that continue to work regularly, without any sanction.

In Playas de Tijuana the situation is worsening, since the number of people entering the beach is more and more frequent, although the passage is prohibited; On Saturday morning, elements of the Municipal Police reported having withdrawn a group of people who were walking on the sand. This Weekly was able to verify the easy access to the boardwalk, since several areas do not have protective tape.

Whole families roam the Pacific Avenue, few of them with a face mask, they took advantage of the fact that the locals were open to buy snacks and drinks, without queuing, standing close to each other, as if there were no series of infections in the city rising. In the Parque México the scenario was similar, parents with their children sitting on benches and on the grass, couples walking, street vendors with customers gathered around them, without taking the four-meter distance recommended in public spaces.

In the Central Zone, as every day the assistance to the Teniente Guerrero Park does not end, it does not matter that there is yellow tape around prohibiting the passage, it has not been a barrier to take a few hours of rest under the trees of the emblematic park. In the Plaza Santa Cecilia all the kiosks are open, the souvenir vendors are waiting for a tourist. 

In Tijuana, unlike Mexicali, the mandatory use of mouth covers has not been determined nor has social mobility been limited."


I know, it is bad - but look at what's happened in the U.S.:

 ~ From CNN:

Full video coverage, you have to watch these and gasp:

CNN Reporter Debunks Beachgoers' Coronavirus Theories 

Can you believe that?



Photos Show Plenty of People Flocked To Beaches, But Not a Lot Of Social Distancing or Masks
By, Hollie Silverman 


And now, for a comparison my amigos.  A fine example of leadership vs. crapola from numbnuts:


Canada Wants National Sick Leave plan In Place For Second Wave of the Coronavirus Pandemic
By, Paula Newton and Madeline Holcombe 

"Ottawa, Canada (CNN)Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says his government is trying to give all workers a minimum of 10 days paid sick leave per year as Canada starts to prepare for a second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

"Nobody should have to choose between taking a day off work due to illness or being able to pay their bills. Just like nobody should have to choose between staying home with Covid-19 symptoms or being able to afford rent or groceries," Trudeau said during a news conference in Ottawa Monday.
As of Monday, Canada has reported more than 85,000 cases of coronavirus and 6,545 related deaths.
For those infected, sick leave is usually a provincial jurisdiction, which complicates the national effort.

Trudeau said putting the necessary mechanisms in place for a national paid sick leave program would be challenging, but his government and the provinces are determined to try.

"When the Fall comes and flu season starts up we don't want people who develop a sniffle to suddenly worry that while they really shouldn't go into work but they can't afford to not go into work and therefore the risk of contributing to a wave significantly, could be a real problem," Trudeau said.

Canada's top doctor repeated her assertion Monday that a second wave of the virus could be worse than the first and encouraged public health officials to build up capacity for testing, hospital beds and personal protective equipment in order to prepare.

Canada's top doctor repeated her assertion Monday that a second wave of the virus could be worse than the first and encouraged public health officials to build up capacity for testing, hospital beds and personal protective equipment in order to prepare.

"I think you can never be overly prepared and we have to just keep going with some of these capacity developments and that goes for lab testing as well," said Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada's chief public health officer during a press conference Monday.

In hopes of managing the spread of the virus into the country, Trudeau announced last week that the border with the United States will continue to be closed until at least June 21. Trudeau called the border, which has been closed since March 21, a clear point of "vulnerability" for Canada.

The prohibition of international travelers and quarantine of returning Canadians is the only thing that has allowed Canada to manage its first wave of coronavirus, Tam said."

Crapola From Numbnuts, Marvelously Penned by Stephen Collinson:

By, Stephen Collinson 


To sum it up....please don't miss this piece: (I was only finally just opening email and there this was, so I didn't have time to ask permission to republish - Pitt is fantastico !!)

By, William Rivers Pitt
Of course....


Locally the numbers are steadily increasing in virus and drug war related deaths, I don't have to cook tomorrow, so I'll be back with those grim reports .

And, you are welcome to request any music you want, just drop a line - how about that ?

Take care everyone and stay safe.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Another Great One From Truth Out - Local COVID-19 Stats - Local Drug War Stats ....A Brief Look At Ensenada Violence - UPDATES 04/30/20 : COVID-19 & EXECUTION STATS RISING AND THE DAY IS NOT OVER @ 3:45 PM

We lost our Internet server for around 15 hours, but they are now back in business. Here is yet another great one from Truth Out and don't miss all of their coverage which is fantastic.

