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Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Second Mexican Presidential Debate - Starts at 7:30pm !!!

courtesy Animal Politico

 I haven't been covering the Mexican Presidential race at all - the reasons being that if you are a foreigner living here, by law you cannot be involved in Mexican politics and I'm still upset that the local coverage of Bernie Sanders actually mirrored the US Corporate/ MSM's coverage of Bernie; he was basically shunned and minimized.  There was a clear option to the two US dangerous predators, but down here you would never have guessed it.

That's the way the cookie crumbles.  None the less, tonight at 7:30 pm the second Mexican Presidential Debate airs from UABC, Tijuana so this is just a heads up. As you are probably already aware, Marguerite Zavala is out of the picture, there are four candidates remaining. Meanwhile, things are heating up close to UABC with two demonstrations in progress.  One is sponsored by the Angeles Sin Fronteras led by Sergio Tamai drawing anti-Trump/Wall attention and calling on the Mexican candidates to address "The Wall."

They used to say that Rosarito was a hotbed of political activists, however these days it looks as though Mexicali takes the title.  The Comunida Mexicali Resiste is the other group demonstrating.  These people are completely anti- Governor Kiko, anti-Pena, they question why it is the local Law Enforcement defends the interests of the USA  and not their own, and they want the release of Leon Fierro.

It would be fair to say that both groups are obviously anti-neo-liberal.  Here is an interesting report on the Mexican Presidential Election 2018, keeping in mind this was written prior to Marguerite's pull out - and more interesting reports at the end of the article:

 - From : open Democracy

Mexico on the Edge of a Dystopian Cliff
by, Alejandra Gaitan Barrera - 05/03/18


So, watch the debate ! - (05/21: The Ejectometro is back up)


Update/edit 05/21:  For highlights and fact checks on this last debate, go here:

Animal Politico

end edit.