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Thursday, November 14, 2019

H2O Situation SADM - Impeachment Links - Proceso On Cartel Children Murder In Mexico - Our Stats Coming Up

I'm completely confused, we're not supposed to have H20, but I just checked a bit after 1:30 pm and I have water, which means I can rinse the clothes and the patio.  Here, maybe you can figure it out.....

 ~ From Zeta:

Aqui El Listado De Colonias De La seccion 3 en Donde CESPY Aplicara Tandeo De Aqua 


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 Yesterday on our way up to the states to get my double injection cortisone shots in the knees, we were able to listen to part of Day Numero Uno of the Impeachment Proceedings, and I was awed by 
Ambassador Taylor's statements, as was most of the world who is watching. Here then are the latest updates:

 ~  From CNN: 11/14/19 : with video

The Latest On the Trump Impeachment Inquiry


Brian Stelter points out the opposition's take, which was not to be unexpected  but also notes most western world countries are covering the proceedings - unfortunately, I have not noticed any coverage of these historic events locally, which is a shame - the emphasis here is on the coup against Evo Morales, inspired by the OAS (USA backed) findings on electoral fraud.  And a note that it seems to be mum's the word on Evo in the USA (so far) or USA's involvement in this coup:

 ~ From CNN:

Reliable Sources


Here are some links on where & how to watch/listen to the upcoming events:

 ~ From CNN:

Public Impeachment Hearings Schedule For This week: Here's What You Need to Know 

 ~ From Democracy Now !

WATCH: Trump Impeachment Inquiry Hearing 

 ~ From PBS: 

Impeachment Inquiries

Adding more from Counterpunch a bit later.....


 Because the Le Baron Massacre is or should be haunting most of us, here's a little reminder - this is only a clip of the report, you'll have to subscribe to read it in its entirety - but then just think, you'll have an edge on what is really happening down here: 

 ~  From Proceso:

Asesinato De Ninos, Nueva Tactica De Los Carteles Para Sembrar El Terror 
Por, Jose Raul Linares 

"Mexico has become one of the most dangerous countries for children, even above nations that have been experiencing declared war situations for years, such as Syria and Iraq. Only in the first 10 months of the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador has the murder of 796 children and adolescents been reported. According to experts consulted by Proceso , it is a behavior that organized crime began to use notoriously since 2017, to intimidate rival groups or the authority .
CITY OF MEXICO (Proceso) .- During the first 10 months of the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador 796 children and adolescents were killed. The figure represents that every six or eight hours on average - according to various sources - the murder of a minor is committed.

Those numbers make Mexico the fifth most dangerous country for children, surpassing nations like Iraq or Syria that have suffered declared war conflicts for years.

According to specialists consulted by Proceso , as well as official statistical analyzes and non-governmental organizations, the recent killing of three women and six children of the LeBarón family in Sonora reflects a constant violent behavior, whose growing spiral of death and terror began in 2017.

 Only as far as the López Obrador administration has been reported between three and four murders and four daily disappearances.

“Homicides of children under 18 have been increasing,” laments the head of protection of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) Mexico, Dora Giusti.

“Between 2015 and 2017, the trend was upward drastically and worryingly; It represents an increase of 29.43% that has been maintained since then, ”he says in an interview.

The executive director of the Network for the Defense of Children in Mexico (Redim), Juan Martín Pérez García, warns in an interview that what should be highlighted in the murder of minors is that “criminal groups have adopted this pattern to generate terror in their adversaries: other crime groups and security forces. ”
( Fragment of the special report published in Process 2245, already in circulation )


Locally it is true there was a decline in the overall numbers of executions in Tijuana during October, but Ensenada has increased their numbers.  I'll be back with those stats and recent November numbers ~ we're back to several killings over few hours a day or days, then a lull...same as before.

I'm making Hunter's Chicken, because "...Hunter's always seems to have mushrooms", it's really good and the evenings are chilly.

Wait...let me go check the water.....

At around 2:30 pm City Water is on full force.