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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

El Viejito Takes Indiana ! Go Bernie ! UPDATE 05/04: Added Signal Kitchen's Tribute To Bernie Sanders

As weird and as disturbing as everything around here and the US has been and forever is, this was probably the best news we have received about anything for weeks and weeks. I was waiting for someone to comment on the Octavio Paz question from the last blog, but no one seemed particularly interested.  I think perhaps if I could actually speak with Grupo Meta, they would have some poignant social-cultural insights.

Meanwhile the executions, hostilities and high crime associated with the drug war continues in Baja California and Rosarito Beach is particularly hard hit (although not all of the news sources are covering events in Rosarito); we had a boatload of dope and armed gunmen here at SADM a few days back (no arrests) and if I ever have a chance to get back here (rough week with the Muffin) I'll link that report and the Zeta report on the ocean pollution in our area.

Grupo Meta:

Keep goin Bernie ! Sending in our official California absentee ballots this week !


Update/edit: 05/04 - Two terrific days for the Muffin, so that always is a relief around here. She went in for her rabies shot and toe nail clip and Dr. Silva was once again amazed over her condition. We are completely disgusted with the corporate media's coverage of Indiana, the front headlines were all about the fascist criminal Trump and the criminal fascist Hillary. When it comes down to the General Election in November neither one of us will vote for either Trump or Hillary if those are the final "choices".  For you Bernie fans, thought you might enjoy this:

From Signal Kitchen:

"In 1987, Bernie Sanders recorded a folk album with a group of Vermont artists. He performed several American classics, including Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land.” In 2016, Vermont’s music community came together once again to show support for Sanders’ campaign for presidency and the positive message of the song. The performance is a lively and nearly celebratory take on the traditional tune, symbolic of the hope that Sanders has inspired in Vermont and beyond. The support from this community is representative of the genuinely positive effect that Sanders has had in his years of service to the town of Burlington and the state of Vermont. His compassion and empathy for his fellow man have carried his message to the forefront of the world’s political stage, and fittingly, a selection of wonderful people that he has helped directly as Mayor, Congressman, and Senator have offered their appreciation and support for his social philosophy through this timeless piece of music."


Produced By: Signal Kitchen
Head Engineer: Dave DeCristo
Assistant Engineer: Mitch Ferrada
Cameras: Kelsey Smith, Tim Ciavara, Jeff Caulo
Edit: Jeff Caulo
Big Ups: Woody Guthrie


Kat Wright -VOCALS-
Dwight Richter -VOCALS-
Nicole Nelson -VOCALS-
Kelly Ravin -VOCALS-
Francesca Blanchard -VOCALS-
Brett Hughes -GUITAR-
Josh Weinstein -BASS-
Bob Wagner -GUITAR-
Stephanie Lynn Heaghney -VOCALS-
Shane Hardiman -KEYS-
Ezra Oklan -DRUMS-
Marie Claire Johnson -VOCALS-
Lowell Thompson -GUITAR-


P.S.  And of course, just remember..... as if you didn't already know:

There is no difference, they are the same

There is no difference, they are the same