 ~ From Truth Out:

 Trump and McConnell Aren't Waging War On COVID. They're Waging War On Us
By, William Rivers Pitt

 ~ Excellent non stop COVID coverage:

Democracy Now ! 


All Reports From Zeta.

We ended the last blog on the report from Zeta regarding Trump's influence on re-opening at least one business down here which has contracts with the U.S. Military despite the fact that the Governor had shut it down.  So far, there has been no coverage of this in the U.S. press - perhaps Tele-sur will pick this story up. 

 Meanwhile on Tuesday workers in Tijuana demonstrated against their employer Honeywell for not informing them of the COVID-19 infection(s) at the facility and one death  from COVID by a co-worker. There has been no follow up on this for reasons you can probably figure out for yourselves:

Trabajadores de Honeywell se Manifiestan en Demande de Informacion Por Casos de COVID-19 (VIDEO)
Por, Julieta Aragon

"About 200 Honeywell workers protested outside the plant, located on Insurgentes Boulevard in Tijuana, demanding information after they pointed out that there are two cases of SARS CoV2 (COVID-19), and one person died from this disease.

According to the version of some employees, on April 28, the company "removed" the workers from the night shift at five in the morning, one hour before their usual departure, without giving them an explanation.

Given this, a group of workers stationed themselves at the main door of the plant, demanding that the manager come out and give them information about that decision and the cases they say there are of COVID-19. This prevented the employees of the morning shift from entering the place, so they could not work.

Around 10 in the morning, the group dispersed, once those responsible for the plant indicated that in the afternoon they would contact them to provide them with information."



"Tijuana es El Epicenter de La Pandemia en Baja California":Secretaria de Salud"
Por, Uriel Saucedo - 04/30/20 @ 1:09 PM

"In the last 24 hours, 66 new cases of COVID-19 were registered in Baja California, reaching 1,577 patients, in addition to 223 deaths, 18 more than yesterday, the state Secretary of Health, Alonso Pérez Rico, reported this Thursday morning. April 30th.

Tijuana and Mexicali continue to be the municipalities with the highest incidence of infections.
Pérez Rico indicated that they have taken samples from 3,648 patients, of which 1,577 are positive, 1,479 negative and 592 are pending results. Of the positive cases there are 859 from Tijuana, 589 Mexicali, 40 Ensenada, 67 Tecate, 17 Rosarito and five in San Quintín.

In deaths, Tijuana has 153, Mexicali 55, Ensenada six, Tecate five, Rosarito three and San Quintín remains in one. While there are 206 recovered patients, 111 of them are men and 95 women. From Mexicali there are 78 from Tijuana 117, Ensenada dos and Tecate 9.

Regarding suspicious cases, in the Ministry of Health they have 83 cases, the IMSS continues with a high number, registering 494, while ISSSTE has two, ISSSTECALI with four, the Secretary of the Navy with 7 and private hospitals have two patients.

He reiterated that the bulk of the infections is in an age range of between 25 and 59 years. As of this morning, 81 percent of the positive cases were recovering from home and 19 percent were hospitalized. Of the comorbidities that are affecting the recovery of 1,577 confirmed patients, 26.7 percent have hypertension, 20.8 percent have diabetes and 18.4 percent are obese.
Deaths are occurring mainly in people over 65, but it has also been detected that between 40 and 64 years of age, deaths are accumulating.

Regarding the occupation in the converted hospitals of the Ministry of Health, they are at 67.5 percent with 157 beds and 43 ventilators available. In the IMSS they are at 62 percent capacity with 231 beds and 14 unoccupied fans.

