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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Hotter Than A Hub Of Holy Water !!!

Courtesy CNN (report on link)



Available on ebay !

Yea, father would say that on hot days here when I was a kid, but he would say it real loud in front of the Nuns at St. Charles who were not impressed.

So be careful y'all it will be a scorcher. So far, we've been lucky, at this moment it is only 82 degrees here with a light North-East breeze coming in off the ocean - not completely offshore like during the Santa Anas. In fact, it was breezy all last night into the morning, but it freaked the kids out, the wind spooked them and they kept me up all night. Not only was Paris in bed, but Rubio and Totsie were cuddled in deeply.

I won't lie to you, we will probably have to turn on the A/C 👿  ! Although Mike thinks the weather news is being exaggerated...we'll see Mr. Mike.

Meanwhile I'll make this short -  go here for the best Mexico News, and don't miss Enrique Krauze who, when I read him I swoon into another dimension:


Pulse News Mexico


Of course, you must go here:


Zeta Tijuana 


Holy Toledo, Zilensky is on a roll ! 


 ~ From CNN:

 Russia's War In Ukraine 




I had to change the menu around here, initially I was going to make chicken parmigiana but I don't want to turn the oven on. 

Did you know that Chris Hillman of the Byrds is an old time San Diego North County surfer(when No. County was drop dead gorgeous, ahhhh...) ? This was pre-Byrds. I swear, it is la verdad.

Ok, let's do some more Byrds. ............