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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Warning: No Grim Drug War Events, Focus Is On WTF Iowa and DNC? - Message For "Anonymous" Includes Link to Paul Street's "How To Not Remove A Fascist"

I stayed up until after 2:00am waiting for the Iowa Caucus results, boy was that dumb.  The results are slowly showing up, WTF Iowa and DNC?  Here we go.....

 ~ From CNN:

 The 2020 Iowa Caucuses


Have to add this from yesterday please read it and weep if you haven't already:

 ~ From Democracy Now !

As Bernie Sanders Surges Ahead of Iowa Caucus, DNC Under Fire For Changing Rules To Help Bloomberg In the 2020 Iowa Caucuses 


Damn, I swear to god Hillary is running the DNC. 

P.S. If you love the Monarch Butterflies, don't go down to Michoacan to see them.  Try Pacific Grove, CA.

 Stats and  local events are late again, sorry.



 ~ For "Anonymous" :

Have to run Paris up to the States and I have my hands full so probably won't be back for a few days with the local mayhem, nothing has changed BTW. Thought you would get a kick out of this one:

 ~ From Counterpunch: 

How to Not Remove a Fascist 
by, Paul Street

Plus, here's the link that did not come up:

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