"The two weeks that follow are critical, the first two weeks of May, as we have said, the end of April, the first of May is a very high point of the epidemiological curve that we are having in Baja California. Tijuana is the epicenter of the pandemic in Baja California and right now we are dealing with more personnel who want to help us in the fight against COVID, ”said Pérez Rico, inviting more medical and nursing personnel to come to work caring for patients. with positive test."

~~~~~ end edit.


The COVID-19 StatsFrom Yesterday Early Afternoon:

Baja California Con Mil 511 Contagios y 205 Muertes Por COVID-19
Por, Uriel Saucedo

"The number of patients infected with COVID-19 in Baja California reached 1,511 infections, and 205 deaths in the last hours, reported Alonso Pérez Rico, Secretary of Health in the state, continuing in second place for deaths and third of infections throughout the country, behind Mexico City and State.

Compared to Tuesday, April 28, the number of patients increased in 114 new cases, 66 correspond to Tijuana, 35 to Mexicali, 10 to Tecate, two to Ensenada and San Quintín. As for deaths, there were 15 new ones; in Tijuana 12 and in Mexicali three. The other municipalities did not present deaths. As for the recovered, the number is176.

Nationwide, there are already 16,752 accumulated confirmed cases, 5,332 are active cases, 11,220 suspects, 49,333 negative, 1,569 deaths out of a total of 77,500 patients studied. In the last 24 hours, the curve increased with 1,222 new cases.

Pérez Rico reported that 3,561 tests have already been performed that have tested positive for 1,511 patients, 1,455 cases have been ruled out and there are 595 suspected patients, awaiting a response. Of these pending results, 92 are from the Ministry of Health, 483 from IMSS, three from ISSSTE, two from ISSSTECALI, 7 from the Secretary of the Navy (SEMAR) and 8 from private hospitals.

In the case of the pending results of the IMSS, the Secretary of Health explained that some were sent to the La Raza Laboratory and other tests are being analyzed in the four private laboratories, but if necessary, they will support the state laboratory to reduce the amount of suspects.

Given these delays, Governor Jaime Bonilla called on the IMSS to carry out the tests in Baja California and stop sending them to Mexico City, so that people are informed up to date, so that there is no lag in the list of deaths reported at the federal level due to the lack of results.

“When people see the report from Mexico, they are going to have to compare the 205 deaths that we have with those that the federation is reporting. That is why I want the pending tests to be carried out as quickly as possible, because people are dying and we do not know if they died from COVID-19 unless the proof is available, "said Bonilla Valdez.

For his part, Pérez Rico explained that the pending evidence from the IMSS is no longer in its entirety in Baja California because many were sent to Mexico City for analysis.

Speaking of the comorbidities that are contributing to a slow recovery from COVID-19 or that has led to the death of some patients, he highlighted that patients suffering from obesity, diabetes or hypertension are costing them their lives, “Right now we are paying the not having a good diet, being so sedentary, not having any physical activity or a sports culture, because obese people are having a poor response to COVID. "



So, at this point in time if you were making a comparison, COVID-19 deaths beats the drug war executions in Tijuana for the month of April. Here are those numbers:

 ~ Tijuana Executions:

Monday (04/27/20) Tijuana Monthly total = 157 dead. Tijuana YTD total = 632 dead.  Baja California YTD total = 855 dead.

Reportan Cuatro Homicidios, Entre Ellos Una de Mujer a Golpes y Un Hombre Calcinado

"In Tijuana, four homicides were reported in the last hours, among the victims is a woman beaten to death, and three men. According to statistics from the State Security and Investigation Guard (GESI), 157 executions have been registered during April, while in 2020 the figure rises to 632.

On the afternoon of Sunday, April 26, at the Issstecali Mirador facilities, a woman died with various head injuries, apparently with a blunt object. So far, the victim, aged between 25 and 30, appears as an unknown. During the year 64 murders have been committed against women.

Then the discovery of a charred body was reported to the emergency center, which had plastic around his neck and his face covered with a tarp. The events were dated in Manuel M. Diéguez street, in the Lázaro Cárdenas neighborhood.
At the crime scene of a young man, between 20 and 25 years old, until now unidentified, at least 8 40-caliber casings were located. The victim, who was inside a Chevrolet Cavalier vehicle, gray color, plates 5XJG099, He was shot in the head. The events occurred in Privada Isabelitas, Natura subdivision Bosques section.

Finally, this Monday morning, April 27, in a section of dirt road next to the CESPT wastewater plant on the Oriente expressway, the body of a man wrapped in gray canvas was found. The deceased was handcuffed and with visible signs of torture.

With these facts, Baja California registers 855 intentional homicides so far in 2020."


 Tuesday (04/28/20) Tijuana Monthly Total = 163 dead. Tijuana YTD total = 638 dead.  Baja California YTD Total = 865 dead.

Reportan 7 Homicidios en Tijuana 

"The violence in Tijuana does not stop. In the last hours, seven people were killed in different parts of the city, as reported by the State Security and Investigation Guard.

With these facts, intentional homicides amount to 163 during April and 638 so far in 2020.

 First, at around 07:25 a.m. on Monday the 27th, on a country road next to the Cespt purple water treatment plant, in the Imac Tijuana neighborhood, the body of a male was found wrapped in gray canvas. . So far the deceased has not been identified.

 Later, the lifeless body of a young man, between 25 and 30 years old, was found on the slow east highway in the Third Stage of the River. The victim had various head injuries, abrasions on the back and legs.

 With firearm injuries to the head, the body of a man of approximately 45-50 years old was found in Loma Amarilla in front of number 9110, Colinas de La Mesa subdivision. At the crime scene, 3 9mm casings and a bullet fragment were located.

 On the El Árabe ramp in the Los Almos neighborhood, there was an armed attack that left a male person dead. The victim, aged between 25 and 30, was shot in the head and back.

27-year-old José Luis Amaro Jasso died at the Red Cross facilities, who was attacked by a firearm when he was in the vicinity of the Los Santos neighborhood.

 A man identified as Diego Alberto Barajas Meza, 44, shot to death in the Playas de Tijuana neighborhood in the Costa Azul section on April 22, died Monday night at the ISSSTECALI Mirador facilities. The victim had entered the hospital with various bullet injuries in the abdominal region, chest and back.

 Finally, on Santa Fe Avenue, in the third section of the Santa Fe neighborhood, a man was attacked with gunshots. When he was moving in his vehicle, the victim was lying on the pavement. So far it has not been identified.

 Until the morning of this Tuesday, April 28, in Baja California there have been 865 intentional homicides."


Wednesday (04/29/20) Tijuana monthly total = 169 dead.  YTD Tijuana total = 644 dead. Baja California YTD total = 870 dead.

Reportan 5 Homicidios, Van 169 Victimas en Abril 

"In Tijuana, at the end of the month of April, 169 intentional homicides have been registered, with this number, the murders exceeded those dated during March, where the statistic reached 163 victims.
During Tuesday, April 28, five homicides were recorded in different parts of the city, reaching 644 murders in 2020.
Around 4:30 p.m. in the private Salvia in the Natura section Arboledas fractionation, an armed attack took place in which one man was killed and another injured. The fatal victim was identified as Germán Enríquez Cuenca, 39. While the wounded man was transferred to a local hospital. A .380 caliber organized ammunition was located at the crime scene

Another armed attack was registered 10 minutes later in Villas de San Quintín street and Huapango street corner in front of the Rex car wash, Villas de Baja California subdivision, where a male between 35-40 years old was killed and two more men were injured, one of 40 -45 and the other 30-35. None of the three has been identified. Expert elements located 4 caps.

Then in private Galapagos, in Urbi Villa del Prado 2nd section subdivision, the body of a man with a gunshot wound to the head was found on public roads. The victim, still unidentified, ranged from 30 to 35 years old.

Jaime Enrique Sánchez Zúñiga, 40, died at the Red Cross facilities. He arrived at the hospital with injuries from a projectile from a firearm. The victim was attacked in the Urbi Villa del Prado subdivision.

Finally, on the street of Los Héroes in the Buena Vista neighborhood, the body of a man whose identity is unknown was found. Information obtained refers that the deceased today had his hands held with padlocks and had a large head injury."


UPDATE/EDIT 04/30/20 @ 4:00PM THE lATEST  DRUG WAR EXECUTION STATS: TIJ  Monthly total= 179 dead; TIJ YTD Total = 654 dead; Baja California YTD total = 885 dead.

Reportan 10 Homocidios en Tijuana se Eleva @ 654 Victimas en 2020 
(Report @ 9:30am) 

"The State Security and Investigation Guard (GESI) reported that during the last hours 10 executions were recorded in different parts of Tijuana. With these facts the number of intentional homicides rises to 654 victims so far in 2020.

First, around 11:50 a.m. on Wednesday, April 29, an unidentified male, between 35-40 years old, was found dead in a wooden construction located on Cumbres del Sol street, Cumbres del Sol subdivision. The victim had various injuries to the face caused by a firearm.

Then in the Regional General Hospital of the IMSS number 20, the young Carlos Francisco Sánchez Maldonado, 23 years old, perished due to various injuries from a firearm projectile. According to revealed information, the victim was attacked in the Natura neighborhood.

With a shot to the neck, a man identified as Humberto López Castillo, 70, was killed when he was on Venustiano Carranza street in the Lázaro Cárdenas neighborhood. At the site, expert officers located a 45-caliber shell, two shells with no visible legend, a bullet, two bicycles, and a cell phone.

Inside a wooden room, 48-year-old Cesar Ángel León Gutiérrez was executed. The events occurred in a neighborhood street in the Mirador Capistrano neighborhood.

At the crime scene of two unidentified males, 5 9mm caliber casings were located. The victims were lying inside a house located in private Nile # 61, Urbi Villa del Prado II neighborhood.

A 39-year-old man named Carlos Alberto Ponce Ordaz perished at the Red Cross facilities. The deceased today entered the hospital on April 25 with wounds from a projectile in the chest. It is unknown where he was assaulted.

The decapitated body of a woman, between 35 and 40 years old, was found early this Thursday, April 30, wrapped in a sheet on Manuel J Contreras Boulevard in the Jardines de la Mesa neighborhood. The severed head of the female was found inside a white plastic bag, still on the side of the body.

An armed attack registered on Hacienda de Jerez street in the Ejido Rojo Gómez neighborhood, left two people dead. One of the victims identified as Eduardo Alcántara Cordero, 39, died at the scene; while Martin Alcántara Cordero, 37, perished minutes later at the Red Cross facilities.

Until 05:00 hours this Thursday, in Baja California there are 885 intentional homicides in the year 2020."

end edit.


A Quick Look At Ensenada.....

Reported over last weekend:

Matan Policias del Poblado de Ojos Negros, Ensenada al"Chiles Verdes"
Por, Lorena lamas 

"Elements of the municipal police assigned to the Real del Castillo delegation, in the town of Ojos Negros, in Ensenada, received a report of an armed person in a vehicle between Esteban Cantú and 10 de Julio streets.
The events occurred at 8:28 p.m. this Friday when the officers found the reported Ford Explorer. When they arrived,  a person identified as Fabricio Bernardo Gomez, nicknamed the “Chiles Verdes”, about 30 years old, descended from the vehicle carrying two weapons, one short and one long. 
 (pistol & rifle)

The first data indicates that at the time of the police intervention, the subject pointed the gun at them and threatened them, which represented a risk for the agents, who at one point shot at the “Green Chiles” who died on the spot.

The group of armed residents launched a persecution against the police who took refuge in the delegation building. The elements were unharmed and were able to secure three weapons.

In support of the municipal police, several units of the State Investigation Agency went to Ojos Negros. 

The last arrest of the man nicknamed the "Green Chiles" was in March 2019 for possession of a firearm."


Monday (04/27/20): Ensenada Monthly total = 28 dead.  Ensenada YTD total = 94 dead.

Localizan Cuerpo Encobijado en Ensenada; Suman 94 Homicidios 

"The remains of a man were found shortly after midnight on Monday, April 27, in a vacant lot located in the Gómez Morín neighborhood, in Ensenada.

With this violent act, there are 94 homicides committed in the port, of which 28 were registered in April.

According to the C4 report, it was at 12:55 pm when witnesses reported the presence of a body on the side of the Jesús Enciso and Villa Grande dirt roads, in the Gómez Morín neighborhood.

Upon arriving at the place of the report, the municipal police officers found the body of a male with firearm injuries wrapped in a blanket; the victim has not been identified.

Once they confirmed his death, the elements cordoned off the area and notified the State Attorney General's Office, which is responsible for conducting the investigation.
Until this moment the victim has not been identified."


Tuesday (04/28/20):

 Matan a Ministerio Publico de Narcomenudeo en Ensenada (VIDEO)

The body of the public servant was on board a vehicle, on Emiliano Zapata street in the Villas del Real 1 neighborhood.

"ENSENADA.- The lawyer Hiram Rivera Lizárraga, Public Ministry of Narcomenudeo of the State Attorney General's Office, was shot to death on Tuesday afternoon, April 28, in the Vilas del Real 1 neighborhood.

The attackers opened fire on the public servant in front of his family; the body was left on board the vehicle in which he was traveling. 

Elements of the State Attorney General's Office were the first respondents and did not allow the municipal police officers to approach.

 Rivera Lizárraga had a history of approximately 15 years with the then Procuraduría General de Justicia del Estado, which is now the Fiscalía General del Estado.

Among other positions, he served as channel and secretary of agreements. He also carried out search warrants on Isla de Cedros."


Wednesday (04/29/20) Two more making the Ensenada YTD total = 99 dead.

Asesinana Dos en El Fraccionamiento El Roble de Ensenada 

ENSENADA - Two men were shot to death tonight on Wednesday, April 29 in the El Roble subdivision, located by the exit to Ojos Negros, while another subject was similarly deprived of life in San Quintín.
These homicides bring the number of victims to 34 during April, and 99 to a day that ends the first third of the year. Throughout 2019, 275 people were killed.
The double homicide committed around 8:54 p.m. on the outskirts of the city was reported on the streets of San Andrés Islands and Isla Catarina.

After an operation carried out by several police units, Red Cross paramedics arrived at the site and confirmed the death of both.

An hour earlier, a man preliminarily identified by the name of Jairo, 43, was shot in the yard of a house; Paramedics who treated him confirmed the death to the police."


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